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Event Management is one such field that has become much popular these days. In the past, it wasn’t quite popular and so, professional courses related to event management were also not very well known. But things have changed now. Event management sector is going through a healthy phase of growth. Thanks to this growth, a number of new job opportunities are also being created by this field, directly or indirectly. This has led to a growth in the popularity of event management courses. In this article, I will be dealing with one such course that is related to the field of event management- MBA in Event Management. I will cover basic course details, course duration, eligibility criteria, scope and job opportunities.

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Just like in case of BBA Degree, in case of MBA Degree too, students have an opportunity to specialize in a particular discipline. Event Management is one such hot discipline, which is job and market oriented. Students who are not interested in the typical Office job may pursue this course. Also, it is one such field where one could use creativity. So, creative students could also build a rewarding career in this sector. Come, let us check out the basic course details-


MBA in Event Management: Basic course details

It is a 2 years long Post Graduate course. Generally, the 2 years long duration is divided into 6 semesters lasting 6 months each.


Event Management is all about using management skills to plan, develop, organize and market events. There are various types of events that students will be trained to deal with, such as- sports events, corporate events, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, family functions etc. This MBA program trains students to plan and organize such events.


Some basic skills imparted as part of the course are- finance and accounting skills, communication skills, human resource management, event marketing, public relations, technical aspects of the event, branding aspects etc.


Apart from the traditional MBA Degree after Graduation, one may also go for Integrated BBA+MBA program too. This program can be pursued by students right after completing 12th standard. Students may choose an Integrated program that focuses on the Industry of Event Management.


To get a better idea about the course, let us take a look at some of the important subjects which are present in it-


MBA in Event Management: Important subjects present

Please note that I’ve listed only important subjects only so that readers may get a better idea of how the course has been designed.

  • Corporate Communication
  • Communication Skills
  • Basics of Event Management
  • Basics of PR
  • Event Planning
  • Event Production Process
  • Organizational Behaviors
  • IT and Computer Education
  • Event Advertising
  • Event Promotion
  • HR Management
  • Finance Management
  • Staff Management
  • Types of major events
  • Legal Aspects related to Event Management
  • Safety Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Brand Management
  • Media Management


Apart from the above mentioned theoretical subjects, hands on practical sessions as well as workshop sessions, Industry training sessions are also part of this MBA program. I hope that now you get a better idea about the structure of this course.


Eligibility Criteria

Graduates of any Discipline are eligible to pursue this course. Since this is a PG course, possessing a Bachelor’s Degree is necessary, in order to pursue it! Minimum mark criteria exist in case of many Institutes and it varies from one Institute to another. Usually, it is between 40-50% aggregate marks in the Degree program.


Career Scope, Salary and Job opportunities

After the MBA program, Graduates have to options- start up own company/venture or join an Event Management firm. Qualified event management professionals are in demand these days and are recruited by event management companies big and small.


So, by being part of such a company, Graduates may get opportunity to be a part of the team that manages events like- Corporate Events, Seminars, Fashion Shows, Product Launches, Press Meetings, Concerts, Award Ceremonies, Exhibitions, Weddings, Family events, Birthday parties, Adventure tours and events etc.


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Graduates may find job posts such as- Assistant Manager, Manager, Safety Manager, Hospitality Executive, Travel Manager, PR Executive, Marketing Manager, Staff Manager etc in such event management firms. Starting salary is generally around 25-40k Rupees per month. Some common job posts and opportunities available are-

  • Event Coordinator
  • Celebrity Manager
  • Logistics Management Expert
  • Consultant
  • Creative Director (Events)
  • Finance Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Resource Purchase Manager
  • Event Manager/Assistant Manager
  • Brand Management Professional
  • Marketing Manager
  • Hospitality Manager


After gaining valuable work experience at such firms, one may also start one’s own company! Also, starting up a Consultation firm is another option!



  • Course name- MBA in Event Management
  • Duration- 2 years
  • Alternative course- Integrated BBA+MBA course
  • Eligibility- Graduation in any Discipline
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