Best technical courses after 10th/12th to get a job easily

Sometimes, to get a decent job, you don’t need to pursue fancy professional courses at all! Short term technical courses are well known for providing ample number of jobs to numerous students who choose to pursue them. Usually, such technical courses are highly job oriented and focuses on core Industries. They train students to perform technical jobs related to core Industries. There are number of technical courses, which focus on different trades. They are all about imparting necessary skills in students and thus helping them become Industry ready. In this article, I have listed some of the best technical courses that will help you land a decent job after completing them! So, if it is getting a job that is your prime priority, I suggest you to go through the entire list and choose a course that suits you best!


List of job oriented Technical Courses!


List of good job oriented Technical courses and training


1 Pipe Fitter training course

2 RCC Fitter training course

3 Cable Tray Fitter training course

4 Duct Fitter and Insulator training course

5 Duct Fabricator training course

6 Pipe Fabricator training course

7 Piping Technology and Design course

8 Hydraulics Training course

9 Gas Cutter training course

10 Welding training course

11 Spray Painter training course

12 Industrial Painter training course

13 Pump Technician training course

14 AC Technician training course

15 Multi Craft Technician training course

16 Lift Technician training course

17 Crane Technician training course

18 Marine Electrician course

19 Valve Technician course

20 Safety Technology training course

21 Industrial Security training course

22 Surveyor training course


Apart from the above mentioned technical courses, there are other similar short term, Industry focusing courses available. But the above mentioned ones, according to me, are the best of the lot!


Now, let us take a look at the main advantages of pursuing the above mentioned technical courses.


Advantages of pursuing Technical courses mentioned above


1 They are Job Oriented courses

This, according to me, is the biggest advantage. At present, even Graduates who have been through professional courses like Engineering and B.Sc. are finding it tough to land decent jobs. So, under such circumstances, technical courses like the above mentioned ones are a boon for the below average as well as average students.


2 They help build skill set

Technical courses focus on a certain area and helps students acquire skills related to that area. Usually, the areas, where these courses focus, are related closely to core Industries. Thus, the skills that student acquire will help them become valuable in the eyes of most Industries, that require such technicians for one task or another! Also check – popular courses after 12th, ITI courses & popular computer courses.


These courses are skill based ones. And skilled workers are valued in Gulf Countries. So, if finding a job in that area is what you want, these courses will be of help to you!


3 One can master different trades

Bright and ambitious students may even pursue more than one course and thus widen the area of their expertise. It is a good way to enhance ones skill set! Doing so will further increase ones value in the job market!


Construction sector is a well known area where skilled workers are required. This sector is not slowing down in India too. Job opportunities will only rise in the future!


4 Course duration is not too long

In case of regular professional courses, the course duration is long, like 3 years or 4 years. But in case of technical courses, course duration are relatively very less, like- 6 months to 1 year. In some cases (like crash courses and workshops), the course duration gets as low as 3 months! You may also check – Diploma courses in India.


Along with course duration, course fee and expenses are also considerable less, when compared to regular professional courses. Students from not so good economic background may make use of such courses and find decent jobs fast! You may also check – Distance education courses.


5 No strict Educational Qualifications required

Even 10th passed students may pursue such technical courses. Students who have failed in 12th standard may also pursue them, irrespective of the stream that they had during 12th Schooling.

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