Tips to Prepare for GATE in 3 to 6 Months

GATE exam is around the corner! Are you struggling with your GATE preparation with less time left in hands? Don’t worry! In this guide, I’ve provided effective methods, which will help you crack GATE when less time is available for preparation!

GATE preparation in less time

The time taken for thorough GATE preparation varies from one student to another. It boils down to the aptitude, discipline and intelligence of the student.


On an average, 1 year of thorough preparation is enough to score high marks in GATE. But not all students are willing to put in 1 year of dedicated preparation.


Due to various reasons, many students are able to dedicate only 3-6 months towards GATE preparation. With such less time dedicated towards preparation, most of them fail to accomplish their goals!


However, smart preparation can help one crack GATE in 3-6 months! One’s approach and strategy plays a huge role in determining one’s GATE result. You may also check – GATE notification and updates.


Here, you will be reading about – methods, strategies and preparation tips – which will help you prepare well for GATE in 3-6 months. If you follow the tips religiously, you will be able to prepare well for GATE in less time!


Here are the tips and strategies –


Tips to prepare for GATE in 3 to 6 months


1 Time management

If you’re asked to accomplish a task within a limited amount of time, the first thing you should take care of is – time management. When limited time is available before GATE arrives, you must make sure that you make the most of the time available in front of you!


Try to manage the available time productively. Create a time-table and stick with it. Put in maximum hours towards GATE preparation and cut out activities that waste your time.


You may also chart a goal-wise schedule and accomplish your goals one after the another. In this way, you will be able to accomplish your goals within the limited amount of time available in front of you.


2 There’s no time to panic

When there’s less time left before an exam, students tend to panic! The same thing is applicable on your GATE preparation.


When less time is left and you sit down to prepare for GATE, the syllabus and content may scare and intimidate you! The task may seem impossible and you will be left demotivated.


Under such circumstances, you should try to calm down and follow tip #1 mentioned above. Stay calm, evaluate your options and create and time-table that will help you utilize the available time to its fullest!


3 Know GATE inside out

To increase your chances of success, it is very important to known the exam inside out. You must find every possible information about the exam such as syllabus, exam pattern, rules, negative marking etc.


Once you have the above mentioned information, you may start working on preparation strategy and time-table. Preparation without knowing the basic details is like shooting an arrow in darkness!


With information of the syllabus by your side, you won’t stray outside the syllabus and waste your precious time.


4 Solve previous years’ question papers

Solving mock papers and previous years’ papers is an effective method to prepare for any exam. Previous years’ GATE papers are easily available online. Collect them and start solving them.


This will give you an idea about the types of questions being asked in the paper. It will help you gauge your level of preparation. Solving mock and old papers will help you identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses.


5 More of ‘understanding’ and less of ‘memorizing’

While preparing for GATE, try to focus on the basics. Try to understand the fundamental concepts. This will speed up the preparation process.


Solely memorizing won’t help you in the long run. It is like cramming loads of content in your brain. It is a tiring process and can result in boredom.


I’m not saying to quit memorizing altogether! Memorize things wherever necessary.


6 Take help of coaching class if necessary

If necessary, take help of a good coaching class. Many coaching classes are known to offer crash courses and fast track programs. Such programs are aimed at covering maximum content within limited time!


Coaching classes are also known to offer exclusive preparation material. Using these resources, you can speed up and improve your GATE preparation.


7 Indulge in stress-busting activities

GATE preparation will sure create stress in your body and mind. Under this circumstance, it becomes necessary to release this stress!


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To keep the mind and body relaxed, you may indulge in stress-busting activities for some time. Take a walk around the park, perform a light workout, listen to music – do whatever that helps you release stress!

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