Speech Therapy Careers in India

In this article, we will take a look at careers available in the field of speech therapy. After publishing articles about audiology and speech therapy, Indian readers have been asking me to discuss in detail the career prospects associated with the field of speech therapy. I’ve tried my level best to discuss different job opportunities, career prospects and trends related to the field of speech therapy over here.

Speech Therapy careers

Qualified speech therapists may either work at healthcare setups such as hospitals or work on their own (rehabilitation and private practice setups). Other than that, they may also work at NGOs, nursing homes and schemes and camps introduced by the Government of India.


Come, let us delve more into the particulars and vital details. If you are a qualified audiologist and speech therapist, you may deal with diagnostic as well as rehabilitation activities (of patients).


Audiology and speech therapy/pathology professionals assess and treat patients suffering from hearing defects, balance disorders, communication disorders and problems associated with eating and swallowing.


Some common tasks performed by such professionals include –

  • Determining hearing condition through various audiometric tests. Assessing the condition of the patient and making correct diagnosis through such tests.
  • Providing relevant hearing aid and/or medications to the patients (depending upon the diagnosis).
  • Charting therapy and rehabilitation exercises for patients (according to their conditions and disorders).
  • Counseling patients as well as their family. Patient and family education is an important part of this profession.
  • Monitoring patients’ progress.
  • Charting and planning therapy and counseling sessions for patients suffering from communication and swallowing disorders.


If speech therapy or language pathology is your only qualification, there won’t be openings for you in the diagnostic sector. However, there will be ample opportunities available in front of you in the rehabilitation and therapy sectors!


Common tasks performed by speech therapists include –

  • Charting exercise and therapy sessions for patients suffering from communication disorders and swallowing disorders.
  • Monitoring patients’ rehabilitation process.
  • Counseling and educating patients as well as their family.


They may work at healthcare setups, NGOs, nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics and government schemes and missions. They may also start private practice, by starting own rehabilitation clinic or therapy and rehabilitation service.


In setups like private hospitals, government hospitals and clinics, they usually work as part of a team comprising of qualified Doctors and nurses.


Other than the jobs mentioned above, they may also become lecturers (after completing at least master’s level course) or may start marketing work (of hearing aids and implants).


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Starting salary depends upon factors like job location, job profile and qualification of the employee. Depending upon the above mentioned factors, speech therapists could earn anywhere between 8-15K Rupees at start.

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