List of ITIs, Trades & Seats in Punjab for 2022 Admission

Are you searching for the list of ITIs in Punjab? Do you want to apply for ITI admission this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Punjab.

ITI Admission Punjab

Here, readers will find the following details – list of ITIs in Punjab, type of the ITI (private or government), number of trades offered, total number of seats available for admission in Punjab and more.


Come, let us check out the list of ITIs, trades and seats now. Here it is –


List of ITIs, trades & seats in Punjab for 2022 Admission

Sr No

Name Of The Iti

Type Of Iti

Number Of Trades

Number Of Seats (All Trades)

1Bhan Suhella Pvt. ItiGovernment.4176
2Dayanand Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.201164
3Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.6356
4Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.240
5Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.5308
6Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.5328
7Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.7364
8Government Industrial School For Girls Gidderbaha, MuktsarGovernment.5240
9Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.19940
10Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.14644
11Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.221216
12Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.231272
13Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.221272
14Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.11544
15Government Industrial Training Institute (Sc)Government.5236
16Government Industrial Training Institute TalwaraGovernment.14740
17Government Industrial Training Institute Women Phillaur, JalandharGovernment.260
18Government Industrial Training Institute,Sarainaga(Muktsar),Government.6308
19Government Institute Of Garments Technology, Hall Gate, AmritsarGovernment.5236
20Government Industrial Training Institute (W), JagraonGovernment.4220
21Government Industrial Training Institute, QadianGovernment.13608
22Government Iti (W) Dera Baba Nanak , GurdaspurGovernment.5216
23Government Iti JalalabadGovernment.4196
24Government I.T.I. (W) SunamGovernment.4220
25Government Industrial Training Institute (W) AnandpurGovernment.7304
26Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.4132
27Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.3104
28Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.8392
29Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.6208
30Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.3104
31Government Industrial School For GirlsGovernment.4280
32Government Industrial School For Girls Bullepur, Khanna, LudhianaGovernment.5220
33Government Industrial School For Girls, Jandiala Guru, Amritsar.Government.6284
34Government Industrial Teachers Training Institut(W)Government.6376
35Government Industrial Teachers Training Institut(W)Government.8432
36Government Industrial Training Institute (W) RayyaGovernment.6284
37Government Industrial Training Centre For ScGovernment.7312
38Government Industrial Training Centre, Phagwara, Dist KapurthalaGovernment.8364
39Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.171096
40Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.251724
41Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.19904
42Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.9576
43Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.251788
44Government Industrial Training Institute (W) BhogpurGovernment.5188
45Government Industrial Training Institute (W) DerabassiGovernment.3124
46Government Industrial Training Institute (W) DharamkotGovernment.3104
47Government Industrial Training Institute (W) DhuriGovernment.4172
48Government Industrial Training Institute (W) KhararGovernment.5196
49Government Industrial Training Institute (W) KotakpuraGovernment.3144
50Government Industrial Training Institute (W) MoonakGovernment.5280
51Government Industrial Training Institute (W) MorindaGovernment.5240
52Government Industrial Training Institute (W) NabhaGovernment.5212
53Government Industrial Training Institute (W) PhagwaraGovernment.5220
54Government Industrial Training Institute (W) RajpuraGovernment.6320
55Government Industrial Training Institute (Women) Jandali Kalan , SangrurGovernment.3124
56Government Industrial Training Institute . Sunam, SangrurGovernment.201020
57Government Industrial Training Institute Baba BakalaGovernment.9440
58Government Industrial Training Institute BanurGovernment.7292
59Government Industrial Training Institute For Sc, Bagwain, GarshankarGovernment.8300
60Government Industrial Training Institute For WomenGovernment.5268
61Government Industrial Training Institute For WomenGovernment.8456
62Government Industrial Training Institute HarianaGovernment.9304
63Government Industrial Training Institute MalerkotlaGovernment.10544
64Government Industrial Training Institute Nabha, PatialaGovernment.14720
65Government Industrial Training Institute NakodarGovernment.7268
66Government Industrial Training Institute RajpuraGovernment.16868
67Government Industrial Training Institute Talwandi ChaudhrianGovernment.5280
68Government Industrial Training Institute(Sc)Government.6388
69Government Industrial Training Institute, AjnalaGovernment.10412
70Government Industrial Training Institute, BatalaGovernment.17884
71Government Industrial Training Institute, Budhlada, MansaGovernment.15684
72Government Industrial Training Institute, Lalru,Government.15740
73Government Industrial Training Institute, SarhaliGovernment.9388
74Government Iti (W) AmirtsarGovernment.6288
75Government Iti (W) SultanpurlodhiGovernment.5180
76Government Iti Ranjit AvenueGovernment.10636
77Government Iti, Jassowal KularGovernment.9448
78Government Iti, ManukeGovernment.12632
79Government. Art & Craft Tti & ItiGovernment.3184
80Government. I.T.I (W) FerozepurGovernment.488
81Government. I.T.I (W) JaitoGovernment.5240
82Government. I.T.I (W) NangalGovernment.364
83Government. I.T.I (W) RampuraphulGovernment.280
84Government. I.T.I (W) SamanaGovernment.2120
85Government. I.T.I. (W) ChuharchakGovernment.4176
86Government. I.T.I. Patti Distt. TarantaranGovernment.10404
87Government. I.T.I.(W) Fatehgarh ChurianGovernment.6348
88Government. I.T.I.Malout Road, FazilkaGovernment.17644
89Government. Industrial Training Institute, Bassi PathanaGovernment.13756
90Government. Industrial Training Institute, GujjarwalGovernment.7468
91Government. Industrial Training Isntitute (W) Kadgill TarantarnGovernment.6296
92Government. Industrial Trianing Institute, SoondhGovernment.7344
93Government. Iti KalanaurGovernment.4188
94Government. Iti (W) HoshiarpurGovernment.5108
95Government. Iti (W) SirhindGovernment.5244
96Government. Iti , Harsi Pind, Tanda, HoshiarpurGovernment.7360
97Government. Iti KapurthalaGovernment.11484
98Government. Iti, JaituGovernment.6324
99Government. Iti, Kathua Road, BamialGovernment.12524
100Government. Iti, LopokeGovernment.10456
101Government. Iti, MaqsoodpurGovernment.6276
102Government. Textile Chemistry & Knitting Technology ItiGovernment.4124
103Government.I.T.I. SamralaGovernment.12740
104Government.I.T.I.(W) MogaGovernment.6324
105Government.I.T.I.(W) SamralaGovernment.6300
106Guru Arjan Dev I T CGovernment.5216
107Industrial Training Institute, NangalGovernment.16860
108Industrial Training Institute, OtalonGovernment.7392
109Meharchand Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.191036
110National Skill Training Institute(Women), MohaliGovernment.6140
111National Skill Training Institute,LudhianaGovernment.268
112P K Government Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.201096
113Shahide Azam S. Bhagat Singh Government. Industrial Training InstituteGovernment.16700
114All India Women Conference Industrial School AmritsarPrivate4124
115Ajaib Chitterkar Private ItiPrivate3168
116Akal Industrial Training CentrePrivate7416
117Akal Kirpa I.T.C Near B.D.P.O Offices Muktsar Road, MaloutPrivate7292
118Akki Devi Private ItiPrivate4176
119Alfa Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4248
120Amar Itc, Near Kahian Wala Chowk Opp. Joshi Pco, PattiPrivate240
121Amar Shaheed Bhagat Singh Pvt. ItiPrivate6320
122Aps Private Iti,Private5344
123Arihant ItiPrivate3392
124Arya Mahila Crafts SchoolPrivate280
125Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Private ItiPrivate3136
126Baba Buta Shah Memorial ItiPrivate5296
127Baba Farid (Pvt.) I. T. I.Private4264
128Baba Farid Industrial Training CentrePrivate10444
129Baba Farid Institute Private ItiPrivate5224
130Baba Farid ItcPrivate4216
131Baba Farid Itc, Kot, ShamirPrivate6392
132Baba Farid ItiPrivate4176
133Baba Isher Singh Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4168
134Baba Kharak Singh Baba Darshan Singh Industrial Training Institute (W)Private3128
135Baba Kharak Singh Baba Darshan Singh ItcPrivate388
136Baba Kharak Singh, Baba Darshan Singh I.T.C (W) Guru Ki Wadali AmritsarPrivate3104
137Baba Mahesh Dass I.T.C Budhi Pind Tanda Tehsil DasuhaPrivate280
138Baba Mahesh Dass ItcPrivate280
139Baba Namdev Pvt. ItiPrivate296
140Baba Nand Singh Bhangu Itc, Lehragaga Road, Sunam.Private5256
141Baba Nand Singh Private ItiPrivate3128
142Babe Ke Private ItiPrivate4184
143Bankey Bihari Private ItiPrivate6464
144Bawa Nihal Singh Private ItiPrivate288
145Bbl Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3160
146Bhagat Namdev(P) Industrial Training InstitutePrivate9736
147Bhagwan Vishwkarma ItcPrivate288
148Bhai Ghanayia Private ItiPrivate288
149Bhai Ghanayia Private ItiPrivate3168
150Bhartiya Industrail Training Centre Health SciencePrivate196
151Bibi Bhani Industrial Training CentrePrivate388
152Bis Private ItiPrivate4184
153Bishop Symphorian Silver Jublee Memorial Industrial Training CentrePrivate380
154Brilliant Private Iti,Private280
155C-Tec Educational SocietyPrivate148
156Canadian Institute Of Career Studies Private ItiPrivate7448
157Ch. Jagat Ram ItcPrivate4156
158Ch. Sughriv Malwa Pvt. Iti, Vpo Rajpura, Teh. Abohar Dist. Fazilka.Private2208
159Chand Beauty And Hair DressingPrivate148
160Construction Skills Training InstitutePrivate7312
161Creer College Private ItiPrivate148
162D.A.N Art & Craft CollegePrivate148
163Dashmesh ItcPrivate3136
164Dayanand Junior Technical SchoolPrivate7148
165Deol Private ItiPrivate6256
166Desh Bhagat Technical CollegePrivate10440
167Desh Bhagat Technical College I.T.CPrivate13584
168Dist. Red Cross Society ItcPrivate140
169Divya Balak Joyti Vidhya Niketan Private ItiPrivate280
170Dolphin Itc,Private4208
171Ekam Private ItiPrivate296
172Elite ItiPrivate288
173Engineer’s Pvt Iti, Barnala Road Kanchian, MansaPrivate3112
174Ferozepur Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4224
175G.S.S Private Iti,Private3168
176Genius ItcPrivate5248
177Ggs. Khalsa College (W) SarhaliPrivate240
178Giani Devi Memorial Private ItiPrivate6344
179Global Pvt. ItiPrivate7512
180Goswami Private ItiPrivate4176
181Government. Industrial Training Isntitute (W) KheowaliPrivate9412
182Gtb Institute Of Industrial Training Bhadaur Barnala Road Bhadaur Distt. BarnalaPrivate7344
183Gtb Private ItiPrivate4176
184Gunnsagar Private ItiPrivate6392
185Guru Angad Dev Industrail Training Centre Verowal Road Khadoor SahibPrivate6408
186Guru Arjun Dev ItcPrivate5236
187Guru Gobind Singh ItiPrivate6256
188Guru Gobind Singh Teacher Training & Technical InstitutePrivate7328
189Guru Govind Singh Pvt Iti Bhaini Bagha, MansaPrivate6288
190Guru Hargobind Pvt. ItiPrivate5264
191Guru Harkrishan ItcPrivate8392
192Guru Nanak Dev I.T.I ,ManukePrivate5312
193Guru Nanak Dev ItiPrivate10456
194Guru Nanak Dev Ji Education & Itc, Malwal, Ferozepur City.Private296
195Guru Nanak Pvt. Itc, Hoshiarpur Road Keharwali, Dasuya, Distt. HspPrivate3128
196Guru Nanak Vocational Training Centre ItcPrivate3248
197Guru Ram Dass Institute Of Dental Lab Technology & Para Medical SciencePrivate4208
198Guru Teg Bahadur I.T.I BathindaPrivate4168
199Guru Teg Bahadur Private Iti & CollegePrivate140
200Guru Teg Bahadur Pvt. I.T.I.Private3168
201Gurukul Private Iti,Private4216
202Gyan Sagar Private ItiPrivate7640
203Hari Memorial Adarsh Private Iti,Private280
204Harjinder Kaur Lehal ItcwomenPrivate124
205Hasta Shilpa Private ItiPrivate6256
206Himalayan Pvt. Iti, Village Nepra, Rajpura Distt. PatialaPrivate5256
207Hindustan Marine Electronics Institute, Preet Vihar, P.O.Gill, Dhandra Road, Manakwal LudhianaPrivate7292
208Ideal ItcPrivate5304
209Indus Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate288
210Intech Private ItiPrivate5232
211Jagat Singh Palahi Industrial Training InstitutePrivate296
212Jai Hind Pprivate ItiPrivate6352
213Jain Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3688
214Jaswant ItcPrivate3168
215Jaswanti Industrial School For GirlsPrivate2100
216Jps Private ItiPrivate14632
217Kalgidhar Industrial Training CentrePrivate7328
218Kalgidhar Private ItiPrivate288
219Kanwal Ram Nath Kapoor Memorial Pvt. Iti, Plot No. 111 Focal Point, Distt. Tarn TaranPrivate5224
220Kartar International Itc, Village Phangrian, Balsua Puli, Po Jakhlori, Distt. PathankotPrivate5168
221Kartar Kaur Iti, Near Hajipur AddaPrivate280
222Khattu Ji Private ItiPrivate5304
223Kundan Lal Saron Private Iti,Private4216
224Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Industrai Training Centre AjitwalPrivate121024
225Life Guard Private ItiPrivate5296
226Lordshiva Private Iti,LehriPrivate2128
227Ludhiana Private ItiPrivate5256
228M.S. Itc, Pathankot RoadPrivate5168
229Maa Saraswati Institute Of Vocational & Peramedical Private Iti,Private296
230Madan Lal Memorial ItcPrivate8584
231Maharaja Agarsen Industrial Training Centre AlamgarhPrivate9548
232Maharishi Parshuram ItcPrivate3116
233Maharishi Vishwamittera ItcPrivate288
234Malwa Industrial Training Centre BururPrivate9512
235Malwa Itc, Behind Rakhra Sugar Mill Vpo Dhablan, Nabha RoadPrivate11744
236Malwa Private ItiPrivate280
237Mamta Niketan Convent School Vocational CentrePrivate248
238Manav Sewa I.T.C. S.A.S. Nagar, Tanda Bay-Pass, HoshiarpurPrivate244
239Mata Bhagwanti Devi ItiPrivate4168
240Mata Gujri Cutting & Stiching Centre Industrial Training CentrePrivate240
241Mata Gujri ItcPrivate288
242Mata Shanti Devi ItcPrivate3128
243Mata Vaishno Devi Private ItiPrivate296
244Mata Vidyawati Memorial Industrail Training CentrePrivate11468
245Miri Piri Private ItiPrivate6304
246Modern Industrial Training CentrePrivate10576
247Modern Private ItiPrivate3128
248Modern Private ItiPrivate2128
249Modern Pvt. Iti Opp. Tibri Cantt, Gate No. 02, New Shalle Vpo Pull Tibri, Distt. GurdaspurPrivate4168
250Mother Teresa Pvt. Iti Near Balagan Chowk Dasuya Distt. HoshiarpurPrivate2128
251Mr Teachers Center The BalachaurPrivate260
252Msd Art & Craft Private ItiPrivate4208
253Mukesh Memorial Education Private ItiPrivate6464
254Municipal Committee Indl School For GirlsPrivate260
255National Institute Of TechnologyPrivate8320
256National ItcPrivate4344
257Naushera Pannuan Technowaves Pvt. Iti Distt. Tarn TaranPrivate6408
258Navjot Private ItiPrivate4184
259New Angel Industrial Training CentrePrivate5232
260New Generation Industrail Training Centre C/O Subhash Chander Kakar ItcPrivate148
261Ngc Private ItiPrivate4208
262Nirmal Industrial Training CentrePrivate148
263Noble ItiPrivate6264
264Nri Pvt. ItiPrivate6264
265Omkar ItcPrivate7344
266Oxford Industrial Training CentrePrivate3120
267P S Technical Institute Of Industrial TrainingPrivate4160
268Parameshwar Itc & Instt. Of Technical StudiesPrivate4148
269Partabpura Industrail Training CentrePrivate9388
270Pathankot Pvt ItiPrivate280
271Private ItiPrivate148
272Prototype Development & Training Sub CentrePrivate288
273Punjab Art & Craft Medical Training Institute, Bhadak Road, RajpuraPrivate3128
274Punjab Industrail Training Centre Guru Teg Bahadur NagarPrivate5192
275Punjab Instt. Of Technical Education ItcPrivate8576
276Punjab Women Welfare College Board ItcPrivate5172
277Rajindra Industrial Training CentrePrivate264
278Ramgarhia Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate7328
279Rimt Iti (Private)Private3128
280Rpc Private ItiPrivate4176
281Rular Instt For Vocational Training V.P.O BadalPrivate5240
282Sacred Heart Vocational Training CentrePrivate368
283Sahibzada Ajit Singh ItcPrivate4304
284Sahibzada Fateh Singh ItiPrivate4168
285Sai Institute Of Teachers & Industrial Training Changaliwala Sunam Road LehragagaPrivate4184
286Sai Maa Art & Craft Teacher Training Insititute V.P.OPrivate10516
287Sai Technical InstitutePrivate140
288Sant Baba Jamit Singh ItcPrivate9432
289Sant Kabir Private Iti,Private4176
290Sant Moga Singh Industrail Training Centre NainkotPrivate10376
291Santsar Private ItiPrivate5256
292Saraswati ItcPrivate8400
293Saraswati Pvt. ItiPrivate5416
294Sashibzada Ajit Singh Industrial Training CentrePrivate268
295Satkartar Private Iti NabhaPrivate3224
296Satyam ItiPrivate6304
297Sbs Skill India Private ItiPrivate4176
298Sewa Devi Industrial Training CentrePrivate5204
299Sfc Private ItiPrivate9528
300Sgs Private ItiPrivate3128
301Shaheed Bhagat Singh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3324
302Shaheed Bhagat Singh Pvt. ItiPrivate3256
303Shaheed Bhagat Singh Pvt. Iti, Vill Alisher Po Bharkariwal Khaira Kotly, Dhariwal Distt. GurdaspurPrivate5216
304Shaheed Bhagat Singh Technical Institute Pakhi RoadPrivate5200
305Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Private ItiPrivate4208
306Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha Private ItiPrivate296
307Shaheed Udham Singh Itc,DaulaPrivate5216
308Shambu ItcPrivate6296
309Sheikh Farid ItcPrivate5216
310Shere Punjab Private ItiPrivate2160
311Shiv Shankar Private ItiPrivate3128
312Shivalik Itc Vpo Ghogra, Tehsil .Dasuya, HoshiarpurPrivate364
313Shivalik Private ItiPrivate3168
314Shivalik Technical InstitutionPrivate6352
315Shiwalik ItcPrivate5216
316Shiwalik Itc, Village Sandhwal, The Mukerian, HoshiarpurPrivate5200
317Shree Saraswati Iti PvtPrivate4240
318Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji ItcPrivate5256
319Shri Guru Ram Das Private I.T.I BakshiwalaPrivate4216
320Shri Guru Ram Dass Private ItiPrivate3128
321Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Industrial Training CentrePrivate6304
322Sks Industrial Training InstitutePrivate5224
323Sri Guru Ravi Dass I.T.I. (W), Hoshiarpur Road, PhagwaraPrivate260
324Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Private ItiPrivate3128
325Sri Sri Itc & CollegePrivate5296
326St. Kabir ItcPrivate5264
327St. Soldier Institute Of Hotal Managament & Catering Technology ItcPrivate6136
328St. Soldier ItcPrivate7224
329St. Soldier Itc, ShahkotPrivate8272
330State Institute Of Automotive & Driving Skills Pvt. ItiPrivate6272
331Sukhanand Private ItiPrivate288
332Sukhmani Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4168
333Swami Dayanand ItiPrivate4256
334Swami Vivekanand ItiPrivate4168
335Swami Vivekanand Private ItiPrivate3136
336Tagor Training Institute & Art & Craft ItcPrivate4152
337Techno Private Iti,Private4272
338Tools & Technology Pvt. ItiPrivate6352
339Unique I.T.IPrivate5248
340United Christian Institute ItcPrivate8316
341United Pvt Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3168
342Universal Private Iti,Private5264
343Universal Pvt. Iti,PatranPrivate7432
344Universal Technical & Vocational Centre LehalPrivate9536
345V.S.S. ItcPrivate5200
346Vidya Sagar Private Iti,AhlupurPrivate2128
347Vision Pvt. Iti J.P. Commercial Complex Sutheri Road, Distt. HoshirpurPrivate280
348Vivekanand I.T.C Villege Kot Shahpurkandi The DharPrivate5224
349W. C. Industrial Training CentrePrivate8352
350Yrs Private ItiPrivate7360
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