Pros and Cons of Being a Commercial Pilot

Do you want to become a Commercial Pilot? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down the main pros and cons of being a commercial pilot. Using this guide, you may evaluate the options and make an informed choice.

Commercial Pilot pros and cons

Becoming an airline pilot is a dream that many of us have nourished. It is a glamorous job. A commercial pilot gets to enjoy a job that is very different from a typical 9 to 5 job!


Like any career, there are pros and cons associated with this job too! Yes, being a commercial pilot is not always fun! At the same time, it is an adventurous job that offers decent pay and other benefits.


Let us check out the pros and cons of being a commercial pilot. Here they are –


Pros of being a Commercial Pilot


1 An opportunity to travel around the world for free

Commercial Pilots fly around the world for free. Their job affords them the luxury to travel around the world, without having to pay a penny for it!


Being a commercial pilot, you have a chance to visit exotic locations, stay in five star hotels and experience the culture and cuisine of different countries!


2 An exciting job

This profession is very different from a typical 9 to 5 job. An average 9 to 5 worker spends a large chunk of the year in the same office/cubicle. He/she commutes on the same route for most part of the year.


A commercial pilot’s working hours are not fixed (in most of the cases). The working space (cockpit) is not as dull and boring as an office/cubicle. The route that a pilot flies also changes from time to time. All these factors make this profession exciting and adventurous.


3 Decent pay and perks

Commercial Pilots are paid very well by their employers. Things have changed in the recent past and the salary is not as good as it used to be. Junior pilots are not paid a huge salary. Still, senior pilots are compensated well for their service.


4 Leave work at work

The main task of an airline pilot is to fly the aircraft that he/she has been assigned to. Once that task is done, his/her work is over. Depending upon the schedule, once the work is finished, he/she may return back to family/home!


Now consider a typical 9 to 5 job. Many 9 to 5 professionals are burdened with excess work. They are forced to carry work to their home (after work). Leaving work at work is a luxury that many pilots can afford!


5 Attractive perks and allowances

Apart from their good salary, commercial pilots also get to enjoy perks and benefits such as – free travel, food, accommodation, other allowances etc.


Let us check out the cons of being a Commercial Pilot. Here they are –


Cons of being a Commercial Pilot


1 Low salary for junior pilots

Aviation industry has undergone huge changes in the recent past. Airlines are aiming at maximizing their profits. As a result, life has become hard for freshers and junior pilots.


Junior pilots are paid a lower salary. It takes a while before their salary is increased.


2 Heavy initial investment

Commercial Pilot training is expensive. After the basic training comes ‘rating’. Rating is not a cheap affair either! The initial investment (for training) is pretty high. Not everyone can afford it!


3 Hard out there for junior pilots (in finding a job)

Yes, you read it right! For junior pilots, it is not very easy to land a good job! Many of them are forced to start small. They are forced to take up regional airlines, flying small aircraft. Many young pilots face this initial period of struggle.


4 Personal life suffers

Constant traveling results in commercial pilots staying away from their family for a long time. This means that they get to spend less time with their family. This is a sacrifice that many commercial pilots are forced to make.


5 Health concerns

Constant traveling and irregular sleep patterns can take a toll on one’s health. It is not uncommon to see commercial pilots suffering from fatigue.


6 Need to stay fit

Commercial Pilots undergo medical tests periodically. These test ensure that they are fit to fly. Failing a medical test could change the course of their career! Due to this reason, commercial pilots have to strive hard and maintain their health. For accomplishing this task, they have to follow a disciplined lifestyle and make lots of sacrifices.


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7 Recurring training

Aviation industry is evolving at a rapid pace. New technology is being introduced each day. A modern aircraft’s cockpit is not like how it was 20 years ago. In order to stay updated, commercial pilots have to undergo recurring training.

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