Studying abroad: Important tips for Gujarat students

Whichever foreign nation you are planning to study in, you must give attention to some basic tasks. In this article, we will discuss those crucial factors only, things that an Indian student who is going to study abroad should take care of, as soon as he reaches there. Some of these tips are also related to the preparation that you need to take care of, before your set out on your journey.


Tips for Indian students who are going to study abroad-

This is a short article, covering only the most crucial tips and points.


#1 Make sure that you carry these essential documents when you travel abroad-


Don’t forget to carry important documents like- Passport, Ticket, Academic Certificates, Currency (of the nation that you are travelling to) and Offer Letter. These documents are very important ones and travelling without them can result in trouble once you reach your destination.


#2 Don’t forget to take these things with you-


Clothes (based on the climate of the nation you are going to), basic household items, essential food items etc. It is better to carry these things rather than buying them from the nation abroad once you reach there.

But while packing, keep in mind the restrictions that the nation you are travelling to has, regarding food items. Some nations don’t permit certain edible items to be carried there.


#3 Carry these health and medicines related documents-


In case you suffer from some illness or you have any particular medical condition, then make it a point to get a medical certificate from your Doctor. Carry the medical certificate while you travel abroad.

Also, carry necessary medicines and prescription slip also. Once you reach your destination abroad, consult a Doctor there, describe to him/her your situation and get a prescription slip from him/her. This step will make sure that you have access to the necessary medicines.


#4 Things to do once you reach abroad-


Consult the International Students Guidance Cell of that particular nation. Take their help to get documents and do procedures like- Student Travel Pass, Student Insurance paperwork, opening a bank Account in that country, getting a working phone/mobile connection etc.

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The good thing is that with the help of the guidance cell, almost all of these procedure will be completed within 1 week!

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