Tips for 10th standard passed students

Tips for 10th standard passed students



10th standard students across many states in India have already got their results. We hope that you got good marks. I know many students who appeared for SSC (10th standard) exam and got good marks. By good, I mean they got more marks than they expected! Yes, this is a pleasant truth for many. While there are others, who got less marks than they expected they would get in 10th standard final examinations. This article will describe you about how you should handle your ‘happiness’ on getting good marks/ ‘disappointment’ on getting lower marks than expected and some tips for future success.

Many students get more marks than they ever expected

Back in 2007, when I appeared for 10th standard exams, my social science paper was not up to the mark. I expected a score of 80. But to my surprise, I got a whopping 91 marks! Similarly, my friend, who was expecting 75-80 marks got 99! Yes, goddamn 99 marks!

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We both were wonder-struck. But it was a pleasant surprise for us. Other students of our school almost got the marks that they expected. Maybe our examiners were in a hurry to go home after checking our papers! Well, I forgot to mention, I study in Gujarat, under Gujarat Board. You may also check – Courses for 12th failed candidates.

So, what I’m saying is that, many times, luck supports us. As a result, we get awesome marks, which we actually don’t deserve. Such marks shouldn’t make you overconfident. Suppose there is a student appearing for 10th standard final exams. He is very poor in mathematics. But somehow, he ends up scoring more than 75 marks in the exam (due to examiners fault). So, does it mean that he has suddenly become a mathematics genius? What if he becomes overconfident and takes up mathematics group after 10th standard? Well, he will have a tough time!

The tip is that even if you get more marks than you expected, you should know your own limitations and choose your stream for 12th standard according to your likes, potential etc. Please go through this article about streams to choose after 10th standard and tips to choose your stream wisely.

Many students get lower marks than they expected

My mathematics teacher used to describe us how paper checking of 10th standard exams is done. The teachers have to sit through long sessions of evaluation. They get that occasional supply of tea and snacks. Now, imagine yourself in their place. Naturally, you would end up with a headache and an urge to finish this paper checking ritual fast. The compensation that they get is also not very good.

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So, usually they are in a hurry to get it done. Many of them might be in a negative mood. Sometimes it can happen that a sheet of paper (extra supplementary) gets lost!

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Under such circumstances, you will get lower marks than you expected due to factors which you can’t control! Even re-evaluation/ re-checking is a useless ritual! They just recalculate the marks and check if any portion of the paper is left unchecked, that’s all!

So, the valuable tip is,if such unfortunate incident happens with you in your 10th standard final exam, don’t get disheartened. You know how well you wrote the paper. Keep calm and confident.

12th standard exams is the real deal!

10th standard exams results are important. But they are less significant than the 12th standard exams. The marks you score in 12th standard exams decides your career.

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So, those who got more marks than they expected in 10th standard shouldn’t rest on their ‘laurels’ and waste time. Work harder for the 12th standard exams than you did for 10th standard exams.

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Those who didn’t got the expected marks in 10th standard exams, you have a second chance. Score better in the 12th standard. Put all your negative feeling behind, work harder and hope for the best. Hope this article and the tips mentioned here help you.

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