Advantages of doing Piping course after Mechanical/Chemical/Civil Engineering

What are the advantages of studying Piping Engineering/Technical course? Read on to know more-

Piping course can be said to be a job oriented course. It helps one become industry ready. Usually, piping courses are pursued by students after they complete graduation in Engineering. But not all engineering graduates may take up this course. For example- Computer Engineering graduates. Piping course just won’t suit this branch! So, for which branches is piping course tailor made for? Those branches are- Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering! In this article, I will explain to you why doing piping course after Mechanical/Chemical Engineering will let you flourish!


Check out some advantages of pursuing Piping Engineering/Technical course in this article-


1 Mechanical Engineering students will find many familiar concepts in this course

Piping course has a lot to do with Mechanical Engineering. I mean just take a look at the course material of Mechanical Engineering and piping technology course. You will find that many concepts of mechanical engineering will be repeated in piping course too.


So, naturally, mechanical engineering graduates will find pursuing this course to be a comfortable experience. They will get that feel of ‘continuity’, while going through piping course. They won’t get that alien feeling when dealing with piping’s concepts and techniques. It will be more or less like a specialization course. Apart from this factor, pursuing Piping Engineering/Technical course will also open doors that leads to careers in Merchant Navy, Chemical Industry and Petroleum Refinery sectors. Most manufacturing firms too need Piping specialists. So, if a Mechanical Engineer also has specialized knowledge in Piping area, he/she will be in demand and well valued.


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2 Most chemical industries are heavily reliant on pipes

Accept this fact- pipes form an integral part of any chemical factory! Chemical factories almost always deal with chemicals that are fluid in nature. For transporting these fluids from one place to another, they extensively make use of pipes.


So, if Chemical Engineering graduates pursue and complete piping course after their graduation, they could add a skill that is in much demand in the chemical industry sector! These days, industries are interested in hiring professionals who are multi skilled! So, having a Chemical Engineering degree as well as expertise in the field of piping will skyrocket your value!


3 Civil Engineering Graduates could gain valuable skill and knowledge using it

Many areas of Civil Engineering work such as- layout and planning of water distribution systems, Gas and Oil distribution systems, Sewer systems, drainage systems etc makes extensive use of pipes. I mean pipes are the most important part, when it comes to the above mentioned types of works.


Thus, by studying Piping Engineering/Technical course and specializing in piping sector, a Civil Engineer is adding valuable knowledge and acquiring new, useful skills! These skills and knowledge will then help him/her take on the above mentioned types of jobs efficiently.


4 Piping course can be wrapped up by the time you graduate

Many institutes are offering flexible piping course programs to engineering students who are in the final year of their engineering course. Such programs may last anywhere between 6 months to 1 year.


This will help one save time actually! There is no need to waste anymore time towards further specialization courses. One may directly start seeking job and also flaunt completion of this job oriented course! Also check – list of diploma courses after 12th & list of professional courses after 12th science.


5 There are different formats of Piping Engineering/Technical course available

As I mentioned above, there are Piping courses available, which Engineering students, who are in the final year of their Academic Session may pursue. On the other hand, there are M.Tech. Piping Design and Engineering courses available too, which are more valuable and are 2 years long.


Similarly, there are Diploma in Piping Technology courses being offered by a number of Institutes too. The latest format of piping course is the online one! Yes, now one may study Piping Engineering right from home, using the online course format!


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The biggest advantage of availability of choices is that one may analyze different course formats, assess the pros and cons, and choose the format that suits one the best!


6 It improves one’s value in the job market

As I mentioned above, this is a job oriented course. It helps add new skills to an individual’s skill set. Companies these days are keen to recruit multi skilled graduates. Having something more than the traditional Engineering Degree under your belt will improve your chances of landing a good job!

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