Plastic Engineering Careers in India

There are two main formats of Plastic Engineering courses available in India- Bachelor’s Degree (B.E. or B.Tech.) and Diploma. Many readers have been asking me questions about these professional courses. Most questions revolved around the career prospects, nature of work and ‘future scope’ associated with this course. After answering many such questions, I decided to come up with an article where the above mentioned topics will be discussed in detail.

Plastic engineering careers

In this article, you will be reading about career prospects and scope associated with Plastic Engineering/Technology courses. You will be reading about various jobs that are available in front of Plastic Engineers, nature of their work, well known recruiters and PG courses available in front of graduates.


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B.Tech. Plastics Engineering course


After completing plastic engineering course, graduates may either start working or go for further studies (PG courses). First of all, let us check out the ‘jobs’ part. After that, you will be reading about PG courses and further studies.


Career prospects and job opportunities

After completing Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma in Plastic Engineering, graduates have access to both Government and Private sector jobs. Self employment is another opportunity available in front of them.


Key recruiters

Firms involved in production, processing and design of plastic products and materials are the prime recruiters. Polymer processing and production units are also known to hire them. Since plastic materials are also used in pharmaceutical sector, plastic engineers may find a job in this sector too.


Labs and research firms involved in research work (on plastic materials and relevant synthetic materials) are also known to hire plastic engineers. Refineries, oil and natural gas firms and petrochemical companies hire them. ONGC, OIL, Government refineries etc are some of the well known Government sector recruiters.


Self employment

Self employment is another good opportunity available in front of graduates. If one has access to decent financial resources, he/she may start own small/medium scale plastic products manufacturing firm.


Other than manufacturing, graduates may also indulge in marketing, import and export of general household or special plastic products.


Special plastic products are in much demand these days. Plastic materials possessing specific properties are needed by industries such as automobile manufacturing sector, aviation sector, builders etc. One may tread the path of entrepreneurship, cater to the needs of such industries and reap benefits!


Teaching and research jobs

If you are a Masters Degree (M.E./M.Tech. Plastic Engineering) holder, you may work as a lecturer or instructor at relevant engineering/technical institutes. After completing advanced courses like PhD, one may even build a career in the R&D sector associated with the field of plastic engineering.


Nature of work

Let us just focus on the core plastic manufacturing plant work. A plastic engineer is involved in phases like design, processing and manufacturing of plastic materials and products. In some cases, they are even involved in marketing of these products.


Typical plastic engineer spends most of his/her time supervising or taking part in the design, manufacturing and processing phases. Some of the common job profiles available in front of plastic engineers include-

  • Design Specialist
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Plant Supervisor
  • Plant Manager
  • Marketer

PG courses and further studies

Diploma in Plastic Engineering candidates may go for Bachelor’s Degree (B.E. or B.Tech.) in Plastic Engineering. Lateral entry scheme can be used to secure admission.


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Bachelor’s Degree holders may go for PG Diploma or M.E./M.Tech. in Plastic Engineering (or other relevant branches of engineering). After Master’s education, one may go for advanced course like PhD.



At start, plastic engineers may earn anywhere between 8-25k Rupees per month. Starting salary depends in factors like profile of the employer (Government job, Private sector job or entrepreneurship), job profile, location of the job and educational qualifications of the employee.

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