MBA right after 12th? Here are smart solutions

Management line is an excellent direction for students to proceed. The scope and opportunities associated with this field are immense. A good manager is always in demand. So, choosing this line as a profession won’t be a bad choice at all! MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the way that most folks approach, when it comes to building a career in Management sector.

Very Important: AICTE has ordered institutes offering 5 years long BBA MBA integrated course to stop giving admission to students from academic year 2016-17 onward. AICTE has effectively ordered institutes operating under its umbrella to stop offering this course! AICTE approved integrated BM/BAM/MAM courses have been shut down, thanks to AICTE’s ruling.


Students already studying these courses have been taken care by AICTE. Students who are already studying the course have few options available in front of them, thanks to AICTE. Students who are in the 4th or 5th year may complete the program and they will be awarded the dual degrees! Students who are in 1st or 2nd year may complete 3 years course and drop, they will be awarded BBA Degree!


However, new admissions won’t be entertained from 2016-17 academic year onward.


Few UGC approved institutes, whose academic program satisfies the guidelines set by UGC (for BBA MBA integrated course) are still offering this dual degree course. Such institutes are claiming that they remain unaffected by the AICTE ruling since their academic program is set as per the guidelines provided by the UGC!


Keeping these facts in mind, students are advised to enquire about the status of the institute and the validity of the course before taking admission!

Usually, it is after completing a graduation course that aspirants enroll for MBA programs in private and Government institutes. However, in the past two years, a change in this trend has been observed! Right after 12th standard, many students are taking up MBA!

MBA Graduate

You might be wondering how this could be possible after all! Well, there are many private Colleges and institutes out there, which are offering MBA courses that even 12th pass outs can pursue!

At the first sight, this prospect of MBA right after clearing 12th standard appears rosy and appealing! The course too appears to be legit. But upon closer inspection, the course turned out to be of poor quality!

Also, Government Authorities recently dealt harshly with some prominent institutes that used to offer these types of MBA courses. The Authorities questioned the validity and quality of the courses offered by them!

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Under such circumstances, it is better to go for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) after clearing 12th standard examination. One may go for MBA after clearing BBA course!

Or if you are too interested in pursuing MBA after 12th, without wasting time pursuing BBA, it is better to try your luck abroad. There are good institutes offering flexible, dynamic and attractive MBA programs, which you may go for, after 12th standard! Such courses are Internationally recognized ones! Also check out details about IPM Integrated course by IIM Indore. 12th passed students are eligible to pursue this course.

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