Tips To Get Core Electronics Sector Jobs In India

Many Indian Electronics Engineering graduates have been struggling to get a job in the core sector. Some of them have asked me for tips to land a core sector job! On analyzing their qualifications and academic performance, I unearthed some very interesting facts. Here, I’ll be listing some major reasons behind why Electronics Engineering graduates are struggling to find core sector jobs.

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1 Institutes are to be blamed– The quality of engineering education in India has been deteriorating steadily for quite some time now! New institutes are sprouting up each year. I don’t understand how authorities approve low quality institutes! I’m not saying that all engineering institutes are bad! It’s just that a sizeable amount of them are mediocre or sub-standard in terms of faculty and quality.


Many students who graduate from such engineering institutes are hardly employable! They fail to get past the written test and interview that core sector companies use to recruit employees!


Tip: Pursue the course from a good institute. Make sure that the faculty is experienced and knowledgeable. Ensure that the institute has adequate practical training facilities.


2 Students not giving importance to practical knowledge– Most of them get involved in the rat race. Scoring high in semester examination usually becomes the priority among students! In this rat race, no one gives attention towards gaining knowledge, getting the basics right and building a strong foundation!


Students just mug up content that comes under the ‘syllabus’. Many of them don’t even know what else is taking place in their field of study that is ‘outside the syllabus’!


When such students are asked practical based questions, which they ask during interviews and tests, they struggle. When it comes to job interviews, there is no particular syllabus or study material! Strong foundation and thorough understanding of the subject is what will help you out during an interview!


Tip: Change your learning habit. Give more importance to ‘learning’ and ‘gaining knowledge’. Don’t follow the syllabus blindly. When it comes to life after college, content within syllabus alone won’t be of help to you!


3 Good offers from other fields– IT sector is well known to recruit Electronics Engineers. When students struggle to enter the core field and such an offer comes along, many of them tend to grab the opportunity and go where the flow takes them!


Usually they take to the new field easily, thanks to the training provided by the employer. Gradually they enter a comfort zone and won’t even think much about a core sector job!


Tip: If a core sector job is your ultimate dream, don’t settle for anything else. Keep on giving interviews. Enhance your skills and knowledge though advanced training classes.


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4 Core sector biggies demand more– Well, this factor is totally out of poor students’ control. Established players in the core sector are not too keen to recruit freshers! They want experienced folks.


Tip: Freshers may join small or medium scale core companies or even startups. After gaining 2-3 years’ work experience, they may make the big switch and land the job that they have been dreaming about!

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