How to prepare for board exam when less time is left

Preparing for examinations is an art. Those who are good at it fare well in exams! The earlier you begin the preparation, the smoother the journey will be. Especially in case of board exams like- 10th standard and semester exams of 11th and 12th standard, the preparations must be started quite early. As early as at the starting of the academic year! But many students fail to do so! This poor management of time is what results in poor results in most cases. If you master the art of time management, you will find plenty of time to revise chapters. Otherwise, you will be left with little time and too much of material to study. This article is aimed at helping you prepare for your exams well, especially when you are left with less time and have much studying to do.


Time management is the key!

How to prepare well for examinations when less time is left

This is a step by step guide. Make sure you go through the entire article and start preparation at once.


#1 Make a time table

When too little time is left, the first thing you must focus on is- time management. Your fate in the exams depends on how well you manage time.

And one of the fundamentals associated with time management is creating a good time table and making use of the time in a good way. Time is precious. Especially when you have less time left in your hands, strive to make the best use of it!

Make a time table such that each and every hour is put to best use. At the same time, don’t go for unrealistic targets. Try to make the time table as realistic and attainable as possible.

Don’t go for a schedule, which you won’t be able to follow and do justice to. And just making a time table won’t suffice! Make it a point to follow it also!


#2 Cut time wasting factors out of your life

Even if you make a time table, a sensible one, there will be many hurdles and obstacles that are capable of putting that time table into a disarray. Examples of such obstacles are- gadgets like mobile phones, Computers etc.

We all know how addictive and time wasting such things can be. Try to avoid such things. Hand over mobile phone to your parents. Cut the internet connection. By doing so, you are effectively eliminating distractions.

Taking care of these small things will ensure that there will be no more factors eating into the little time that you have left in your hands! This is the only way to ensure that the time table you just created will not be tampered with!


#3 Prepare chapters according to the weight of marks

With little time left, it doesn’t makes sense to prepare each and every chapter. Well, of you are capable to do that, go ahead. But I suggest my readers to approach studying chapters systematically.

It happens that some chapters/some set of problems carry more marks. Some set of questions are featured regularly in exams and carry lots of marks, when compared to other chapters.

It makes sense to prepare such ‘heavy weight’ chapters first, with much care and effort. Doing so, you are making the best use of the time you have in your hand!

So, even if you run out of time, you will have finished most of the valuable chapters by then. So, in the examination, you will be able to tackle and solve most of the ‘high marks’ section of the paper.

This will help you score above average marks without much trouble.


When very less time is left on hand, students tend to get stressed and panic. This must be avoided at all cost! Panic will stall progress. It won’t let you start your preparation. Despite being short on time, one must not panic. Instead, one must try to utilize the remaining time to its fullest!


#4 Use group study to tackle tough subjects/topics

While studying, you will come across many subjects/topics/sections, which you will have much trouble dealing with. In such cases, mark those parts and move on. Later, arrange a group study session and try to learn those parts from your friends, who are good at those topics!

You may also teach topics and subjects to your friends, in which you are good at. So, making use of such group study sessions, you may teach others, thereby enhancing your knowledge and learn stuff from other too! This is a win-win situation for all!

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But make sure that the group study session doesn’t turn out to be a time wasting affair. Make sure that the group members are serious about it and don’t indulge in time wasting affairs!


#5 Find time to relax too

Earlier, I mentioned how making a ‘realistic’ time table was of utmost importance. A good time table must have time dedicated towards relaxing also.

You may relax by taking a stroll, taking part in stress busting activities etc. But such activities shouldn’t consume much time either!

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