Students & Career Counseling: It Is Better To Start Early!

I’m very happy to announce that large numbers of Indian students have been using Apnaahangout to know more about professional courses available in India and the careers associated with those courses. This blog has been able to answer many of their doubts and questions regarding courses and careers.

Students and career counseling

Readers have been reading informative articles provided here. They’ve also been making use of comment section to ask questions. Through this mixture of content and discussion, this blog has guided lot of students. In the process, I happened to come across some serious problems faced by Indian students, when it comes to course and career counseling. I’d like to share and discuss that problem with readers in this article.


The problem

The main problem is that majority of students start thinking seriously about courses and careers only after they reach 12th standard. 12th standard is the last stage of school life (in majority of the cases).


It is only after clearing or writing the board examination that they think about what to do with their life! Suddenly, they realize that they don’t have much time left before they have to select a professional course!


This leads to panic! Lack of time, information and guidance lead to students making misinformed and bad decisions. Often, they end up following the herd.


I’ve met number of students who took up engineering, following the herd (their classmates). Later on, they ended up hating that decision, since they didn’t really enjoyed studying that course!


Not all students are misinformed and lazy. There are many smart students out there, who indulge in career planning at early stage. They weigh their aptitude, skills, strengths and passion. Based on these factors, they choose a career and pursue the course that will help them enter that particular field.


Why not all students plan about their career at an early stage? Well, some students are driven and motivated. Some of them have very conductive environment at home, where parents encourage them to assess themselves and evaluate their options (career-wise).


Sadly, most students are not highly motivated or driven. They don’t think or plan that far ahead. So, how do we solve this problem? How to help students plan their future at an early stage?


The solution

I think schools should play a crucial role to counsel and guide students, when it comes to careers and professional courses. At the moment, schools just focus on teaching students what’s present in the syllabus. Yeah, few extra curricular activities may be involved there!


Career counseling must be adopted by schools across India. Some schools have some innovative programs. But not all schools operate in this manner, especially tier 3 schools (and below).


Majority of students are schooled at such establishments. So, these are the places that require such innovative programs and sessions.


I think we must start guiding students right from 8th standard. Students must be made aware of various careers, professional courses and opportunities available in India and abroad. Qualified counselors and teachers must be roped in to carry out these tasks.


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Apart from that, student should also be encouraged to make use of aptitude tests, field trips and self evaluation sessions. In the end, students must be well informed and must be aware of the options and opportunities available in front of them. Above all, they should follow their dreams, their passions, not the herd!

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