Pros and Cons of Being a Chef

Do you want to become a chef? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve discussed notable pros and cons related to chef and cooking careers.

Chef pros and cons

Every job brings with it a set of pros and cons. If you want to build your career around a particular niche/sector/area, it would be a good idea to dig up details about the work conditions, salary, work timings etc.

The above mentioned details will help you assess the pros and cons associated with that particular career. If the cons outweigh the pros by a big margin, you may start looking for another areas/career you need a culinary school.

I’m not asking my readers to quit their dreams and have a change of plan on seeing few set of problems and cons! What I mean is that assessing pros and cons will give you a general idea about the nature of the job. It will help you know whether that career suits you or not for a culinary school!


Let us move to the meat of the matter now – pros and cons associated with chef and cooking career.

A chef is a professional cook. He/she is highly trained in aspects related to preparation and presentation of food. Apart from that, they are also adept at tasks like kitchen management and staff management.

Chefs usually work at hotels, restaurants, resorts and clubs. It is not uncommon to see them take on the path of self-employment and entrepreneurship!

Skilled chefs are always in huge demand. Let us take a look at some of the important tasks performed by chefs for a culinary school

  • Preparing food as per clients’ demands
  • Material management in kitchen
  • Staff management

Cooks vs Chefs: What’s the difference?


Chefs and cooks are often burdened. each jobs revolve round food, but the roles are exclusive.

A chef is generally a extraordinarily-professional culinarian with years of schooling and enjoy, even as a cook is someone who has been taught day-to-day a task but may additionally lack the technical know-how abilties, schooling, and certification day-to-day be taken into consideration a chef. a few human beings think about operating as a prepare dinner day-to-day be a task, and working as a chef daily be a profession, however career cooks also are commonplace.
another difference between the two is degree of obligation and need a culinary school. cooks normally manipulate the kitchen and the cooking, however do much less of the cooking responsibilities of chefs de cuisine. They often oversee the practise of food and manage unique workstations, and they assist hold a restaurant strolling by way of delegating obligations, ordering resources, making plans food, and calculating costs.

Cooks, on the other hand, commonly paintings underneath the direction of cooks and managers. they may be frequently the ones getting ready the food, however do now not determine what everyday daily or day-to-day day-to-day it in sous chefs. A few people use the phrases “chef” and “prepare dinner” interchangeably, however cooks are generally notion day-to-day be greater professional and certified than chefs for a executive chef and food preparation. however, don’t neglect “cook” as a profession, and be ready every day learn from skilled cooks. skilled career cooks who grasp a unmarried speciality are essential every day the success of every kitchen. Aspiring chefs might be smart every day pay attention and study from them in a executive chef for food preparation.

What’s the average Chef’s salary?

Do cooks get paid properly? the solution to this query relies upon on what earnings you keep in mind to be perfect. but in general, an skilled chef could make an amazing living.

Like several professional, the income any individual chef earns is dependent on a range of of things together with:

  • Degree of training
  • Years of revel in geographic location (state and town), and stage of obligation.

In 2021, the median pay for cooks turned into $50,a hundred and sixty yearly, or $24.11 according to hour, in step with the U.S. Bureau of hard work records. This revenue is for those with five years or extra of professional experience and at the least a excessive faculty diploma or GED.

Entry-level positions offer relatively decrease wages, however your starting salary is dependent on your degree of schooling and revel in.

every eating place and venue pays in a different way, and average salaries range from country to state. In states like new york, California, and Oregon, the cost of living is better, so cooks are generally paid higher than equal positions in different states as the newspaper New York Times.

As a general rule, the greater prestigious the venue you work in, the higher your pay. And the extra duties you have got and the greater human beings you oversee, the higher your repayment in a executive chefs.

Pros and cons of being a chef


Chef presenting something over white background

Let us check out the pros first.


1 It is a job that will let you express your creativity

Chefs have the freedom to innovate and experiment with dishes. In short, chefs can afford to be creative at work. It is a freedom that many professionals don’t usually get to enjoy at work place in a culinary education and executive chefs!


2 Attractive salary in cases of high end hotels, restaurants and resorts


Chefs working at high end work setups get to enjoy high salary package. Along with the handsome salary package, they also get to enjoy other perks like – chance to interact with clients from around the world, work with talented chefs etc.


3 Numerous job opportunities

A skilled chef is always in huge demand. Lack of job opportunities is not something that they need to worry about!


4 Excellent self-employment opportunities

Apart from a regular job, chefs also have numerous self-employment opportunities available in front of them.


Let us focus on the cons now.




Portrait of smiling chef in uniform

1 Long and unpredictable working hours

It is not a 9-5 job where you have fixed working hours! Being a chef, you must be ready to work at odd hours. It is not uncommon to see chefs working on long, grueling shifts.


2 Low pay in many cases

In the above section, I mentioned how chefs working at high end setups earn good salary. But when it comes to chefs outside that ‘executive club’, pay is not often up to the mark! Many chefs are known to put in long hours of work. And the salary they get in return is not at all justifiable!


3 ‘Not too comfortable’ working conditions

Chefs ply their trade in testing conditions and environment. A typical kitchen hosts hazards like smoke, fire and sharp tools. Carelessness can often result in accidents.


4 Physically and mentally demanding job

Chefs remain standing for long hours. Standing up, without too much rest, is a part of their job. Add to that long working hours and you have a job that drains your energy.

What Are the styles of cooks and Their obligations?

In each expert kitchen, many people paintings collectively to carry out obligations and get food to guests waiting for their meal preparation. There are managerial chefs which include the government Chef, Sous Chef, and Senior Chef or Station Chef that oversee kitchen personnel and make sure food network excellence and adherence to safety requirements. Then there are area of expertise cooks and cooks that perform the prepping, cooking, and cleansing.

As you figure toward becoming a chef, ask yourself what sort of function you see your self in. even as you can not set your points of interest on any single position just yet, it’s an awesome idea to familiarize yourself with the jobs and obligations of cooks in expert kitchens with culinary education.

executive cooks are at the top of the kitchen hierarchy, the “CEO” or leader executive Officer of the kitchen, so to talk. which means they ought to theoretically be capable of assume any function and complete any challenge inside the kitchen. executive chefs delegate duties to different personnel and are chargeable for coping with and overseeing the entire kitchen.

It takes the majority many years to make it to executive Chef popularity. To grow to be an govt Chef, you should display now not best cooking expertise, but additionally which you are a succesful manager and chief. All other cooks in the kitchen expect the executive Chef to offer them route and training, and the govt Chef need to additionally control expenses and pricing, menu and recipe improvement, stock and ordering, and hiring/firing.

in the end, much of the destiny of a restaurant is within the executive Chef’s fingers.

Sous Chef

Sous cooks are below the route of government cooks. They act as an assistant to the govt Chef, assisting them in some thing ways they will want. Sous Chef cooks regularly step in as shift managers to ensure that their kitchen is always absolutely staffed, and they normally oversee deliveries and cope with ordering. Sous cooks may also teach team of workers participants, assist assist stations as wanted, and run great exams.

but especially, a Sous Chef is there to assist and fill in for the government Chef, so that they need to be surprisingly flexible.

Pastry Chef

Pastry cooks are another type of specialty Chef. when you focus on cooking sweet dishes and baking, you are considered to be a Pastry Chef. Pastry chefs make something from goodies to problematic desserts, and they may be in charge of imagining new menu items.

Pastry cooks need to be specifically trained inside the Pastry Arts, that is entirely distinct from the Culinary Arts. most culinary institutes provide both Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts degrees and diplomas.

Pastry chefs and govt cooks are sometimes at the equal stage, especially in eating places in which dessert is as essential to a menu as the main dishes. every now and then, they’ll collaborate on dishes that combine candy and savory factors. in case you are obsessed on baking and all things pastry and dessert, the role of Pastry Chef can be a good healthy.

Chef representative

An opportunity to cooking in a professional kitchen, Chef experts are known as directly to guide restaurants and companies in enhancing their food network operations. A restaurant can also hire a Chef consultant to assist expand a brand new menu, growth profits and/or efficiency, or train workforce participants.

In a few cases, a Chef representative is called in to offer 2d critiques on why a kitchen can be experiencing issues or suffering to stay afloat. To emerge as a Chef representative, you must be a professional culinarian and be knowledgeable about Hospitality and eating place Operations management.

Chef consultants are continuously shifting around from area to area and should have an entrepreneurial spirit. if you revel in rapid-paced, tough paintings and don’t mind being “in the thick of it,” you may be an excellent candidate for a career in chef consulting.

Personal Chef

private cooks do not paintings for others in expert kitchens. as a substitute, they paintings in non-public places and cook dinner for multiple clients. non-public cooks are entrepreneurs.

personal chefs commonly provide food preparation to a couple of families. they are able to go to any in their customers’ homes once or a few times each week and prepare ingredients the use of the patron’s kitchen space, package and shop the foods, and leave reheating commands. Or, they are able to prepare meals at a commissary kitchen and drop off packaged gadgets to clients, once more with commands. Non-public chefs are much like non-public cooks, except that they paintings for a devoted household. They regularly journey with the own family from their important domestic to a holiday home, or even on yachts, personal plane, and so forth.

As a private or private chef, you will be your very own boss and need to have what it takes to run a business with a purpose to be successful. these alternative career paths is probably for you if you experience planning, cooking, imparting customer support, and setting your own schedule.

Chef owners

A Chef proprietor is a chef who in part or fully owns the restaurant they work in. no longer each eating place is owned through a chef, but it’s miles not unusual for human beings with culinary backgrounds to set up their own agencies.

Chef proprietors are responsible for starting up and funding a restaurant’s commercial enterprise operations and then dealing with a eating place within and beyond the kitchen. They see to it that clients are satisfied, promote the eating place, evaluate the business from a monetary perspective, and ensure that the workforce are assembly expectations and having their needs met.

To end up a Chef proprietor, you want a sturdy set of abilties in each the Culinary Arts and Hospitality and restaurant Operations control. people nicely-acceptable to this function have sharp business and interpersonal capabilities and thrive below pressure you have a study in culinary school.

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The profession is also mentally demanding. A bad review or botched dish can cost a chef his/her career. Chefs need to be perfect all the time. It is mentally demanding to stay perfect each and every time!

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