Importance of snake race in SSB Interview

SSB Interview consists of a series of tests. These tests are conducted over a period of about 7 days-10 days. On the very first day, there is a kind of screening test. Candidates who manage to clear this test are then required to appear for the further series of tests that will take place over the next 4-5 days. One such test is the ‘snake-race’. While many people say that it is a fun activity and one’s performance in the snake race doesn’t really count, when it comes to the final merit list! But still, snake race holds some importance. You will find more about it in this article!


What exactly is snake race?

Snake race is a race where candidates are made to form teams consisting of 5-8 people. Different teams are formed and they have to fight it out in the race. And yes, this is no normal race. The entire team has to carry a ‘snake like’ structure on their shoulder while surging ahead and clearing the obstacles that lies ahead.


Why is it so important to perform well in it?

To be honest, snake race ends with all teams finishing together! Yes, the instructors supervising the race somehow make sure that all teams finish together! So, if this is the situation, how come this race be of serious value, you might ask.


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Let me tell you, while the race is on, the instructors look out for candidates who are performing well. They watch out for candidates exhibiting good leadership skills, team spirit and competitive attitude!


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So, if you are going to appear for SSB Interview, take this event of snake race seriously too! You will be watched during the race. Put in a god performance!


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