SSB Interview Dates 2014: CDS 2 (2013 Written Exam)

CDS stands for Combined Defence Services. It is an examination, which allows graduates to join the Indian Armed Forces as Commissioned Officers. The exam format is like this- CDS written exam, followed by an SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview. Candidates who clear the written exam are selected for SSBs. Those who make it through the SSB are then subjected to medical tests. It is after these stages that one is admitted into the respective Institute or Academy. Here, we’ll see the dates of SSB interviews of CDS exam part 2, for the year 2014.


The written exam of CDS 2 was conducted on 8th September, 2013, a Sunday. The result of the written exam has already been announced some 2 months ago. Based on the marks scored by a candidate, they have been assigned to different Academies of the Armed Forces of India. A list of such Academies are- IMA (Indian Military Academy), INA (Indian Naval Academy), AFA (Air Force Academy), OTA (Officers Training Academy).

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UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) has released a press note, actually a PDF file, carrying the results. The role numbers of the selected candidates and the Academy to which they have been recommended can be found in that file.


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According to the press note, 8984 students have been selected to undergo the SSB interview. The roll numbers of all the selected candidates, and the institutes that they have been assigned to, can be checked using this PDF file.


Now, let us talk about the main matter- the dates of SSB interview for various academies, for the year 2014. You’ll find the necessary information in the next paragraph-


SSB Interview dates, 2014 for CDS candidates

I’ve mentioned the probable SSB interview dates, based on the academy/institute that a candidate has been assigned to. Yes, the SSB dates for different institutes are different!


#1 IMA (Indian Military Academy, Dehradun)

Probable SSB dates for candidates assigned to IMA are- March/April, 2014, in case of CDS 2 written part conducted on September 8, 2013.


#2 OTA (Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai) SSC Men’s Course

Probable SSB dates for candidates assigned to OTA are- July/August, 2014, in case of CDS 2 written exam conducted on September 8, 2013.


#3 OTA (Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai) SSC Women’s Course

Probable date of SSB Interview for candidates assigned to this course are- May/July,2014, in case of the written exam conducted on October, 2013.


After clearing the SSB Interview, Medical tests and featuring in the Merit List, candidates will be admitted to the respective academies, to which they have been assigned. The course duration for the three courses mentioned above are-


IMA- One and a half year long course.

OTA (Men’s SSC Course)- 49 weeks long course.

OTA (Women’s SSC Course)- 49 weeks long course.


If you still have doubts regarding the probable SSB Interview dates for CDS 2 exam of 2013, better use the following phone numbers to get more information- 01123098543/ 01123385271. And best of Luck to those, who are all set to appear for the SSB of that exam in 2014!

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