Nursing courses: Details and work abroad scope for Indians

When it comes to job oriented courses after 12th science, nursing really stands out. It has got such a huge appeal, especially in case of female students. I must admit that nursing has lost some of its sheen. It was much sought after course in the past. Still, these days, nursing is indeed a good option for students who want to land a well paying job quickly. This article will bring before you some really handy tips related to nursing courses, job scope (abroad) and procedures to land a good job abroad.


Benefits of studying Nursing

The main advantage is job scope. The health care industry is a booming one, showing no signs of slowing down. That has how the nursing field been developing in the past few decades.

After completing diploma course in Nursing/B Sc (followed by M Sc) in nursing, graduates may easily land job in Government hospitals, nursing homes or private clinics. It all depends on the aptitude of the student.

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Some drawbacks associated with nursing

A good nurse is always busy, this sentence sums up the nature of the work. Those who are interested in this field must be prepared to work selflessly. The work hours may be hectic and not too generous!

In India, I must say that nurses are somewhat underpaid. This is evident from the strikes that they have organized, demanding an increase in their wages and privileges. These can be said to be some drawbacks associated with nursing. But worry not! There is a bright side to it too, read the following section and you’ll forget about these drawbacks. The below section describes how you can avoid these drawbacks-


The best thing is that nursing degree can help you work abroad!

Yes, you read it right! Nursing is one such profession that can help you emigrate abroad and work there. Let me explain it to you in detail. Developed countries like Canada, USA, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia have been facing shortage, when it comes to qualified nurses. The number of nurse graduates in these countries is quite less than the actual demand of nurses.

At the same time, healthcare is a sector that these developed countries take up seriously. In a bid to bridge the gap of demand and supply in case of qualified nurses, they have opened doors for qualified nurses from countries like India!

In case of countries like Australia and New Zealand, they have relaxed the emigration process in case of nurses! Nurses are even allowed to bring with them their family members and spouse also! Visa processing in case of nursing professionals is given priority!

The salary is the best part when it comes to working as a nurse abroad. In the previous section about ‘disadvantages’ associated with nursing, I told you how in India, nurses are paid paltry sums as compensation. But in case of the above mentioned developed countries, I can say that they very well know the worth of a qualified nurse!

Compensation, pay packs and perks are much attractive in case of nurses working abroad. Foreign exchange rates play a big role. Nurses working in countries like Canada and USA can earn as much as 40-50 Lakhs INR a year! Similar are the figures in case of countries like UK, Middle Eastern nations and New Zealand!


How to become a RN (Registered Nurse) abroad-

The beginning is to complete graduation in nursing. One may go for B Sc (can follow it up with an M Sc) in nursing or go for Diploma courses associated with nursing. Even male students can take up these courses!

To work abroad, an Indian nurse has to successfully complete the ‘bridging program’ or the ‘adaptation program’ of that particular country abroad. This has to be followed by registering as a nurse in that country via the Nursing Registration Council.

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An adaptation/bridging course is nothing, but a sort of assessment. The practical and medical knowledge of the candidate is analyzed, with the help of these courses. The course varies from country to country. This is because of the fact that the nursing methods, diseases, healthcare policies etc varies from country to country.


Information on Nursing councils of some developed Nations-

#1 Canada and USA

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The CRNE/CPNRE and NCLEX RN are some of the Licensure exams that an Indian nurse has to pass before becoming RN in Canada or the US. Also, how well a candidate fares in English language is also checked.


#2 Australia


In Australia, NMBA (The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia) is a board that takes care of aspects related to nurses from abroad. An Indian nurse is required to complete a registered nurses program via Initial Registration for International Nurses. After completing it, one may easily get registered at the AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).


#3 UK

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The main board that Indian nurses have to deal with is- NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council). ONP (Overseas Nursing Program) is also conducted to help Indian nurses get registered in UK.


#4 Ireland


An Bord Altranais Nursing Board is the main authority that deals with RN activities in Ireland. This authority board recommends some adaptation courses and programs for Indian nurses to get registered in Ireland. One has to complete the bridging program to proceed to registration process.


#5 New Zealand

New Zealand

NZNC (New Zealand Nursing Council) is the authority in NZ. It is this board that comes up with Competency Assessment Programs for nurses from abroad. One has to pass this program to get registered as a nurse in New Zealand.

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