Time for Gujarat Government to roll out Skill development schemes targeting Tribal youth

The Panchmahal area of Gujarat is home to large number of non-skilled, unemployed and illiterate Tribal youth. Areas like Dahod and Godhra has large number of such tribal population, who are unable to find decent jobs and don’t have means to get education! While Gujarat Skill Development Mission has been set up with the aim of providing skill based courses and training to needy people, it hasn’t quite penetrated these tribal areas. Maybe Gujarat Government must come up with geo-targeted schemes, like Roshni Scheme rolled out by Government of India in 2013, targeting tribal youth from Naxal affected areas and districts.


Skills training

Roshni Skill Development scheme was launched by Government of India in June 7, 2013. The scheme and courses were designed keeping in mind tribal youth from Naxal affected districts. Providing education, that too skill oriented, proved to be of benefit to many youngsters from these areas. Government also benefitted from it, since it reduced unemployment rate in those areas.


The scheme started off with around 50,000 youth. The targeted age group was 10-35. This Skill Development scheme was designed like the Himayat project implemented in Jammu and Kashmir. Course and training duration is around 3 years or less. Similar projects have also been implemented in states like Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand too, especially targeting tribal youth.


Maybe it is time for Gujarat Government to take a similar approach. GSDM (Gujarat Skill Development Mission) is good, but hasn’t got that wide reach and penetration. A geo-targeted approach, especially designed for needy tribal youth, will prove to be of much more use and effective than GSDM. You may also check – list of vocational training courses in India & vocational training institutes in India.


The State Government can expect help from Central Government. The CG provided funds to the tune of 100 Crore for Roshni Scheme. Gujarat Government may also make use of the PPP (Public Private Partnership program), where Private players and Industries will bear the expenses of the training and give employment to tribal youth, once they have completed the training!

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