Best Veterinary Colleges in India 2022 | State-wise List

Do you want to become a veterinarian? Are you passionate about animal care? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve created a list of Veterinary colleges in India.

Veterinary Colleges in India

B.V.Sc. is the most popular veterinary science course in India. Are you all set to apply for B.V.Sc. admission this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you!


Here, readers will find the following details – names of relevant veterinary science colleges, admission process, details about B.V.Sc. course and details about other veterinary science courses.


Come, let us check out the list of B.V.Sc. colleges now. Here it is –


List of B.V.Sc. colleges in India 2022


The list consists of names of different states in India. Readers may click on the desired state to find the names of veterinary colleges belonging to that state. More states and colleges will be added to this list in the future!


For example, if you want to find the list of top veterinary colleges in Kerala, simply click on the relevant link.


Let us take a closer look at the different types of veterinary colleges in India. Here is everything you need to know about it –


Different types of veterinary science colleges in India

Veterinary science colleges in India can be broadly classified into the following types – Government veterinary colleges and private veterinary colleges. Govt colleges are owned and managed by relevant department of the State or Central Government. Private veterinary colleges are owned and managed by private educational and/or charitable trusts.


Govt veterinary colleges provide subsidized education to its students. Much of the expense is borne by the Government. As a result, these colleges are known to charge relatively lower tuition fees. On the other hand, private veterinary colleges are known to charge relatively higher tuition fees. This is the main reason why candidates prefer Government colleges over private ones.


Here is everything you need to know about the admission process –


Admission process

In order to get into a good veterinary college, one must crack relevant entrance exam. Such entrance tests are conducted at state, college and national levels. Under merit based admission process, a merit list is created on the basis of candidates’ performance in relevant entrance test. Based on the merit list, seats are distributed among deserving candidates. Admission process may vary from one college to another. Private colleges are known to carry out direct as well as donation based admission process.


Popular veterinary courses

Here are some of the popular veterinary courses available in India –

  • B.V.Sc.
  • M.V.Sc.
  • PG Diploma programs
  • PhD programs


The above mentioned courses belong to different academic levels such as – UG, PG and Doctoral Degree courses. UG stands for undergraduate level. PG stands for postgraduate level. Doctoral Degree programs are research-oriented courses.

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