Useful Tips for GTU 1st Year Engineering Students

Useful Tips for GTU 1st Year Engineering Students

So, you have got admission in a GTU engineering college and are looking forward to becoming an engineer, aren’t you? Well, GTU is not a tough nut to crack as I’ve earlier mentioned in a post. Here are some tips for passing the external GTU exams with ease. However, ‘ease’ doesn’t mean complete lack of studies though! This article is aimed at the 1st year engineering students of GTU.

Usually, 1st year engineering students are unaware and confused about the college life. This article will help such students out. You will get to hear many seniors complaining and moaning about GTU. They will say that no matter how hard you study, you will fail. But I say it is impossible to fail in GTU. If you follow the ‘how to pass GTU exams easily’ and this article, I’m sure you’ll at least pass the exams.

So, let’s get quickly go through the useful tips for 1st year GTU students:

1 Learn Englishalphabets

This tip is especially meant for the Gujarati medium students who are not fluent in English and doesn’t understand English well. You see, GTU syllabus is supposed to be taught in English at every college. But many colleges teach in Hindi/Gujarati for the sake of students. But ultimately, in the exams, you are supposed to answer in English, aren’t you?

I’ve seen many Gujarati medium guys, who are bright students bring 3-4 KTs, because they are unable to write and express in English. Such a pitiful sight! Many of them even can’t converse in English even after four years of Engineering in GTU! This can hurt you particularly in campus placements and interviews.

So, what I’m saying is that you must learn English at any cost. The earlier you learn, the better it is! Learn it now so that you start your Engineering studies well.

2 Attend College Regularlyattendance alert

College life is all about freedom, isn’t it? Many students are on their own, away from parents, living in hostels. So, it is possible that you may bunk classes often. Bunking classes is not a crime. But it can land you in serious trouble if you overdo it.

Some colleges are really strict about attendance. GTU has laid a rule of minimum 80% attendance. So, if you got attendance lower than the limit, you may even get detained. Also, if you don’t attend classes regularly, you will miss out all the useful tips that the lecturers gives.

3 Mingle with seniors

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Your GTU college seniors aren’t monsters! They have more experience and know-how of how things work in a GTU college. Talk to them, they may provide you with useful tips related to exams and studies. They may also provide you with useful details like good places to eat, visit etc in that town. You can also ask for old engineering question papers, notes, books etc from them. Engineering books are expensive, so, why not buy it from seniors for half the cost?

4 Don’t be a bookworm!


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Come on, you are in college now! Go out with your friends, explore the town or go and watch a movie. There are so much things to do! You mustn’t gain a reputation for being a hard-core bookworm. You must also have a good social life too! Also GTU colleges focus on extra-curricular activities and tech-fests too. Try to participate in such competitions.

5 Take care of your Health

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When away from home, many engineering students like tend to take up a diet consisting of only junk food. This is a bad habit. Eat junk food, but in moderate amount. Many students also develop habits like smoking, drinking alcohol (yes, it is available in ‘dry’ Gujarat, thanks to bootleggers!). These habits are harmful to our health. Try to stay away from people who have such negative habits. Health is everything. If you fall ill, it will affect your studies as well.

6 Study regularly


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Ask GTU engineering students when they study. Majority of them will answer that they start preparing for the exam on the last week! No wonder they keep piling heaps of ATKTs semester after semester. Remember this simple formula: study regularly, never postpone things for tomorrow, revise what you studied once a week. You will score high for sure!

GTU and Engineering are not tough. Just remember the above tips. Things may seem difficult for you in the beginning. That’s natural because you are in the 1st year and are away from your family (probably). You will get used to this new life and will soon start enjoying it. Remember, there is no substitute for hard-work!

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