Study abroad: Admission process and Visa tips for Gujarat students

Since last month, we have been writing articles related to the topic of studying abroad. Yes, these articles are meant for Indian students. This article is all about the various stages associated with studying abroad. Right from finding the perfect destination and college abroad to appearing for entrance exams, getting Visa and other clearances. This article covers each important stage and all the steps have been explained in simple language for you guys to understand.


Stage 1- Finding the perfect foreign Institute and aspects associated with the course


This is the first and the most important stage. Why would anyone study abroad? It is to undergo quality education and build a promising career.

To make that happen, one must choose the College/University and course wisely. Based on one’s aptitude, quality of the Institute and job prospects, one must select a destination to study abroad.

Once you select a good Institute in a specific country, make sure that you do enough research and know more about the emigration policies and processes associated with that country. These processes differ from country to country. Get a basic idea about the time to be taken to acquire student visa in your case.

Next step is to know more about the College/University that you have selected. Make sure that you go through their admission process particulars in detail. Also check whether you are eligible to get admission there.

It is also necessary to run through the fee structure being followed there. Check whether you are eligible for any scholarships, whether installment service is available (when it comes to fees).


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Stage 2- Make sure that you have these important documents to get admission abroad-


To get admission in a foreign University/College, it is necessary to possess a set of very important documents. The list of such documents has been provided here- Mark sheets (right from matriculation to the last course that you have done in India), Academic records like school leaving certificate, transcripts, English Language proficiency test results (IELTS/PTE/TOEFL etc), academic references, employment reference, SOP (Statement of Purpose), Bio-data, Passport.


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Stage 3- Processes involved in getting Visa-


After confirming admission abroad, the next important step is to acquire Visa. When applying for Visa, a candidate must be knowledgeable about the Visa rules and policies being followed at the Embassy and High Commission of that respective country.

The best way to ensure a smooth Visa application process is by providing correct details while applying. To convince a Visa officer, one has to provide enough details proving that the candidate has the financial assets to complete studies in that country. So, providing documents associated with Scholarships, bank loan, deposit etc will prove to be helpful.

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Here are important documents you need to have before applying for Visa- Visa application form, Police clearance certificate, Medical fitness certificate, proof showing that the candidate has the necessary financial resources to complete the course in that country (scholarship documents, bank loan documents, deposit slip, details about sponsor etc), Admission letter issued by the University/College abroad.

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