List of ITIs, Trades & Seats in West Bengal for 2022 Admission

Are you searching for the list of ITIs in West Bengal? Do you want to apply for ITI admission this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in West Bengal.

ITI Admission West Bengal

Here, readers will find the following details – list of ITIs in West Bengal, type of the ITI (private or government), number of trades offered, total number of seats available for admission in West Bengal and more.


Come, let us check out the list of ITIs, trades and seats now. Here it is –


List of ITIs, trades & seats in West Bengal for 2022 Admission

Sr No

Name Of The Iti

Type Of Iti

Number Of Trades

Number Of Seats (All Trades)

1Asansoasansol Polytechnic (Government. Iti)Government.480
2Barasat I Government Iti Running Under PtpGovernment.6412
3Basanti Government Iti Running Under PtpGovernment.10632
4Binpur I Government ItiGovernment.2100
5Biren Mahanti Memorial, Government Iti, Karakanali Running Under PtpGovernment.8404
6Bpc Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.9432
7Chhotojagulia Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.5164
8Gov Ausgram Ii Iti Running Under PtpGovernment.8576
9Government Iti Sonamukhi Running Under PtpGovernment.11720
10Government Industrial Training Institute, AlipurduarGovernment.5232
11Government Iti Raghunathganj Ii Running Under PtpGovernment.7468
12Government Iti Bauria Running Under PtpGovernment.5396
13Government Iti Bhatar Running Under PtpGovernment.6396
14Government Iti Binpur-Ii Running Under PtpGovernment.11828
15Government Iti Canning I Running Under PtpGovernment.9464
16Government Iti Canning Ii Running Under PtpGovernment.7396
17Government Iti Chanchal Running Under PtpGovernment.5372
18Government Iti Chopra Running Under PtpGovernment.11744
19Government Iti Debra Running Under PtpGovernment.6396
20Government Iti Deshapran Running Under PtpGovernment.5324
21Government Iti Dinhata Running Under PtpGovernment.6384
22Government Iti Dubrajpur Running Under PtpGovernment.4372
23Government Iti Falta Running Under PtpGovernment.8576
24Government Iti Gaighata Running Under PtpGovernment.5324
25Government Iti Garbeta Running Under PtpGovernment.7456
26Government Iti Ghatal Running Under PtpGovernment.7564
27Government Iti Goalpokhur Running Under PtpGovernment.9708
28Government Iti Harichand Guruchand Thakur, Bagda Running Under PtpGovernment.6384
29Government Iti Haroa Running Under PtpGovernment.11732
30Government Iti Hura Running Under PtpGovernment.3312
31Government Iti Illambazar Running Under PtpGovernment.7456
32Government Iti Indpur Running Under PtpGovernment.11732
33Government Iti Islampur Running Under PtpGovernment.12760
34Government Iti Itahar Running Under PtpGovernment.4312
35Government Iti Jangipara Running Under PtpGovernment.9600
36Government Iti Joynagar Ii Running Udner PtpGovernment.7400
37Government Iti Kaliachak Running Under PtpGovernment.9708
38Government Iti Kaligunj Running Under PtpGovernment.7468
39Government Iti Keshpur Running Under PtpGovernment.11688
40Government Iti Khatra Running Under PtpGovernment.7516
41Government Iti Khoyrasole Running Under PtpGovernment.6384
42Government Iti Krishnanagar I Running Under PtpGovernment.8428
43Government Iti Kulpi Running Under PtpGovernment.8604
44Government Iti Kumarganj Running Under PtpGovernment.7404
45Government Iti Kumargram Running Under PtpGovernment.3240
46Government Iti Mal Running Under PtpGovernment.9596
47Government Iti Manbazar Running Under PtpGovernment.6444
48Government Iti Mandirbazar Running Under PtpGovernment.9492
49Government Iti Mangalkote Running Under PtpGovernment.6384
50Government Iti Mathabhanga Running Under PtpGovernment.10648
51Government Iti Maynaguri Running Under PtpGovernment.8568
52Government Iti Mayureswar I Running Under PtpGovernment.9524
53Government Iti Meckhliganj Running Under PtpGovernment.4252
54Government Iti Nakashipara Running Under PtpGovernment.6384
55Government Iti Nayagram Running Under PtpGovernment.6504
56Government Iti Pandua Running Under PtpGovernment.9512
57Government Iti Patharpratima Running Under PtpGovernment.6544
58Government Iti Purbasthali-I Running Under PtpGovernment.11732
59Government Iti Purbasthali-Ii Running Under PtpGovernment.11720
60Government Iti Pursurah (Running Under Ptp)Government.11732
61Government Iti Ramkrishna Sevashram, Dhupguri Running Under PtpGovernment.9636
62Government Iti Rampurhat I Running Under PtpGovernment.9484
63Government Iti Ranaghat Ii Running Under PtpGovernment.11512
64Government Iti Ranibandh Running Under PtpGovernment.9620
65Government Iti Sagar Running Under PtpGovernment.7564
66Government Iti Sagardighi Running Under PtpGovernment.9536
67Government Iti Salboni Running Under PtpGovernment.6444
68Government Iti Samserganj Running Under PtpGovernment.8612
69Government Iti Shyampur Running Under PtpGovernment.7456
70Government Iti Tehatta Running Under PtpGovernment.11852
71Government Iti Udaynarayanpur Running Under PtpGovernment.11708
72Government Itibanshihari Running Under PtpGovernment.5444
73Government Amdanga Iti Running Under PtpGovernment.6504
74Government Basic Training Centre(Chemical), HooghlyGovernment.4140
75Government Industrail Training Institute Physically ChaGovernment.4172
76Government Industrial Training Institute BarrackpurGovernment.3120
77Government Industrial Training Institute Durgapur MuchiparaGovernment.191464
78Government Industrial Training Institute For Women, SiliguriGovernment.7336
79Government Industrial Training Institute GariahatGovernment.221752
80Government Industrial Training Institute HaldiaGovernment.11324
81Government Industrial Training Institute JhargramGovernment.11584
82Government Industrial Training Institute KalyaniGovernment.231472
83Government Industrial Training Institute MidnaporeGovernment.10560
84Government Industrial Training Institute ShibpurGovernment.7152
85Government Industrial Training Institute SiliguriGovernment.21836
86Government Industrial Training Institute SuriGovernment.14848
87Government Industrial Training Institute TungGovernment.8280
88Government Industrial Training Institute, BalurghatGovernment.5208
89Government Industrial Training Institute, Chhatna KalaiberiaGovernment.3172
90Government Industrial Training Institute, Hooghly (Sahaganj)Government.221268
91Government Industrial Training Institute, Howrah HomesGovernment.241528
92Government Industrial Training Institute, MaldaGovernment.14652
93Government Industrial Training Institute, PuruliaGovernment.15816
94Government Industrial Training Institute, TollyganjGovernment.261828
95Government Industrial Training Institute,Cooch BeharGovernment.13572
96Government Iti Balarampur Running Under PtpGovernment.7456
97Government. Industrail Training Institute,TufanganjGovernment.264
98Government. Industrial Training Institute BerhamporeGovernment.15428
99Government. Industrial Training Institute For Women,BurdwanGovernment.3192
100Government. Industrial Training Institute FuliaGovernment.7280
101Government. Industrial Training Institute RaiganjGovernment.15432
102Government. Industrial Training Institute, ChinsurahGovernment.360
103Government. Industrial Training Institute, HabibpurGovernment.4168
104Government. Industrial Training Institute, SabrakoneGovernment.3140
105Government. Iti Daspur-Ii Running Under PtpGovernment.4248
106Government. Iti JalpaiguriGovernment.360
107Government. Iti Nanoor Running Under PtpGovernment.8576
108Government. Iti, KaliagunjGovernment.360
109Government. Provash Roy Industrial Traning Institute AmtalaGovernment.6220
110Halisahar Government Iti Running Under PtpGovernment.9488
111Harirampur Government Iti Running Under PtpGovernment.7456
112Hijli Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.368
113Hili Government Iti CollegeGovernment.9600
114Industrial Training Institute For Women BanipurGovernment.5192
115Industrial Training Institute For Women,KolkataGovernment.5216
116Kalimpong Industrial Training Center(Government. Sponsored)Government.368
117Kanyapur Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.5144
118Magrahat Ii Government ItiGovernment.8416
119National Skill Training Institute (Women), KolkataGovernment.12472
120National Skill Training Institute(Nsti),KolkataGovernment.5200
121Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home Itc (Sponsored), RaharaGovernment.4120
122Ramakrishna Mission Industrial Training Center (Sponsored)Government.8352
123Raninagar I Government ItiGovernment.8476
124Rupnarayanpur Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.6336
125Saraju Prasad, Government. ItiGovernment.360
126Satish Chandra Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.3120
127Sevayatan Industrial Training Center(Sponsored)Government.480
128St Vincent Industrial Training Centre (Sponsored)Government.480
129Subhasnagar Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.360
130Tafijuddin Ahamed Memorial, Government Iti Kushmandi Running Under PtpGovernment.5348
131Tapan Government Iti Running Under PtpGovernment.11572
132A. B. Technical Private ItiPrivate3148
133Aeon Private ItiPrivate4624
134Anjaney Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2240
135Arambagh Nabadiganta Pvt ItiPrivate4252
136Arambagh Pvt. ItiPrivate3172
137Asansol Pvt ItiPrivate2240
138Atulia Private ItiPrivate2180
139B.N.B. Vocational Training Private ItiPrivate2132
140Bagula Pvt ItiPrivate4548
141Bajkul Milani Mahavidyalaya-ItiPrivate2160
142Bankura Private ItiPrivate2120
143Bankura Private ItiPrivate2220
144Bankura Private ItiPrivate2120
145Beliatore Private ItiPrivate2120
146Bharat Survey School Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2196
147Bhatter College Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
148Bill Edgar Memorial Vocational Training CentrePrivate364
149Bishnupur Private I T IPrivate2120
150Bishnupur Public I.T.IPrivate6248
151Bishop Morrow Private ItiPrivate244
152Bkm Private ItiPrivate2420
153Burdwan A.P.C Roy Private ItiPrivate4292
154Burdwan Dd Private ItiPrivate2240
155Burdwan Negon Private ItiPrivate160
156Career Building Private ItiPrivate2120
157Chhandar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
158Chinsurah Pvt. ItiPrivate2240
159Crescent Private ItiPrivate2180
160Dainhat Private ItiPrivate2120
161Daisai Ag Church Pvt ItiPrivate4264
162Dasagram Anuran Pvt ItiPrivate4384
163Debargha Memorial ItiPrivate2360
164Don Bosco High & Technical School Private ItiPrivate5672
165Don Bosco Self Employment Research Institute (Pvt-Iti)Private172
166Don Bosco Technical Institute, Park CircusPrivate3128
167Don Bosco Technical School, LiluahPrivate3120
168Dream Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2160
169Durgapur Private ItiPrivate4564
170East India Technical InstitutionPrivate3452
171Elitte Private ItiPrivate2180
172Exin Kolkata Pvt ItiPrivate296
173Futuretech Private ItiPrivate2120
174Gaat Private ItiPrivate5388
175Galsi Private ItiPrivate2120
176Gitarani Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2240
177Global Private Industrial Trainingh InstitutePrivate3240
178Gouri Devi Private Iti,Private4776
179Green Field Agrotech Private ItiPrivate2132
180Gs Private ItiPrivate2240
181Hsb Private ItiPrivate3200
182Iim(Institute Of Instrumentation And Metrology ItcPrivate3372
183Illambazar Private ItiPrivate3120
184Institute Of Science And Technology Private ItiPrivate2180
185Institute Of Science And Education Private ItiPrivate2168
186J.C.Bose Technical InstitutePrivate4312
187J.K.B. Private ItiPrivate2260
188Jds Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2480
189Jld Private ItiPrivate4248
190Joynagar Private ItiPrivate2180
191Jrset Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate8696
192Jyotirmoy Private Iti,Private2120
193Kabiguru Pvt. ItiPrivate5312
194Kalpana Foundation Pvt. ItiPrivate2360
195Kalyani Private ItiPrivate2240
196Karigari Silpa Niketan Private ItiPrivate2240
197Khamargachi Private ItiPrivate2480
198Kharag Pur Private ItiPrivate2240
199Kharagpur Private ItiPrivate2240
200Kolaghat Private ItiPrivate2120
201Krishnanagar Pragati Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
202Luthfa Private ItiPrivate4372
203Manbhum Private Industrial Training Institute.Private2360
204Mankar Private ItiPrivate4312
205Mecheda Vidyasagar Private ItiPrivate2240
206Met Suri Private ItiPrivate2120
207Modern Vocational Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate6444
208Moyna Private ItiPrivate4176
209N.S. Private ItiPrivate5472
210Naihati Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2240
211Nandakumar Sree Private ItiPrivate4168
212Nandigram Bhutnath Institute Of Technology -Pvt. ItiPrivate6432
213National Institute Of Hotel Management Private. Iti.Private3136
214Netaji Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2240
215Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Pvt ItiPrivate4264
216Nhit Pvt ItiPrivate3300
217Nsic Technical Services Centre, BalitikuriPrivate8536
218Pragati Private ItiPrivate4372
219Pranabananda Private ItiPrivate288
220Pranabananda Technical Training Institute Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate5192
221Pratap Chandra Private ItiPrivate3240
222Prof. S.N. Bose Pvt.ItiPrivate2100
223Purushottam Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
224Quivan Private Iti,Private3160
225R. A. Shaw Private ItiPrivate4360
226Rabindra Path Bhaban Technical Education Private ItiPrivate2132
227Rabindra Path Bhavan Private ItiPrivate4336
228Rajendranath Engineering Private Industrial TrainiPrivate2300
229Ramakrishna Mission Ashram- Private Industrial Training Institute- AsansolPrivate4312
230Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boy’s AcademyPrivate272
231Ramakrishna Mission Shilpavidyalaya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate7220
232Ramakrishna Mission Shilpayatana Private Industrial Training Institute, BelurmathPrivate360
233Ramkrishna Memorial Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4368
234Ramkrishna Mission Asharam (Auto Moblie Training Cente) NarenderapurPrivate148
235Raniganj Private ItiPrivate2240
236Raphael Private ItiPrivate2120
237Rekha Devi Private ItiPrivate2240
238Royal Private ItiPrivate3200
239S.N.P Technical Pvt. ItiPrivate3148
240Sabang Private ItiPrivate4176
241Salboni Iti,Private5560
242Santiniketan Private ItiPrivate5368
243Sarada Ma Private ItiPrivate3172
244Satyen Bose Technical Institute Private ItiPrivate2120
245Sea Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
246Sephali Memorial Private I T IPrivate3280
247Shining Star Pvt.ItiPrivate2240
248Shubhankari Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2240
249Siliguri Global Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3300
250Sister Nivedita Pvt ItiPrivate4248
251Skill Private ItiPrivate2120
252Spb Technical InstitutePrivate6744
253Sri Aurobinda Engineering Institute Private ItiPrivate2240
254Sri Ram Pvt. ItiPrivate160
255Srimati Private ItiPrivate2120
256Swami Vivekanand Private ItiPrivate4488
257Swami Vivekanand Private ItiPrivate2160
258Tagore Institute Of Art And Education Private ItiPrivate2168
259Tamluk Private I.T.IPrivate280
260Techland Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4552
261The Apex Private ItiPrivate280
262Tiime Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3192
263Turning Point Private ItiPrivate2120
264Unique Pvt I.T.IPrivate2120
265Vidyasagar Private ItiPrivate3128
266Vivekananda Private ItiPrivate140
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