Best sites for Indian Students to learn English Online for free

Learning English online is not a difficult task anymore! There are loads of free sites and apps out there, using which, Indian students may start learning English online. It is a well known fact that many Indian students struggle, when it comes to going through English Medium Schooling as well as Professional courses (like B.Sc., Engineering, other Graduation courses etc). Upon giving a closer look, it becomes evident that poor English language skill, to an extent, is responsible for this struggle! So, it is quite evident that if students work on this weakness and improve their English language skills, they could improve their exams’ results too! But, students (school as well as College) are already burdened with loads of study materials, seminars, workshops and practical sessions! How will they be able to find time to improve and polish their English language skills, you may ask. Well, in this article, I will list some awesome sites, using which, school as well as College students may hone their English speaking skills! And they may do so at their own convenient timings too (and free of cost)! To be precise, not only students may benefit from the below mentioned sites. Even grown ups, working professionals may also make use of these free sites and apps. If students start preparing early and improve English, they won’t have trouble in dealing with professional courses!

Learn English Online

List of best sites for Indian students to learn English online for free-


Before we head to the list of the websites, let us check out some facts and figures that depict the importance of English language in School, College and Professional life.


Why English is so important to students and working folks?

First of all, the official medium of teaching in many schools and most Colleges is English! Yes, there are Colleges where the course material is taught in regional language. But that is done with the aim of helping State Board Medium students, who are not so well, when it comes to English.


For example, the study materials in case of B.E./B.Tech. programs are published in English and so are the University question papers. Apart from this, Engineering students are supposed to speak in English during vivas, seminars, presentations etc.


Also, when it comes to life after Graduation, Graduates need English, for example, during Interviews!


So, it is evident from the above section that good English language skills are required to pass school and College examinations with flying colors! Also, to succeed in life after graduation (career building phase), good English language skills come handy!


Learning English online made easy!

List of websites to learn English online for Indian students


1 Duolingo

Duolingo is a cool site that lets users learn languages like Spanish, German, Portuguese and more for free! For Indian students, this site will be much useful. Indians may view this site in Hindi Language and may choose to learn English language for free!


What makes this site stand apart is the fact that Indian users may choose to view the site in Hindi. This makes using the site and learning English much easier! Remember that all these services are provided to free by Duolingo!


Dulingo also offers apps for iOS as well as Android platforms. This enables users to learn new languages while on the move, using mobile phone!


Key features- Option to use Hindi interface. Free of cost. App availability.


2 Busuu

Busuu is yet another website which is easy to use and helps one learn English and other multiple languages. But it doesn’t allows users to view the site in Hindi language, the way Duolingo does. Still, using Busuu is pretty easy and learning English using this site is fun.


To use Busuu, first of all, a user needs to select a language to learn. After this, he/she must register on the site. This can be done easily using the option of Facebook login!


After registration, user may start taking lessons and learn English language gradually. Busuu also has got a social networking side. It helps you add people as friends and even suggests valuable connections.


The site also offers premium service. Under it, even better facilities are provided to a user. Premium users may make use of practice test, grammar units and mobile apps. In short, premium users have access to more useful resources.


Key features- Easy to use. Simple interface. Easy Facebook Login. Social networking side. Premium service to aid faster learning.


3 Livemocha

Livemocha is a community driven site that helps one learn new languages. In case of Indian students who want to learn English, Livemocha has a strong community of speakers who may help you out!


To make use of Livemocha and its services, one has to register on the site. Registering is pretty easy and doesn’t take much time. All that one got to do is feed basic details such as name, e mail address, date of birth, native language, language to learn etc.


I told you before that Livemocha also takes help of its community members. You too may help others learn your native language! In this way, you may earn credits. After that, you may spend these very credits and get yourself English lessons! For members who are just starting out, Livemocha provides a definite amount of credit that they may spend!


Key features- Simple and fast registration process. Community driven learning process. Credit system availability.


4 Memrise

Memrise is an online platform where one may learn wide variety of courses. Memrise is well known for its languages related courses and materials.


Registering on the site is easy. One may make use of Facebook login and start off really fast! Memrise offers both free as well as premium learning services, when it comes to languages. The availability of apps makes it possible to learn new languages using Memrise while on the move.


Key features- Simple and fast registration process. Facebook Login facility. App availability. Premium features to aid faster learning.


5 British Council India

This site has been created and designed keeping Indians in mind. The best thing about this site is that it offers specially crafted online English courses for different sections of learners. There are specially designed courses for kids (beginners), school students, working professionals, job seekers, adults etc. Even corporate English courses are being offered by them!


Fun ways of learning is another interesting feature that they bring along with them. One may learn English through apps, games, videos and lecture sessions, stories etc. Grammar section is given much importance, when it comes to all courses. In short, not only does this site offers precisely crafted online English course material, but they also offer variety of fun ways to learn the Language too!


To get started, one may check out British Council’s free online English course on!


Key features- Effective and tailormade course material. Free resources to get started. Fun and easy learning methods.



This site has a free resources section that is very useful. This free section can be broken down into different sub sections. It covers important topics such as Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Career related tips and resources etc. There are also quizzes and exercises to test one’s knowledge and preparation level. Video lessons are also available under this free resources section.


The site also has a free app. This ensures that one can access the resources easily through one’s mobile phone! The App offers interesting features like allowing one to learn English in their mother tongue, allowing one to compete with other App users etc.


Key features- Attractive free resources section. App availability. Opportunity to learn English in one’s mother tongue.


7 BBC Learning English

An initiative by BBC, one may click on the above link and check out their free online English learning resources. An option to learn in other languages is present on this site. Unfortunately, there is no Hindi or other Indian languages present in that list. But the quality of course material being offered on this site is too good!


Key features- Free resources. Quality course material.


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The above mentioned sites are some of the best ones, which will help students from India learn English language easily. The best part is that the above mentioned sites provide free service for all! Not only students, even adults, working professionals and even job seekers may also make use of these sites and learn/improve English online!

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