Top 8 Lost Cities


Top 8 Lost Cities


Lost cities have always fascinated us. They were famous and well known around the world in the past. But somehow they were either destroyed by wars or were abandoned due to various reasons. During their glory days, these cities boasted immense wealth, innovative technologies etc. This list is all about the famous lost cities from around the world.


Many people believe that this island of Atlantis existed in the Mediterranean sea. It was destroyed by earthquake and the floods that followed. It is estimated that all this happened some 12,000 years ago. Many believe that the remains of the city is submerged in the sea.

2-Pompei, Italy

Pompei was located in Italy before it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. The city got buried under the ash and lava in 79 AD. Excavations near the site have resulted in discovery of various treasures, paintings and bodies of the inhabitants.

3-Troy, Turkey

Many believed that the city of Troy existed in the past. Its remains were discovered in 1870.

4-Angkor, Cambodia

During its golden period, Angkor had more than a million inhabitants. It was abandoned on around 1100 AD. Later in 1861, Frenchman Henri Mouhot discovered the abandoned city.

5-Machu Picchu, Peru

A city built by the Inca people, it was discovered by Hiram Bingham, an American explorer in 1911.

6-Ur, Iraq

Ur was located in Iraq. Due to some reasons, its inhabitants abandoned the city in 4 BC. It was discovered later by explorers. Excavations has lead to the unearthing of various treasures and tombs.

7-Mesa Verde, USA



Built by the Native Indians, it was abandoned in the 13th century. Richard Watherill discovered the remains of the abandoned city in 1888.

8-Chichen Itza, Mexico

Built in around 400 AD by the Mayans, the city was abandoned on in around 1200 AD.


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