Best Vocational Schools in Colorado 2022: Rating, Grades & More

Hi readers! In this post, I’ve compiled a list of best vocational schools in Colorado. The list consists of both public and private schools. Here, readers will find the following details – top vocational schools, their address, grades, student teacher ratio and more.

Vocational Schools Colorado

Best Public & Private Vocational Schools in Colorado for 2022



Low Grade

High Grade



Student Teacher Ratio

1 Warren Tech North 10 12 11325 ALLENDALE DRIVE ARVADA 1.3000000
2 Warren Tech Central 09 12 13300 WEST 2ND PLACE LAKEWOOD 1.7000000
3 Liberty School PK 12 P O BOX 112 JOES 6.1000000
4 Innovative Connections High School 10 12 2020 CLUBHOUSE DR GREELEY 9.1000000
5 Power Technical Early College 06 12 5525 ASTROZON BLVD COLORADO SPRINGS 12.7000000
6 Career Education Center Early College 09 12 2650 ELIOT STREET DENVER 12.9000000
7 Hidden Lake High School 09 12 7300 LOWELL BOULEVARD WESTMINSTER 21.7000000


For ranking the schools, I’ve relied upon the ‘Student Teacher Ratio’ factor. What is student teacher ratio, some of you may ask. It is the number used to indicate the number of students for every teacher in a school.


For example, a student teacher ratio of 16 indicates that a teacher is available for 16 students in that school. When it comes to quality of education, student teacher ratio plays an important role. If the student teacher ratio is 100, it means that few teachers are available to attend to the needs of students in a school. This may lead to inadequate attention, inadequate engagement, and may even have a negative impact on student success!


Student teacher ratio is like a two way street. Fewer students per teacher setup is an ideal classroom where students may enjoy adequate individual-attention from teachers. Under this setup, a teacher may take care of individuals’ needs and weaknesses. Similarly, under this setup, teachers may modify/adapt their teaching techniques according to learning styles/needs of the students.

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