Study & Work abroad: Work trends in Germany

Germany is in need of qualified engineers. Industries involved in production and manufacturing sectors are running out of qualified engineers. The number of German graduates coming out of Colleges each year is not just sufficient enough to meet the demand. That’s why companies in Germany are recruiting engineering graduates passing out from good colleges in developing countries. Indian graduates too may make use of this opportunity and build a career there.




It is evident from the above mentioned paragraph that Indian engineering graduates have a good chance of finding a job in Germany. Similarly, Indian students too may study in Germany and settle there after graduation.


The quality of Academics and Research at German institutes is superior than that of its Indian counterparts. Other than the quality part, Indian students may also do part time work for up to 120 days a year, while studying in Germany. After finishing graduation in Germany, international graduates are allowed to stay in Germany for 18 months. Indian students may make good use of this work and stay opportunity.


During this work and stay phase, there is no limit on work hours or other such restrictions. Also, no extra permission is needed from the German Federal Employment Agency.


After completing 2 years graduates will get indefinite right of residence. Students still seeking employment after work stay phase will be given 6 months’ right of residence. Eventually, one may obtain a blue card. Blue card holders may settle down there after 2-3 years. In short, Germany has made the task of finding jobs for international students much easier. Graduates may eventually settle there also.


For obtaining more details about studying in Germany, Indian students may make use of the German Academic Exchange Service located in New Delhi. Free information about Universities, application process etc can be obtained there.


Note: Before going to study in Germany, it is better to learn German language. Language of instruction in case of most institutes is German.


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Working abroad is a dream that many Indian youngsters nourish. Germany is a good place to build a career. They need skilled engineers and India has got lot of them. For Indian students, Germany has eased the process of studying there and made the task of finding a job and staying there even simpler!

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