Tips to score high marks in 10th/12th Board English Exam

Indian students generally come across many problems while dealing with English subject. Especially when it comes to Board examinations like 10th and 12th standard examinations, students tend to score low in English subject. Since English subject’s marks don’t get counted in merit marks (in case of most States’ Boards), students generally ignore this subject and focuses more on the main subjects. But after reading this article, things will change for sure! Here, I’ve shared some tips, using which students appearing for Board (and other) examinations may take their English language preparation to the next level! This article is all about “How to score high marks in English in Board examinations”! 10th, 12th and other standards’ students will find this article to be of much use! Just follow the below mentioned tips religiously and you’ll find your English Language skills improve noticeably! Let us get started-


Find tips to score high marks in English examination in this article-

Tips to improve English language skills for 10th/12th Board (and other) examinations

Please note that these tips won’t magically improve your English Language skills within a short span of time! To master this Language, practice is required, on a consistent basis!


1 Start preparing early

Most students tend prepare for English examination shortly before the exam date! Especially in case of 10th and 12th Board students, this statement holds true! This situation has to change. Instead of ignoring this subject, one must start preparing it early.


Doing so will have many advantages. First of all, it will reduce load. Starting early will ensure that one will be dealing with small portions of the subject. While starting preparation late, a student will have to deal with huge portion of subject in very less amount of time. This leads to unnecessary stress. And under stress, most students crack and gets depressed. This negatively affects exam preparation and leads to low marks.


Start early and you’ll be able to prepare well, spot your weaknesses early on and work on them.


2 Understand the fact that English will come handy in the near future

As I mentioned before, Board exam students (10th and 12th) tend to ignore English subject. They know that marks scored in English subject won’t get counted in merit marks. This leads to them taking this subject lightly. This attitude has to change, if you want to score high marks in English subject.


This problem can be solved by understanding the importance of English Language. After 12th, while pursuing Professional courses like Engineering, B.Sc., B.Com. etc, the syllabus is taught in English Language. So, if you ignore English now, you’ll suffer later! You’ll struggle to understand what is being taught in class!


What I want to say is that English will come handy while you are pursuing professional courses. Also, it will play a huge role during your working life too! Understanding these facts will help you realize the importance of English and thus help you take this subject more seriously during schooling phase itself!


3 Try to speak in English

Why is an American kid able to speak better English that most grown up Indians? It is because English is his/her mother tongue. He/she speaks it at home. Similarly, speaking and conversing in English with others will help you improve your English language skills fast.


I know that for many students out there it may sound awkward. But start off by talking with your friends in English. You may even do this with your family members. You may make mistakes and get things wrong. But learn from your mistakes and improve daily!


4 Form a group and work on English Language skills

Find like minded friends, who are also keen on improving their English Language skills and form a group. Gather up and talk in English. Sit together, go through your English lessons/textbook and try to discuss things in English. You may indulge in question and answer sessions, debates, essay writing sessions etc.


You may even try things other than your regular text book. For example, read together English Newspapers and debate on current affairs and developments. You may also do the same thing with informative magazines.


Please note that while indulging in such group study and activity sessions, you must focus on the above mentioned activities only. It usually happen that group sessions end up being a time wasting activity. So, keeping that in mind, only rope in serious friends, who are keen on improving their English language.


5 Focus more on Grammar

Most students find it tough to deal with English Grammar lessons. They thus tend to ignore it. Instead of ignoring it, just tackle it and work on your weaknesses. Wren & Martin is an excellent book, using which, you may improve your Grammar knowledge.


You may also check out online sources such as Grammar related websites, blogs and apps to work on your Grammar knowledge. Most of these online sources are available for free!


Go through individual lessons. Try to understand the concepts. If you have any doubt, jot it down and make a list of such doubts. Later, you may approach your teacher and clear those doubts.


If you feel like you need much improvement, you may take help of coaching classes.


6 Don’t try to mug up each and everything

Usually, when a student finds it difficult to understand a particular thing, he/she tends to mug it up. Especially in case of English subject, students tend to mug up answers and entire essays! This is not a good thing according to me!


Mugging up is only a temporary solution. In the long run, it could also prove to be of harm! Just mugging things up could easily result in one forgetting it during the time of exam, when one is usually under pressure! Constant revision is required to retain that mugged up stuff in your mind. In short, it is a task that eats up much time and requires much effort!


Instead of mugging things up, why not try to understand the basics and fundamentals of the language? For example, by improving vocabulary and Grammar, one will be able to easily form sentences. This will help one write good essays and answers on their own!


7 Work on writing skills, improve writing speed and handwriting too

Work on your writing skills extensively. Notice different formats used in different sections and stick to them. Take special care of sections like Letter writing, Notice writing, Essay writing etc. Take special care of formats, when it comes to the above mentioned sections.


Keep your handwriting tidy and clean. Make use of bullet points, paragraphs and spacing well. Use simple words in the answer sheet. Don’t complicate things up! All this can be achieved by working on writing skills.


8 Work on time management

Many times, it happens that students run short on time, and as a result, are not able to completely attend all the questions. This can be overcome by working on time management. If you are not able to deal with a particular section well, move on to the next section. You may later attempt that left over section in the end.


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Also focus on writing faster, without sacrificing much on the quality of your handwriting! Usually, before the exam starts, students are given few minutes’ time to go through the question paper. During this time, go through the questions, spot questions that you will be able to deal with easily and make a plan about how you will approach the paper. Start with sections that you are really comfortable dealing with.


9 Make use of mock papers and solved papers

Making use of mock papers and previous years’ solved papers is always a good idea. Solving them and writing will help you with writing skills, formats, writing speed etc.


10 Be confident, relaxed and healthy

Don’t let stress beat you. Stay relaxed. Be confident. Give adequate importance to your health. Because without good health, no matter how hard and well you prepare, everything will be in vain. So be cool and calm. Believe that everything will be alright! Prepare everything beforehand in such a way that your self confidence will rise!


The above mentioned study tips will sure help you improve your English language skills. Follow these tips regularly and you will be able to score high marks in English subject in Board as well as other examinations! If you want to add your own tips, please make us of the comment section.

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