SSB Interview essential tips for first time goers

These days, I get bombarded by queries from youngsters who want to build a career in the Indian Armed Forces. Most of the times, it is SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview that they want to know more about! Many of them are all set to face this Interview for the first time on their lives! That certainly makes them anxious, according to me. So, I decided to come up with an article that will be of help to candidates who are going to face SSB Interview for the very first time in their life. I’ll provide few handy tips, which will be of much help to you folks.

SSB tips for first time goers

Tips for candidates going to face SSB Interview for the first time-



The most important step is to know more about the exam and the various stages associated with it. For example- the entire SSB selection spreads over a week (or more). The selection process consists of a screening process, which is followed by lots of other tests that evaluates the physical, mental, social and leadership qualities of a candidate. Also, a medical test also follows, in case of recommended candidates!


The point of why I’m describing all this is that a candidate should be aware of these stages and should prepare accordingly. Going to attend SSB without having knowledge about the process will increase your chances of getting eliminated easily (unless you have enormous talent and confidence).



Many think that English language is compulsory, when it comes to Interviews, Discussion etc. This forces many candidates, who don’t speak English fluently, to try speak in less than impressive English. But why go through this ordeal when you may express your thought and views in Hindi?


Yes, you may express your thought, views and opinion in Hindi language too! So, don’t worry too much about your lack of English speaking skills!



Some folks are led to believe that the Interviewing staff and the examining staff are a group of tough people, who are well known to abuse and test the ‘toughness’ of the candidates. This is such a misleading fact!


The staff at SSB Centers are generally well qualified and hold high position within the Armed Forces! To be honest, they are pretty helpful and well mannered folks! They are quite good at identifying the character of a candidate through mere observation and conversation!


So, if you are wary about facing abusive and provoking language at SSB Center, be relieved, there won’t be any such event happening over there!



Many believe that the SSB Center will be a boring place, just meant to test candidates. But it is not so. There are many facilities for candidates to entertain themselves, like- TV room, playing grounds etc.


Try to make use of the above mentioned facilities and socialize with fellow candidates.



Climate will play spoil sport, let me warn you early about that! Yes, if you are going to appear for SSB Interview during winter time and the center happens to be at Allahabad, you will be having a real tough time.


Similarly, summer time also comes loaded with problems of its own! The point is- prepare well keeping the climatic conditions also in mind.


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If you are interested, please go through this article about 10 tips to help clear the SSB Interview. Also, read this article about how to prepare for SSB Interview keeping climatic conditions in mind. I think the above two articles will be of much help to candidates who will be facing SSB Interview for the first time.

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