Tips to Prepare for 11th & 12th Physics Exam | Tips, Tricks & Strategy

Hi readers! This post will be of help to class 11th and 12th Science stream students. In this post, I’ve listed down some of the best physics exam preparation tips. By using the tips and strategy mentioned here, you will be able to score well in physics board exam as well as internal exams.

Physics Preparation Tips

Science is a popular stream among Indian students. After passing 10th standard, many of them apply for Science stream admission. They choose to pursue Science stream subjects after completing 10th class.


11th and 12th class schooling forms an integral part of a student’s life. The stream he/she chooses, his/her subject combination – these factors play a huge role in determining the type of professional course that he/she will pursue after completing schooling.


In short, this phase of schooling has a profound effect on a student’s life and career! Before heading to the meat of the matter – Physics exam preparation tips – let us take a closer look at Science stream and various subject-combinations offered by this stream.


Science stream can be broadly classified into two groups – PCM group and PCB group. PCM group is also known as mathematics group. PCB group is also known as biology group. Technically, a third group also exists (PCMB group).


P, C, M, B – these letters represent the main (core) subjects present in each group. P represents physics. C represents chemistry. M represents mathematics. B represents biology.


As you can see, both mathematics and biology groups share physics subject! In short, no matter which group you choose, you must face/study physics subject!


This post has been crafted keeping the needs of students preparing for 11th and 12th class physics exam in mind. Let us check out the tips, tricks and strategy now. Here they are –


Tips to prepare well for 11th and 12th Physics examination

Here are the effective tips and tricks for passing physics examination with flying colors –


1 Begin early

The first thing to do is – start your preparation early on. Don’t wait for the examination to come close! Many students choose to begin their preparation once the examinations are around the corner! This is a bad thing to do!


Instead of wasting time, 11th and 12th class students must start preparing each subject early on. Starting early has many advantages. First of all, it will help you tackle smaller targets. Yes, if you choose to start early, you will have the luxury of having to face small sections of the syllabus.


On the other hand, if you decide to start physics exam preparation a month before the exam, you will have to cover large portion of syllabus within a short period of time. This will lead to tension, unnecessary pressure and lackluster preparation.


2 Prepare a good timetable

If you want to develop positive study-habits, it is essential to create a good timetable (and follow it with discipline). Sit down, take your time, and create a practical and efficient timetable. While designing the timetable, make sure that you allocate ample amount of study-hours to each subject.


Creating a timetable won’t help you if you can’t follow it! After creating the timetable, make sure that you follow it religiously! In order to accomplish this task, you must have discipline.


3 In-depth learning and understanding the concepts

Physics is a subject that demands in-depth learning of the fundamentals. If you just choose to memorize physics syllabus, you will end up being disappointed!


If you have a good memory and are exceptional at memorizing things, you may end up doing well in physics exam! But it is not the right way to learn physics! If you have a strong foundation (of this subject), it will help you in the long run. In order to develop a strong academic foundation (of physics subject), one must get the basics right.


Try to ask questions. Try to find answers to these questions. Think more instead of rote learning. Understand the basic concepts. This is the best way to learn physics.


4 Prepare notes

While going through physics chapters, make it a habit to create notes. A good note book must consists of important points, formulae, definitions, things to remember etc.


These notes will help you later to keep tabs on important formulae, definitions and points. You may check these notes time and again to refresh and revise important concepts and formulae.


5 Solve problems

Physics syllabus can be broadly classified into two types – theory section and numerical section. One must apply different sets of learning-techniques while dealing with these sections.


While dealing with numerical section, make sure that you solve practice sets and problems. Reading or memorizing problem sets is not the ideal way to deal with numerical. Take a notebook, sit down, and solve those numerical problems.


6 Solve paper sets

Before appearing for external examination, make sure that you solve as many paper sets as possible. Solving paper sets offer many benefits. First of all, it will provide you much required writing practice. It will also help you identify your weaknesses. Solving paper sets will also help you get a hang of writing the main exam.


7 Revise

Before the examination, make sure that you revise important chapters and sections. A good revision session before the exam will work wonders for you! One of the main advantages of beginning preparation early is that it will provide you with ample amount of time for revision! Talking about time, the next point is all about time management.


8 Time management

Preparation, solving paper sets, revision – these are the main tasks involved in physics exam preparation. Allot adequate amount of time (in each semester) towards these activities. Your performance in the exam depends on the way you manage your time!


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9 Get adequate rest before the exam

Chart and plan your preparation sessions in such a way that you can get adequate amount of rest before the exam. It is not uncommon to see students burning the midnight oil a day before the exam! Why deny yourself rest before the exam? Instead of denying yourself rest, be so well advanced (with your preparation) that you can get a good nights sleep before the exam!

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