Study Abroad: Part time jobs for Indian students in the UK

Each year, a number of Indian students and graduates go to the UK to pursue Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses. Many students enter the UK for pursuing short term courses also! Most Indian students look forward to the opportunity of taking up a part time job, along with studies. After completing the course, they even tend to look for a job in the UK and plan to stay there for some more time, before eventually settling permanently. In this article, you will be reading about useful sources and programs, which will help Indian students studying in the UK find suitable part time jobs. Also, you will be reading about some programs, which will help you land a full time job after successfully completing your course.



Details about part time job opportunities for Indian students studying in the UK-


Advantages of doing part time work during studies

Some of the main advantages of doing a part time job during studies are-

  • Gain experience (in a sector relevant to the field of your studies, if possible)
  • Help with expenses
  • Productive use of Vacation time


Before heading to the main point of the article, let me bring to your attention the hurdles that Indian students will face, while looking for a part time job in the UK.


Work restrictions in case of Foreign students

In most cases, Indian students who enter the UK for pursuing studies are given restricted permission to work! In case of students who have entered the UK to pursue a short term course- less than 6 months long- he/she won’t be permitted to take up any job (in most cases)!


Usually, in the VISA stamp of the passport of Foreign students, authorizations are written, which notifies the work restriction that has been imposed on the student. Authorizations forms such as the following ones could be mentioned in it-


”No recourse to public Funds Work must be authorized”

”Enter/remain in the UK on the condition that the holder maintains and accommodates himself and dependents without recourse to public funds, doesn’t enter or change employment- paid or unpaid- without the consent of the Secretary of State for Employment and also doesn’t engage in business or profession without the consent of the Secretary of State for the Home Department”


Despite the above mentioned work restrictions, students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during the term-time and work full-time during University vacations.


For students pursuing Post Graduate programs and courses, the prospect of working part time/ full time won’t suit well. PG courses are quite detailed and difficult ones. One must put in enormous amount of time to wade through the portion and syllabus. Under such circumstances, it will be difficult for Indian PG students studying in the UK to take up part time jobs during term-time! Still, if they want to take up a job, they may do that during the University Vacation (full time).


Best places to find part time jobs in the UK

As mentioned above, Indian students pursuing Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week during term time. They are allowed to work for full time during University Vacation time. However, students are not allowed to become self employed or do any kind of business. They are also not allowed to become professional entertainers or work as a professional sports person! Students pursuing short term (less than 6 months long) courses are not allowed to work (in most cases). Some of the best places where students may find part time job opportunities during studies are-

  • Local Restaurants- Find a job at a nearby restaurant, this will help you avoid commute and travel expenses. Try to go for a night shift or such a timing that won’t conflict with your class hours. Also, keep in mind the 20 hours a week cap set by the authorities! During University vacations, you may take up a full time job there! Students also will get food, working at a restaurant!
  • Hotels- Like mentioned above, finding a nearby Hotel will be beneficial, since it helps avoid commute and travel expenses. Students may find front desk or other support roles in Hotels. Night shift would be beneficial, since it won’t interfere with class hours.
  • Local Shops and Malls- Local malls and shops needs helpers. Students may step into this role and earn some money doing this part time job! Just make sure that the working hours are well within the 20 hours a week cap set by the authorities.
  • Bars and Clubs- Though many students may find the prospect of working at a bar or club to be bad, it is a decent part time job. Students may go for night shifts.
  • Factories (better if it is relevant to the field of your studies)- Expect technical jobs in this sector. The work available in this sector involves certain amount of skills. You must have those skills or must develop them quickly, if you want to keep the job! It would be better, if you find job in a factory that is related to the course that you are studying. Finding suitable work hours is difficult, since it shouldn’t interfere with your class hours. Focus on factories that function 24 hours. You may make yourself available for night shift.
  • Offices (better if it is relevant to the field of your studies)- Part time jobs in this sector could be technical or non-technical. Jobs related to the course that you are pursuing will be beneficial, since you will be gaining and developing skills at work.


Students may make use of online job portals and Employment dailies to find part time job opportunities in the above mentioned areas. Another way to find good part time jobs in the UK while studying is by making use of the Work Bank.


Make use of the Work Bank

The Work Bank is a scheme that has been developed with the aim of giving students a platform, using which they may find meaningful part time jobs that are relevant to their area of study. Work Banks are based on campus. The professional recruitment company Work Bank is responsible for its functioning. This scheme is also supported by student bodies.


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The main advantage of finding a job through the Work Bank scheme is that the job would be related to the area of study of the student. Thus, doing the job will not only bring monetary benefit, but will also enhance the hands on experience as well as skills of the student! Some common job types available through the Work Bank are-

  • Clerical jobs
  • Industrial jobs
  • Administrative jobs
  • Marketing jobs
  • Designing and creative jobs
  • Computer related jobs


Based on the area of study, students will be able to find a suitable part time job! After completing the course, Graduates may take help of schemes and programs like TWES (Training and Work Experience Scheme) and HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrants Programme) and find full time job in the UK. After completing studies, these schemes will help Indians to find a job and thus stay in the UK for some more time!

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