Operation Theatre or Medical Laboratory Technician- Which field is better?

After publishing articles related to Operation Theatre Technology courses and Medical Laboratory Technology courses, readers have been asking about which among them is the best course. Though both are good courses, one must choose a course based on one’s aptitude. I will reveal some important details about the nature of work associated with these courses. This will help one make an informed choice and help choose a course that suits one best!

OTT courses

Operation Theatre Technology course leads to jobs related to emergency wards of hospitals. Being an Operation Theatre Technician, one’s main task is to assist Doctor/Surgeon performing the surgery. OT Technicians’ tasks include arranging surgical instruments, administering pre operation drugs, operating surgical equipment etc.


Operation theatre is a place where some serious action takes place! Often a person’s life is at stake in the operation theatre. OT Technician thus has lots of pressure and responsibilities up his/her shoulder. ICUs, CCUs and Operation Theatres will be the places where they spend most of their time. OT technicians may be asked to report for emergency cases. They may have to report for duty at odd hours. They usually have to sacrifice personal comfort and focus on the challenge that lies ahead.


Since they directly assist Doctors/Surgeons, they directly or indirectly feel the pressure and stress associated with the task. One must be mentally tough, have nerves of steel, concentration, stamina, good communication skills and presence of mind to excel in this profession.


One must also have sound knowledge about pre, intra and post operation procedures.


Medical lab technicians on the other hand can be seen in action at medical labs. Their main task in to collect samples (urine, blood, stool etc) from patients and subject that sample to various tests. Through tests, they determine what the disease is. This process is known as diagnosis.


This task is not as stressful as it is in the case of operation theatre technician. Still, this job also requires few traits like eye for detail, concentration and technical know-how.


So, if you want a relatively ‘easy’ job, go for MLT course. But if you are ready to shoulder responsibilities, work at odd hours and take part in surgeries, go for OTT course.


Both professions are related to the allied healthcare sector. Scope and demand for allied healthcare professionals is on the rise, across the world. Job opportunities in case of both OT and MLT professionals will rise in India in the near future.


When it comes to salary, operation theatre technicians are paid more than medical lab technicians (general observation). Especially in developed countries abroad, OTT professionals are in huge demand. Salary paid to them abroad is much higher than what it is in India.


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That being said, I must also add that MLT is not a low paying job. With the right qualifications and work experience, one will be able to earn decent salary in this profession too!


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