SSB Interview and the challenges posed by winter season

SSB Interview is not that easy to crack. Hordes of students manage to clear the written part. But when it comes to SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview, few manage to crack it! There are loads of articles and blog posts out there, sharing Interview tips and SSB tips. But what many folks fail to remind the candidates is about harsh climate and the way it negatively affects the performance of candidates in various tests of SSB process. In this post, I’ll bring that aspect related to ‘climate’ to your attention.

SSB Interview and climatic conditions

Winter time tests writing ability of candidates

Talking about winter time, SSB Interview is carried out during the month of January. And for candidates appearing for the interview at locations such as Allahabad, the climate will be very harsh, with cold waves making it difficult to write well!

You see, in case of SSB Interview, tests such as WAT (Word Association Test) and SRT (Situation Reaction Test) requires the candidates to write answers fast, real fast!

But with temperature low, hands often freeze, making it difficult to write at a good pace. Owing to this reason, many candidates, despite knowing the answer, fail to jot the same down, resulting in low scores!

The fact that concerns me most is that most candidates are unaware of this challenge that lies ahead. This happens mostly with candidates who are appearing for the Interview for the first time.


How to tackle this issue?

The first and foremost thing to do is to stay mentally prepared. Be aware of this climate related problem. Also, candidates need to practice accordingly. They should go for extensive writing practice sessions, aimed at improving writing speed, skills and technique.

If a candidate is mentally prepared for this stuff, then half of the problem is solved! Because, if caught unaware, this ordeal of cold climate will not only result in loss of marks, but will also cause loss of confidence too!

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So guys, if you are aiming to crack SSB Interview this time around, do keep this aspect of harsh climate in your mind! Not only winter, but summer time also comes with challenges of its own! For example- sweaty hands, dehydration, headache, heat stroke etc!

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