TOP 5 secret Websites to make Money Updated 2022

I personally tried many of this websites that offers us many opportunities to make money. But at the same time, it is also filled with lots of scams and fraudsters. Earning money on Internet is a brilliant idea. But to successfully earn a decent income, you must first find genuine ways to make money on Internet. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the best and trusted sites that you can use to make money online. I also add a list of the most common websites to make money at the end of this article, so keep tune….

A list of best Secret websites to make money UPDATED 2022 !!


TOP 5 Secret Websites to make Money UPDATED 2022


Before we head to the list of secret websites to make money, I would like to clarify certain myths related to the concept of ‘making money online’. Many people believe that the process of making money on Internet is a cakewalk. But believe me people, it is not as easy as you believe.


If you have frequently searched for ways to make money online, then I bet that you must have come across flattering ads like- ‘make $400 by working for just 3 hours from home’. These ads and sites are designed to attract people and dupe them later. Such sites make visitors believe that making money on Internet is very easy.


In reality, it is takes some effort to earn money online. First of all, you must find genuine sites and sources to earn money on Internet. After that, you must set a ‘financial goal’, like- earn 100$ in a month. Once you set your ‘goal’, it is time to work hard and achieve it. There are enough genuine sources on Internet that will enable you to achieve your financial goals!


Here are some genuine and legitimate secret websites to make money that you must visit to achieve your financial goals:


#1 is a very popular humor site. This site gets millions of page views each month. They publish funny listicles, videos, photos etc. will happily pay you if you write for them! If you think you can write up a great humor article then you must definitely try this site. The best way to make money using is by submitting funny articles.


You may also take part in their weekly photoshop contest and earn money! You may also submit funny videos. Click here to write for


To earn from this site, your content must be of top quality. publishes only the best content. You will be paid only after your content gets approved by the site’s editors and is published.



Listverse is a site dedicated to ‘top 10 lists’. Listverse stand for ‘List Universe’! This site posts top 10 lists daily. These lists belong to different categories. Some of the popular categories are- Bizarre facts, mystery, humans, crime etc.


Listverse also has an excellent ‘Write and get paid’ plan. Listverse pays writers $100 for lists and $40 for picture lists. Your list/picture list must follow certain rules in order to get published. The payment will be made through PayPal.


If you have good writing skills and can write up an interesting list, then you better visit and submit your list.


#3 is a very popular site that offers useful content to its users. The contents belong to a wide variety of categories like computers, technology, blogging, studying etc.


These useful contents are submitted by freelancers writing for They are known as ‘guides’.’s guides are experts in their respective fields.


The good news is that pays its guides for their content. You may become a guide on But you must be an expert of your concerned field. You will have to undergo a selection process to start writing for this site.



Knowledgenuts is a site that publishes useful and interesting facts. It is a new site launched by the founder of Listverse.


Like Listverse, Knowledgenuts also has a good ‘Write and get paid’ plan. For each accepted article, the site pays you $10. The payment will be made through PayPal. Visit the site and go through the rules and regulations before you submit an article.


#5 is a well known PTC (Paid To Click) site. You can earn money from this site in two ways- by clicking and viewing ads on the site and by referring people to the site.


Users of this site can earn up to $0.02 for clicking and viewing ads. Users must view the ad for a specific time (30 seconds).


Premium users of this site can also earn by making referrals. Once the referred member earns $1 by viewing ads, the referrer gets $0.50 commission.


Clixsense is a trusted site when to comes to payment. Payment options include PayPal, Payza and bank cheques.


The above mentioned sites are good sources to make money. But to earn a decent income, you must put dedicated effort. I recommend readers to visit these sites and carefully go through their rules, regulations and guidelines. Stay away from scams, there are lots of them out there! Only get involved in legit activities. If you want to add more reliable sites to this list, mention them in comments.


More bonus sites! (Update 2022 ) Not a secret websites but people are making tons of money…



Wondering how YouTube can help you make money? YouTube has this fantastic revenue sharing program that you are unaware of! If you make good videos, all following the guidelines set up by YouTube, then you too may get chosen as a ‘partner’ of the site. YouTube allows its partners to earn a part of the revenue that is accumulated from the ads displayed along with the video, when it is played! Just take a look at some popular Indian YouTube channels like- TVF (The Viral Fever) and AIB (All India Bakchod). Such popular channels even get direct sponsorship and advertisers too. Advertisement is usually done in the form of brand mentioning within the video. But let me tell you one thing, to reach such high level of popularity, you must be a creative genius and a hard worker, like the folks at AIB and TVF.


It is a PPD (Pay Per Download) site. Let me tell you how it works. First of all, you need to register on the site. This has to be followed by uploading a file onto the site. You’ll be provided by a link to the uploaded file. Now, each time someone visits that link to download that file, they will be asked to complete a survey before they can lay their hands on the file. Each completed survey and download is counted and paid for. Thus, basically for each successful download of that file, you get paid! You may promote the link to the file on Social Media or on blogs (just like I do). So, you may try out this mode of making money even without owning a blog!


CPA Grip

Just like the previous entry, this one is also a PPD site. The way of working is exactly the same. There are some options available though, like content locker, URL and File locker, Video Locker, Virtual Currency and Offer Wall.



This site is a paradise for writers. Writers are paid for writing posts on the site and for sharing them on social networking sites. I’ll describe to you how Bubblews works. For each article you write, you will be paid 0.01$ for every unique visit that it gets! And for every ‘like’ that it gets, 0.01$ will be paid again! For a comment that the article gets, another 0.01$ is added!


For a friend you refer to Bubblews, you will be paid 0.2$ for the first article he/she posts! So, for a view, you get paid 0.01$. The article has to be just 300-400 words, that is some 2-3 paragraphs only!


So, if you write 10 such articles and you get 100 views for each of them, by sharing it on sites like Facebook and asking your friends to read them, then it will garner some 1000 views. This means you earn 10$ (around 600 Rupees!). And add to it number of likes and comments, the amount can well cross 1200-1500 INR!


If you ask me, Bubblews is one of the best way for Indians to make money online. Most money making sites cater to visitors from the west. Asian and Indian visitors are often paid paltry amounts by money making sites. But Bubblews pays visitors from around the world richly! Click here to register on Bubblews and start earning money today by publishing an article right away. You may write on any topic that pleases you!


Make money by downloading apps (for Android users only)-

So far, we’ve dealt with content writing sites mostly, in our quest to make money online. But, this entry is all about the power of mobile internet and Android apps! Thanks to Android smartphone revolution, people have access to the world of interesting and useful apps! But what about making money from these apps? Well, one can make money by making apps and monetizing them. But creating apps is not a thing that we all know.


mCent app


But what about downloading apps and getting paid money for doing it? The app named m cent enables its users to make money by downloading apps!


Please note that only Android users can make use of this method. All you need to do this is install this m cent app on your Android mobile phone. This app will then let you try out other apps on Play Store. Meanwhile, you will be paid money for downloading and trying out those apps! Just imagine being paid 50 Rupees just to download the Quikr app, RedBus app or any app of your choice!


Click here to download m cent app and start making money by downloading apps! The money earned can be used to recharge mobile phones. m cent also has an attractive referral plan. For each friend you refer, the app pays your 50 Rupees (these days the app keeps changing the referral reward amount)! Imagine referring 10 friends, which is a normal feat, you’ll get 500 Rupees easily! Make use of this app, earn money, get recharges done on your phone for free!


More legitimate sites to make money online (sitting at home!)


I started working on this article keeping in mind the top 5 trusted websites to make money online. The target audience that I had in my mind then was- students, housewives, aged folks etc, who could make extra income while working from home, making use of Internet and Computer. Since this post got published some years ago, its size as only increased! I managed to add more entries (sites and ways to make money online) to it on a regular basis. This is one such update. I did more research and ended up finding some more awesome ways and websites, using which one could make decent amount of money online. Read on and you’ll get all the information that you need.


As usual, making money using the below mentioned websites and methods isn’t very easy. You will have to put in decent efforts before you may start seeing results. Also, having good skills (that one can sell on Internet) will be a boon!


# Making money using Facebook


Facebook is a Social Networking site that we all love to use! It is so simple, powerful and useful that we find ourselves addicted to it! Excess usage of Facebook is not something we often tend to end up with, thanks to this addiction. And this excessive usage of this social networking site is not something that we should be really proud of!


How cool it would have been, had it been possible to make money using Facebook! Wait, according to me, that feat is very much possible! Yes, it is possible to make money using Facebook. It is very much possible to make money using a site, on which, we tend to spend a large chunk of the 24 hours that we get daily!


There are different techniques using which one may make money on Facebook. Some commonly used methods are- setting up pages and making money using them through content promotion and advertising, sharing shortened links (paid ones), becoming Social Media Manager, selling products using Facebook pages (just like in case of a shop!), flipping Facebook pages etc.


If you are interested in knowing about the above mentioned methods in detail, do check out this article about making money using Facebook! You’ll love it for sure!


# Making money using WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the hottest messaging app on Earth right now. Know why it is so popular? It is simple, efficient and clean, that’s why! Like Facebook, we all tend to spend considerable amount of time using this app too!


Like in case of Facebook, WhatsApp can also be used to make some amount of money! And since we all spend a good amount of time using this app, I couldn’t resist but write an article about making money using WhatsApp. You may check that link and find out some cool methods, using which, you may make money from WhatsApp!


# iWriter


Got decent writing skills? If yes, iWriter website could help you put this skill to use and help you earn money by writing for others! The way it works is similar to that of sits like Cracked and Listverse- you get paid for writing articles.


In simple terms, iWriter is a platform, where writers and requester (who need articles) are allowed to interact. Writers may register and take look at the list of requester and the type/topic of article that they want. The price specs are decided by the requester.


The price depends on the quality of the article, article length, the writer’s level on the site etc. Quality content is valued on this site. The requester’s reviews help writers climb up the rating level ladder quickly. On the upper rungs, payments are much more than in the case of new members. So, the key while using iWriter should be to churn out quality content, satisfy the requester and thus improve own rating!


# Fiverr


Like iWriter, Fiverr too is a site that lets you make money by making use of skills that you possess. iWriter focuses exclusively on writing skills. Fiverr, on the other hand, allows one to come in with a much more wide set of skills. It is a freelancing site that will help you market your skills and find relevant gigs from buyers.


Fiverr too is thus like an online market place, where sellers and buyers may interact and do business! Getting started is simple- register on the site, fill the profile correctly and provide details of skills that you possess! To get more out of Fiverr, it is necessary to jump on to higher levels! Doing quality work and satisfying buyers will help get good ratings, testimonials and even handsome tips!


Like Fiverr, there exists other freelancing sites too, which you folks may check out. The basic concept in their case too is- “put your skills to use and make money using our sites”. Some good sites are-, and


All of the above mentioned sites help skilled freelancers find buyers. If you have any useful skill- writing, graphics, video making/editing, web designing etc, register on the above mentioned sites and you’ll be able to find relevant gigs and works!


# Udemy


Udemy is a very popular site that focuses on online courses. The good news is that Udemy allows people to register as course Instructors and use their platform to reach out to students. They allow course Instructors to create course material and monetize them!


Udemy provided awesome tools using which course material can be designed. After that, this course material can be put up on their platform for students to use and thus help Instructors monetize it in this process! In case of Instructors, advantages are two- they will be able to reach out to students and help them acquire knowledge and skills and they will also be able to monetize their course material! In simple terms, it is like getting paid for teaching online.


# Paid survey sites


A paid survey site asks users to take part in surveys and in return pays the user a small amount. While this scheme sounds exciting at first, this field is filled with fake survey sites, which pays nothing at all to users!


But there are good paid survey sites out there too, which rewards users well for the surveys that they take part in. I’ve compiled a good list of trusted paid survey sites that one may make use of and make money online!


# E- Commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc


Most E Commerce sites also have attractive affiliate programs, which common users like you and I can make use of. Basically it is all about promoting products available on the site and register sales using affiliate link (can be obtained after registering as an affiliate on that particular site).


The first step is to register as an Affiliate on the site. After that, you may access the affiliate dashboard, find good products to promote, get the affiliate link and promote it on platforms like Social media sites, WhatsApp, forums, blogs etc. For each sale that you manage to get (via your affiliate link), you’ll be paid a commission (depends on the site and product being sold).


See, making money online is not something that is very difficult. But it is not a very easy task either! As evident from this article, there are number of methods to get started. Each method requires different set of skills to succeed. There are various methods to accept payment/get paid, when it comes to making money online. PayPal is a commonly used mode. Make sure that you have means and modes to accept payment! Choose a method that suits you best and start working hard on it. With time, results will begin to show up!

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