Scope of Animation in India | Present Status & Future Scope

This article will be of help to animation enthusiasts. In India, animation and multimedia courses have gained huge popularity in recent years. The number of animation aspirants has increased noticeably. More and more students are considering (taking up) animation as their full time profession! Keeping such students and aspirants in mind, I’ve published this article. Here, I’ve provided details about the scope of animation in India- the present status, future scope, some useful facts and advice.

Scope of animation studies in India

Before heading to the meat of the matter, scope of animation in India, let us take a look at some of the important qualities and traits required to thrive in the field of animation and multimedia.


Useful facts

Not each and every one of you can thrive in this profession. To earn a good name in this field, one must possess qualities such as good imagination prowess, creativity, drawing and sketching skills, patience and technical know-how.


Traits like imagination and technical know-how can be improved through practice. Professional animation and multimedia courses will help one in getting familiar with animation software and techniques. This way, one may build the foundation (of technical knowledge). After that, through practice, one may enhance and improve technical know-how.


Talking about practice, I must add the practical training and experimentation is invaluable, when it comes to mastering this trade! If you think that just theoretical knowledge (gained from animation courses) is enough to help you start a career in this field, you are wrong! Practical knowledge is more important that theoretical knowledge, when it comes to animation studies.


Self practice and experimentation will help one enhance one’s technical know-how and overall animation skills. It also will help one improve patience and will to work (for long hours). In short, practical training is of utmost importance, when it comes to animation studies.


Apart from the above mentioned facts, I must also point out that the field of animation is evolving at a decent pace. With time, animation software, techniques and standards are improving. For professional animators, it becomes very important to keep up-to-date with these developments.


So, if you want become an animation professional in the future, remember that it is not an ‘one time learning process’. The learning process will be continuous. You must be willing to keep your mind open and grasp new skills and techniques.


Okay, we are done with the useful facts sector. Now let us move on to the present status of animation in India.


Present status and scope

In India, decent scope and potential exists, when it comes to the field of animation. It is not very rosy and shiny in here. But conditions are not too bad either!


The fact is- skilled and talented animators are always in huge demand! They are well paid and have diverse opportunities available in front of them. They may start their own little firm, do freelance work or may even work for animation studios (big and small), advertising agencies, media houses, game developers or film and TV production houses.


Animation: Common job profiles and opportunities
Type of work Examples
Own agency or studio Cater to the needs of TV and film production houses, advertising agencies, game developers, big and small businesses etc
Freelance work Graphic designer, video editor, freelance game developer etc
Regular job Work at animation studios, advertising agencies, film and TV production houses, game developers, mobile app developers, media houses etc


To reach that level, one must possess serious set of skills, loads of creativity, good work experience under one’s belt, bit of luck and decent reputation. Definitely, it will take some time before you could reach that level.


Not all animation enthusiasts reach that level. Many folks remain under qualified and are forced to take up low paying jobs (at photography studios, training institutes, animation classes etc). Poor quality animation institutes, to a large extent, are responsible for this.


They lure gullible students and aspirants by giving false promises and rosy pictures. After admission in such institutes, students then undergo poor quality training. Such institutes severely lack in things like quality of faculty, quality of study material and lab amenities.


As a result, majority of students passing out from such institutes tend to be devoid of pro level animation skills. Thanks to this, they remain unemployed and are forced to take up low paying jobs (like the ones mentioned before).


This is a disturbing trend. Thanks to such poor quality institutes, large numbers of ‘animators’ (who don’t have decent skills) are pumped into the job market. This has also led to bit saturation in the job market. For more details about this, check this article out- Animation institutes in India: All that glitters is not gold!


What I want to point out is that animation has got decent scope in India. But you must be talented, hardworking and dedicated to reach that ‘level’. You must also learn the trade from quality institutes. A quality institute should have experienced and knowledgeable faculty, good infrastructure, up-to-date academic program and up-to-date lab amenities.


After graduation, graduates must be willing to hone their skills and take up entry level jobs. With time, they may rise through the ranks and reach great heights!


Scope in future

Looking at the present trends and status, it is safe to say that the field of animation will see growth (at a steady pace) in the future.


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Gaming sector is looking very promising. Especially mobile gaming and app development sectors will see good growth in the near future.


Advertising and film production areas will also generate decent employment opportunities for animation professionals in the future.

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