Merchant Navy Jobs: Beware of Fake Agents & Consultants

These days, agents and consultancy agencies are known to provide merchant navy jobs to aspirants. They charge specific amount of money to place eligible candidates aboard merchant navy ships. But please take note that a large proportion of such agents and agencies are indulging in malpractices! They are milking the situation to its fullest! Read this article to know more about the status of merchant navy jobs and how such agents are fooling merchant navy job aspirants.

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First of all, let me tell you that merchant navy sector has become a bit too overcrowded these days! Yes, it is a well paying profession. But thanks to increased number of students passing out each year from maritime institutes (yes, maritime institutes have also been sprouting up in large numbers in India), this field has become more competitive and it has become difficult to land a decent job in this sector!


Wages have fallen down, thanks to availability of large number of sailors! In short, jobs are limited and there are too many job seekers. Naturally, many aspirants are being left jobless!


This is the situation that such job agents and agencies are looking to exploit. They give candidates hope and promise them a job aboard merchant navy ship! In exchange for the job placement, they charge a consultation fees. Depending upon the agent or agency, this fees could run into Lakhs of Rupees!


A vast majority of such agents are not useful. All they want is money. The moment they get the money, they either shut down their office and vanish or provide the candidate a menial job (not permanent, with poor pay and working conditions). I’m writing this stuff because I’ve been contacted by a group of students who got cheated by such an agent.


I’m not saying that all agents are bad. Sadly, many of them indulge in such activities. They know very well that joblessness is rampant in this field. They know that jobless candidates are desperate. Thus, it is relatively easy for them to lure such gullible targets!


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Please don’t fall prey to such fake agents! If you are keen on taking help of a recruiting company or agent, make sure that the company or the agent is genuine. Check their track record and try to gather more information about them (from internet, publications and sailors). Make sure that they possess the license from DG Shipping to conduct recruitment activities.

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