Tips for Unemployed Engineering Graduates to Find Job in 2022

The number of Engineering graduates has increased in India. But the number of jobs has not kept up with this increase in number of graduates. Further, thanks to recession, there has been a decrease in the number of new jobs. This has led to increased rate of employment among the youth in India.

job finding tips for engineering graduates



Why the rate of unemployment among engineering graduates has increased?

Earlier, the number of engineering graduates was very less compared to that of now. There were few colleges offering engineering courses. So, few bright students would enroll for the course. Few would graduate and they would be absorbed by the industries.


But things have changed now. The number of private colleges offering these courses has increased. Even below-average students can get admission into these professional courses. With the increase in the number of students, the number of graduates also increased.


But due to recession, there has been a decrease in the number of vacancies. Many employees were also expelled from their existing jobs. The number of candidates is increasing while the number of vacancies is decreasing. This has resulted in the increase of unemployment among engineering graduates.


How Unemployed Graduates can find job


1 Online job finding sites

The best and the easiest way to look for jobs is using online job portals. The best ones are-, etc.


Some important facts to keep in mind while registering on such sites

Complete the entire profile. Don’t leave any field empty or unfilled. Only complete and verified profiles get noticed. They stand a greater chance for getting called for interviews. Verify your mobile numbers also. Fill details such as marks and grades honestly.


2 Useful NEWS papers and Job weeklies

All the reputed newspapers have job classifieds. Make it a habit to look for jobs matching your qualifications. Also subscribe useful job magazines like employment exchange etc.


3 Subscribe useful magazines

Magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan and Jagran Josh are treasure chests of valuable information. They not only share study materials for job interviews and tests, but also inform you about various exams for Government jobs.


The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and state wise PSCs (Public Service Commission) conduct various exams for recruiting engineering grads. The above mentioned magazines will help you prepare better for such exams and get government jobs.


Unemployed graduates may upgrade their skills. This will increase their chances of landing a good job. Skills can be upgraded by pursuing advanced courses. Few examples are – MBA (Online MBA or regular MBA), technical courses etc.


4 Register on PSC sites of various states

Most of the PSCs have one time registration system. Make it a point to register on such sites. Keep applying for any job that matches your qualification.


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These are the basic steps that I recommend to unemployed engineering grads. Finding a good job in today’s market is very difficult. But with persistence, you’ll find one soon. Don’t fall prey to back-door job schemes and fake interview call letters. Best of luck!

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