List of ITIs, Trades & Seats in Madhya Pradesh for 2022 Admission

Are you searching for the list of ITIs in Madhya Pradesh? Do you want to apply for ITI admission this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Madhya Pradesh.

ITI Admission MP

Here, readers will find the following details – list of ITIs in Madhya Pradesh, type of the ITI (private or government), number of trades offered, total number of seats available for admission in Madhya Pradesh and more.


Come, let us check out the list of ITIs, trades and seats now. Here it is –


List of ITIs, trades & seats in Madhya Pradesh for 2022 Admission

Sr NoName Of The ItiType Of ItiNumber Of TradesNumber Of Seats (All Trades)
1Army Iti 3 Eme Centre Government ItiGovernment.3408
2Eklavya Government Iti ChakaldiGovernment.4196
3Gas Relief & Rehabilitation Trg. Institute BhopalGovernment.16724
4Government Iti, KhujnerGovernment.5216
5Government Industrial Training Institute, BetulGovernment.12576
6Government Industrail Training Institute,BaharibandGovernment.2120
7Government Industrial Training Institute RaisenGovernment.6264
8Government Industrial Training Institute BenibariGovernment.4168
9Government Industrial Training Institute ChhaparaGovernment.6264
10Government Industrial Training Institute KeolariGovernment.6296
11Government Industrial Training Institute RahatgaonGovernment.4168
12Government Industrial Training Institute ShahdolGovernment.20952
13Government Industrial Training Institute, NarsinghpurGovernment.6280
14Government Industrial Training Institute, DeoriGovernment.10432
15Government Industrial Training Institute, ItarsiGovernment.9380
16Government Industrial Training Institute, New RamnagarGovernment.3120
17Government Industrial Training Institute, UmariaGovernment.8284
18Government Iti DharGovernment.9464
19Government Iti BerasiaGovernment.6272
20Government Iti GarothGovernment.140
21Government Mini Industrial Training Institute, BargiGovernment.3148
22Government Mini Industrial Training Institute, SitamauGovernment.4168
23Government Mini Industrial Training Institute JobatGovernment.5272
24Government Mini Industrial Training Institute LaharGovernment.244
25Government Mini Industrial Training Institute NarsinghgarhGovernment.5216
26Government Mini Industrial Training Institute SabalgarhGovernment.244
27Government Mini Industrial Training Institute, AlirajpurGovernment.7344
28Government Mini Industrialtraining Institute KukshiGovernment.124
29Government Mini Industrialtraining Institute Seoni MalwaGovernment.6256
30Government Mini-Industrial Training Institute, GhansoreGovernment.6284
31Government Mini-Industrial Training Institute, GotegaonGovernment.5256
32Government Mini-Industrial Training Institute, KuraiGovernment.6264
33Government Mini-Industrial Training Institute, NimachGovernment.5224
34Government Miniindustrialtraining Institute SailanaGovernment.3120
35Government Model Industrial Training Institute JabalpurGovernment.332040
36Government . Industrial Training Institute, NasrullaganjGovernment.4168
37Government Apang ItiGovernment.148
38Government Divisional Iti JabalpurGovernment.362512
39Government Divisional Iti RewaGovernment.221276
40Government Divisional Iti SagarGovernment.16800
41Government Divisional Iti UjjainGovernment.231240
42Government Industrial Training Institute MandideepGovernment.7324
43Government Industrial Training Institute SidhiGovernment.4176
44Government Industrial Training Institute (Women),KhandwaGovernment.4140
45Government Industrial Training Institute ,HoshangabadGovernment.12600
46Government Industrial Training Institute AlotGovernment.4168
47Government Industrial Training Institute Ashok NagarGovernment.6344
48Government Industrial Training Institute BarghatGovernment.5216
49Government Industrial Training Institute For WomenGovernment.8316
50Government Industrial Training Institute For Women ChhinGovernment.6256
51Government Industrial Training Institute For Women,BetulGovernment.10416
52Government Industrial Training Institute RaghogarhGovernment.7344
53Government Industrial Training Institute SehoreGovernment.8380
54Government Industrial Training Institute TikamgarhGovernment.4160
55Government Industrial Training Institute VidishaGovernment.7288
56Government Industrial Training Institute, Narmada Nagar,Government.7380
57Government Industrial Training Institute, AnuppurGovernment.7272
58Government Industrial Training Institute, BaiharGovernment.8360
59Government Industrial Training Institute, DhamnodGovernment.11592
60Government Industrial Training Institute, HardaGovernment.6264
61Government Industrial Training Institute, KhargonGovernment.10512
62Government Industrial Training Institute, KhilchipurGovernment.7304
63Government Industrial Training Institute, KotmaGovernment.3128
64Government Industrial Training Institute, MaiharGovernment.4168
65Government Industrial Training Institute, Majouli, District JabalpurGovernment.3120
66Government Industrial Training Institute, MangawamGovernment.10432
67Government Industrial Training Institute, Nepa NagarGovernment.6316
68Government Industrial Training Institute, PannaGovernment.5216
69Government Industrial Training Institute, Rajwada, JabuaGovernment.8432
70Government Industrial Training Institute, SatnaGovernment.14648
71Government Industrial Training Institute, SeoniGovernment.9472
72Government Industrial Training Institute, ShamgarhGovernment.140
73Government Industrial Training Institute, SingrauliGovernment.15720
74Government Industrial Training Institute, Tribal MandlaGovernment.13616
75Government Industrial Training Institute,BalaghatGovernment.16804
76Government Industrial Training Institute,BhindGovernment.13560
77Government Industrial Training Institute,ChhatarpurGovernment.6240
78Government Industrial Training Institute,DatiaGovernment.6236
79Government Industrial Training Institute,DewasGovernment.12712
80Government Industrial Training Institute,GwaliorGovernment.241872
81Government Industrial Training Institute,IndoreGovernment.241840
82Government Industrial Training Institute,KhandwaGovernment.171084
83Government Industrial Training Institute,MorenaGovernment.8316
84Government Industrial Training Institute,RatlamGovernment.171096
85Government Industrial Training Institute,RewaGovernment.201040
86Government Industrial Training Institute,ShajapurGovernment.12600
87Government Industrial Training Institute,ShivpuriGovernment.19840
88Government Industrial Training Institute,UjjainGovernment.18876
89Government Industrial Training InstitutechhindwaraGovernment.191216
90Government Industrial Training InstitutekatniGovernment.8352
91Government Industrial Trg Instt. For Tribal Women,ChindwaraGovernment.6408
92Government Iti NohtaGovernment.280
93Government Iti BadamaleharaGovernment.148
94Government Iti BadarwasGovernment.3128
95Government Iti BajnaGovernment.140
96Government Iti BaldevgarhGovernment.148
97Government Iti BargawanGovernment.148
98Government Iti BarhiGovernment.140
99Government Iti BhagwanpuraGovernment.148
100Government Iti Bhagwanpura( Killod)Government.4176
101Government Iti BhanderGovernment.3120
102Government Iti BhimpurGovernment.140
103Government Iti BichhiyaGovernment.140
104Government Iti BirsaGovernment.140
105Government Iti BurhanpurGovernment.4168
106Government Iti DeoriGovernment.148
107Government Iti DeosarGovernment.140
108Government Iti HarraiGovernment.140
109Government Iti JaisinghnagarGovernment.280
110Government Iti JaitpurGovernment.3128
111Government Iti JunnardeoGovernment.3128
112Government Iti KantaphodGovernment.4168
113Government Iti KarahalGovernment.140
114Government Iti KarhiGovernment.288
115Government Iti KasrawadGovernment.3128
116Government Iti KhachrodGovernment.4168
117Government Iti KhaniyadhanaGovernment.288
118Government Iti KhediGovernment.3128
119Government Iti LakhnadonGovernment.3128
120Government Iti MalajkhandGovernment.4168
121Government Iti MauganjGovernment.3120
122Government Iti PaldongariGovernment.4168
123Government Iti PateraGovernment.148
124Government Iti PatiGovernment.288
125Government Iti PichhoreGovernment.140
126Government Iti RamaGovernment.140
127Government Iti RehliGovernment.288
128Government Iti SagarGovernment.13628
129Government Iti ShahpurGovernment.140
130Government Iti SheopurGovernment.5216
131Government Iti ShujalpurGovernment.3128
132Government Iti SironjGovernment.6264
133Government Iti SusnerGovernment.4168
134Government Iti TendukhedaGovernment.140
135Government Iti VijaypurGovernment.4176
136Government Iti ZiranyaGovernment.280
137Government Iti, BarwaniGovernment.6256
138Government Iti, BirsinghpurGovernment.148
139Government Mini Industrail Training Institute Vijay Raghogarh,Government.3128
140Government Mini Industrial Training Institute, NiwasGovernment.6220
141Government Mini Industrail Training Institute NainpurGovernment.5216
142Government Mini Industrail Training Institutute Tonk KhurdGovernment.3128
143Government Mini Industrial Training Institute, AterGovernment.5216
144Government Mini Industrial Training Institute, KirnapurGovernment.6304
145Government Mini-Industrial Training Institute JawadGovernment.4168
146Government Mini-Industrial Training Institute MandleshwarGovernment.288
147Government Mini-Industrial Training Institute, PandurnaGovernment.5208
148Government Model Industrial Training Institute,BhopalGovernment.261912
149Government Model Iti ,RajgarhGovernment.3120
150Government Police Industrial Training Institute, BhopalGovernment.5136
151Government Police Industrial Training Institute, IndoreGovernment.148
152Government Tribal Women Industrial Training Institute SinghanaGovernment.3108
153Government. Divisional Iti Indore MpGovernment.242304
154Government. Divisional Iti, GwaliorGovernment.312500
155Government. Divisional Iti, BhopalGovernment.373612
156Government. Industrail Training Institute BudhniGovernment.8412
157Government. Industrial Training Institute GadarwaraGovernment.6296
158Government. Industrial Training Institute KannodGovernment.4168
159Government. Industrial Training Institute KhaknerGovernment.4168
160Government. Industrial Training Institute MandsorGovernment.7304
161Government. Industrial Training Institute NiwaliGovernment.5236
162Government. Industrial Training Institute PatanGovernment.148
163Government. Industrial Training Institute ShahpuraGovernment.3120
164Government. Industrial Training Institute Shahpura DindoriGovernment.4208
165Government. Industrial Training Institute, Barnagar, UjjGovernment.4168
166Government. Industrial Training Institute, Bhemakheda MahidpurGovernment.2132
167Government. Industrial Training Institute, BiaoraGovernment.6256
168Government. Industrial Training Institute, BinaGovernment.4168
169Government. Industrial Training Institute, ChicholiGovernment.4168
170Government. Industrial Training Institute, GunnaureGovernment.140
171Government. Industrial Training Institute, ManpurGovernment.5256
172Government. Industrial Training Institute, MohendraGovernment.280
173Government. Industrial Training Institute, PrithvipurGovernment.140
174Government. Iti AmarpatanGovernment.6264
175Government. Iti DindoriGovernment.5208
176Government. Iti GohparuGovernment.180
177Government. Iti GunaGovernment.4168
178Government. Iti KusmiGovernment.4168
179Government. Iti PithampurGovernment.8464
180Government. Iti PohariGovernment.5216
181Government. Iti SohagpurGovernment.6256
182Government. Iti, BamniaGovernment.4208
183Government. Iti, GanjbasodaGovernment.5216
184Government. Iti, KohkaGovernment.5216
185Government. Iti, KolarasGovernment.5216
186Government. Iti, LateriGovernment.6236
187Government. Iti, MundiGovernment.3128
188Government. Iti, PipariyaGovernment.2108
189Government. Iti, ShahganjGovernment.5216
190Government. Mini Industrial Training Institute, BhanpuraGovernment.3128
191Government. Mini Industrial Training Institute, JaithariGovernment.6256
192Government.Industrial Training Institute, DamohGovernment.5216
193Government.Industrial Training Institute, RampuraGovernment.12728
194National Skill Training Institute(W), IndoreGovernment.11664
195A One Private ItiPrivate2132
196A.B.V.M.Pvt.Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
197Aacharya Pvt ItiPrivate2180
198Aacharya Pvt ItiPrivate1120
199Aadarsh Private ItiPrivate2300
200Aadhya Takniki Pvt. ItiPrivate2192
201Aadi Pvt.Iti SeoniPrivate1120
202Aadinath Private ItiPrivate2132
203Aadishakti Private ItiPrivate2240
204Aadrash Pvt.Iti,Village Badora, Distt.BetulPrivate2420
205Aayushman Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160
206Abhyuday Private ItiPrivate2192
207Accurate Pvt.Iti,Madideep,Distt.RaisenPrivate1120
208Acharya Pvt. Iti, KatniPrivate1120
209Acropolis Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3384
210Adarsh (Pvt) ItiPrivate1120
211Adarsh Private ItiPrivate3432
212Adarsh Private ItiPrivate1120
213Adarsh Private ItiPrivate2360
214Aditya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate8792
215Adityaraj ( P ) ItiPrivate2192
216Advance Private ItiPrivate140
217Advance Technical & ItcPrivate7520
218Advanced Private ItiPrivate2192
219Agrabhan Pvt ItiPrivate3252
220Agrawal Pvt.Iti, Baheriya, Distt.SagarPrivate1240
221Aims Private ItiPrivate2192
222Akshay Gyan Prabodhini Private ItiPrivate2132
223Alpha Private ItiPrivate2132
224Alpine Pvt ItiPrivate3252
225Ambica Industrial Training Centre Private ItiPrivate2132
226Ambika Private ItiPrivate2168
227Ambition Private ItiPrivate2132
228Amreshwar Private Iti, KhudawaliPrivate2120
229Amrit Private Iti,Private180
230Anand Private ItiPrivate1120
231Angel Pvt ItiPrivate2180
232Annie Private ItiPrivate280
233Anupreet Pvt Iti,AsthaPrivate1300
234Anupreet Pvt.Iti,Shujalpur,Distt. ShajapurPrivate2200
235Anushashan Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
236Apex Private ItiPrivate2240
237Apex Private Iti ShujalpurPrivate2132
238Apex Pvt.Iti,MorenaPrivate2192
239Apj Private ItiPrivate2192
240Arham Private ItiPrivate2180
241Arihant Private ItiPrivate2192
242Arihant Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate2420
243Arth Pvt ItiPrivate2120
244Asariya Pvt ItiPrivate2180
245Asha Private ItiPrivate2120
246Ashoka Pvt Iti,Kolua Khurd BhopalPrivate81032
247Atash Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3192
248Avdhesh Pratap Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
249Avs Private ItiPrivate2192
250Ayushi Private ItiPrivate2132
251Azad Private ItiPrivate1120
252B N Singh Private ItiPrivate1120
253Baba Ranjit Memorial Private ItiPrivate2192
254Balaghat Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate2180
255Balaji Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2180
256Balaji Private Iti,Sonaghati,Distt.BetulPrivate2180
257Balaji Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate1120
258Balaji Pvt. Iti Kotma Dist. AnuppurPrivate1160
259Balaji Pvt. Iti, AnuppurPrivate1120
260Banbhatt Private ItiPrivate280
261Banke Bihari Private ItiPrivate2192
262Bansal Private ItiPrivate2180
263Bansal Pvt. Iti, Khategaon Distt. DewasPrivate3432
264Berasia Private ItiPrivate2180
265Bhagwan Shankar Private Iti SagdaPrivate140
266Bharat Bharati Private ItiPrivate3192
267Bharat Industrail Training Centre Industrail AreaPrivate4240
268Bharat Private ItiPrivate2132
269Bharat Ratan Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar Pvt.Iti,SagarPrivate1120
270Bharti ItcPrivate148
271Bharti Private Iti,Burhar,Distt.ShahdolPrivate2160
272Bhartiya Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2200
273Bhavishya Private ItiPrivate3192
274Bhgwan Shankar Private ItiPrivate2120
275Bhopal Academy Private ItiPrivate2280
276Bhopal Pvt ItiPrivate160
277Bijasan Private ItiPrivate2192
278Bips Pvt Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
279Blew Private ItiPrivate296
280Bns Private ItiPrivate2168
281Brahamma Private ItiPrivate2132
282Brain Bridge Private ItiPrivate172
283Brij Private ItiPrivate2300
284Brm Private ItiPrivate172
285Bundelkhand Private Iti HindoriyaPrivate2120
286Bundlekand Private ItiPrivate288
287C,V.Raman Pvt.Iti,HosangabadPrivate2540
288Campion Private Iti, Laskar, GwaliorPrivate1120
289Career Pvt.Iti,Pilukhedi,Narsinghgarh, Distt.RajgarhPrivate1240
290Career Pvt.Iti,Sudarshan Nagar,Distt.RajgarhPrivate1240
291Casrt Private ItiPrivate4624
292Central Private ItiPrivate2132
293Chambal Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
294Chambal Pvt.Iti, SheopurPrivate1240
295Chambal Pvt.Iti,Sabalgarh,Distt.MorenaPrivate1240
296Chanakya Private I.T.I ChhatarpurPrivate1120
297Chanakya Private I.T.I PannaPrivate1120
298Chanakya Private ItiPrivate2120
299Chanakya Pvt. I.T.I.Private1120
300Chanderkanta Pvt. Iti KatniPrivate2180
301Chandra Shekhar Azad Pvt Iti Distt.RatlamPrivate1240
302Chaudary Dilip Singh Private Iti, BhindPrivate180
303Chetanya Private ItiPrivate180
304Chetanya Pvt.Iti,VidishaPrivate2180
305Chhatrapati Shivaji Industrial Training Centre SausarPrivate4464
306Chittor Singh Chauhan Private Iti Tirodi BalaghatPrivate2180
307Chourasiya Private ItiPrivate2180
308Cl Private ItiPrivate2120
309College Of Voctional Private Iti,Neemthur,Distt.MandsourPrivate2220
310Creative I. T. IPrivate160
311Crystal Private ItiPrivate2180
312D.S.M. Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2192
313Dadaji Private ItiPrivate2180
314Daksh Pvt ItiPrivate1120
315Daksh Pvt.Iti,IndorePrivate1120
316Dashpur Private Iti SitamauPrivate1120
317Dashpur Pvt.Iti,Daloda,Dist.MandsourPrivate1120
318Ddpathak Industrial Traing Industrail InstitutePrivate1120
319Deeken Private Iti, , Deekin, Distt. NeemuchPrivate1240
320Deeksha ItcPrivate2108
321Deeksha Pvt ItiPrivate160
322Deen Bandhu Private ItiPrivate160
323Deen Dayal Industrail Training Centre Udyanmita ViPrivate12468
324Deep Shikha Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2132
325Deva Aoudyogik Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate1120
326Devi Ahiliya Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate6456
327Dhali Pvt.Iti,Khajuri Kalan BhopalPrivate3180
328Dhamnod Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1180
329Dhannajay Technical Institute Private ItiPrivate2240
330Digital Private ItiPrivate1120
331Disha Private ItiPrivate148
332Divya Jyoti Pvt ItiPrivate1120
333Dpc Private Iindustrial Training InstitutePrivate296
334Dps Private Iti Makroniya SagarPrivate2120
335Dr Br Ambedkar Private ItiPrivate1120
336Dr Mayank Memorial Private ItiPrivate2120
337Dr Vijai Lall Memorial Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4264
338Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Private ItiPrivate1100
339Dr. Shashi Saviour Private ItiPrivate3120
340Dr.Rajendra Prasad Pvt.Iti, Village Chhonda Distt.MorenaPrivate2192
341Drs Private Iti.Gol Pahariya, GwaliorPrivate1120
342Dwarika Dhish Pvt ItiPrivate160
343Dwarikadhishji Private ItiPrivate2192
344Dwarka Prasad Pvt ItiPrivate2120
345Edutech ItcPrivate148
346Ekjut Private ItiPrivate2168
347Eklavya Private ItiPrivate160
348Eklavya Pvt Iti Mohbatta( Baihar)Private1120
349Elite Private ItiPrivate2180
350Elite Pvt. Iti, Distt. MandsourPrivate1180
351Encellence Vocational & Private ItiPrivate4744
352Everest Private Iti CollegePrivate3252
353Excel Private ItiPrivate2120
354Excel Private ItiPrivate2156
355Excellence Madhav ItcPrivate2240
356Excellence Private ItiPrivate2120
357Excellent Private Indrustrial Training CentrePrivate2132
358Excellent Private ItiPrivate160
359Face Pvt. I.T.IPrivate1120
360Figurette Private ItiPrivate148
361Focus Private ItiPrivate2192
362Fortune Private ItiPrivate1120
363Future Private ItiPrivate2192
364Galav Rishi ItcPrivate4420
365Galav Rishi Pvt.Iti. Badagaon, Distt.Gwalior,Private2360
366Galav Rishi Ripudaman (Pvt.) Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
367Galaxy Pvt ItiPrivate1120
368Galven Private Iti Mahtali Banmore, Distt. MorenaPrivate4444
369Gangaram Private ItiPrivate2108
370Gauraags Private ItiPrivate160
371Gayatri Private ItiPrivate2160
372Genx Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160
373Girraj Pvt. I.T.I.Private2240
374Gist Private ItiPrivate160
375Global Private Industrail Training InstitutesPrivate2240
376Global Private ItiPrivate2288
377Global Tech. Pvt.Iti, Dabra,Distt.GwaliorPrivate2120
378Godavari Private ItiPrivate2120
379Gopala Private Iti, Bina,Distt. SagarPrivate3120
380Gour Pvt. Iti,Private3204
381Gracius Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate2240
382Gram Vikash Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
383Grand Mahakoshal Private ItiPrivate2240
384Grand Mandla Private ItiPrivate2240
385Grand Sanskardhani Private ItiPrivate1120
386Guna Private ItiPrivate1120
387Guru Dronacharya Private Iti BadwaraPrivate2120
388Guru Kripa Private ItiPrivate280
389Guru Sahab Industrial Training Institute ChicholiPrivate2180
390Guru Vasishta Pvt.ItiPrivate2300
391Gurudev Shri Vidyasagar Pvt.Iti,VidishaPrivate2180
392Gurukripa Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
393Gurukul Private ItiPrivate1120
394Gurunanak Private ItiPrivate1120
395Gyan Ganga Private ItiPrivate160
396Gyan Ganga Private ItiPrivate2192
397Gyan Ganga Private ItiPrivate2180
398Gyan Ganga Private ItiPrivate2132
399Gyan Ganga Private ItiPrivate2132
400Gyan Ganga Pvt Iti,Ashoka Garden, BhopalPrivate2192
401Gyan Prakash Private ItiPrivate3340
402Gyan Sagar Private I.T.I.Private140
403Gyan Varsha Private ItiPrivate2180
404Gyandeep Private Iti ShahpurPrivate5240
405Gyanodaya College Of Excellence Private ItiPrivate1120
406Gyanodaya Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
407Gyanodaya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1240
408Gyanodaya Private Iti SandiyaPrivate2192
409Gyanodaya Private Iti, Kanawati, Distt. NeemuchPrivate2240
410Gyanranjan Pvt.Iti, Kolipahadi Distt.ShivpuriPrivate2312
411Gyanveer Pvt.Iti,SagarPrivate4416
412H.L. Agrawal Private Iti, Balai, Distt. HoshangabadPrivate3492
413Harda Private ItiPrivate1120
414Help Line Private Iti CollegePrivate160
415Hict Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4176
416Hindindustrialtrainingcumproductioninstitute SehoraPrivate1120
417Hindupat Iti (Pvt.)Private3252
418Hl Somani Private ItiPrivate2192
419Hns Private ItiPrivate2192
420Holkar Private Iti KalapipalPrivate2132
421Horizon Private Iti,Malhar Kunj, Huzoor BhopalPrivate2120
422Hunar Private ItiPrivate1240
423I.G. (Pvt) I.T.IPrivate2220
424Ideal Private ItiPrivate1120
425Ideal Private ItiPrivate2120
426Iips Pvt ItiPrivate1120
427Indira Priyadarshini Private Iti,Pura Chhindwara, ,Distt. BhopalPrivate3180
428Indo German Tool RoomPrivate5280
429Indra Gandhi Private ItiPrivate2120
430Indraprastha Private ItiPrivate1120
431Infinity Pvt.Iti,Pathora Jat,Distt.SagarPrivate6444
432Innovative Private ItiPrivate2120
433Iqra Private ItiPrivate2324
434Islamia Pvt.Iti, Shardhanand Marg, IndorePrivate4204
435Islamia Technical And Vocational InstitutePrivate6188
436J B Private ItiPrivate2192
437J K Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2108
438J. N. Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2180
439Jabalpur Private ItiPrivate2240
440Jabalpur Private ItiPrivate2120
441Jabalpur Pvt ItiPrivate1120
442Jagdamba ItcPrivate2120
443Jagrati Private ItiPrivate2192
444Jagriti Private Iti Mangawan RewaPrivate2108
445Jai Balaji Private ItiPrivate2132
446Jai Durge Pvt ItiPrivate160
447Jai Maa Kaila Devi Private Iti,Joura Khurd,Distt.MPrivate3456
448Jai Maa Kali Pvt ItiPrivate2132
449Jai Maa Pitambara Private Iti MorenaPrivate1180
450Jai Shree Ram Pvt.Iti, Jareua, Distt.MorenaPrivate2216
451Jain Private ItiPrivate6468
452Jan Shikshan Pvt.Iti BhopalPrivate1120
453Jaroliya Private ItiPrivate2120
454Jawahar Lal Itc, Sootmill, KhargaonPrivate272
455Jawaharlal Nehru Private Industrial Training InstiPrivate1120
456Jawaharlal Nehru Private ItiPrivate3192
457Jay Pee Cement Private Iti,Private3128
458Jeevika Pvt. Iti KatniPrivate2180
459Jija Mata Pvt. Iti ChhindwaraPrivate3312
460Jijamata Private Iti BhanegaonPrivate2120
461Jijamata Private Iti KhairlanjiPrivate2120
462Jijamata Pvt ItiPrivate2180
463Jirati Private ItiPrivate1120
464Jkn Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
465Kalchuri Pvt. ItiPrivate2240
466Kalehi Private ItiPrivate2180
467Kalka Pvt ItiPrivate1120
468Kalptaru Pvt.Iti,Bhanpura, Distt.MandsourPrivate1120
469Kamtanath Private ItiPrivate2240
470Kbt Private ItiPrivate2168
471Khun Khun Pvt Iti Neelbud BhopalPrivate5372
472Kolar Private ItiPrivate2240
473Kps Private ItiPrivate2120
474Krishna Private ItiPrivate3192
475Krishna Private ItiPrivate2132
476Krishna Private ItiPrivate2120
477Krishna Private Iti, DewasPrivate1120
478Krishna Private Iti, SheopurPrivate2120
479Krishna Udhyogik Prasikshan Kendra Pvt Iti,DewasPrivate1180
480Krishnabhoomi Pvt. ItiPrivate2180
481Krishnarewa Private Iti College Aron Distguna MpPrivate2152
482Kunj Bihari Private Iti,Barkhedi,BhopalPrivate2120
483Lakshaya Private ItiPrivate2192
484Lakshya Private ItiPrivate2180
485Lakshya Private ItiPrivate2192
486Lakshya Private ItiPrivate2160
487Lal Bahadur Shastri Private ItiPrivate2132
488Lalchand Pvt.Iti,SingrauliPrivate2420
489Late Shri Rangdev Singh Private ItiPrivate3312
490Lavkush Private ItiPrivate2132
491Laxman Seth Private Iti CollegePrivate4504
492Laxmi Narayan Private ItiPrivate2192
493Leelawati Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate160
494Little Step Pvt ItiPrivate2180
495Ln Private ItiPrivate160
496Lord Private Iti Makoda GwaliorPrivate2168
497M P S Private ItiPrivate2192
498M. T. Pvt. ItiPrivate1120
499M.D.Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
500M.G.D. Pvt. ItcPrivate180
501M.P.Birla Foundation Industrial Training CentrePrivate7428
502M.S Pvt ItiPrivate2192
503M.S. Pvt.ItidewasPrivate2240
504Ma Saraswati Private ItiPrivate2192
505Maa Bhagwati Private I.T.I. Pandhurna Distt-Chhindwara (M.P.) 480334Private2180
506Maa Bijasan Shakti Pvt ItiPrivate1120
507Maa Jageshwari Private ItiPrivate2192
508Maa Kunti Private ItiPrivate2120
509Maa Mangla Devi Private ItiPrivate2192
510Maa Narmada Aadarsh Pvt ItiPrivate1120
511Maa Narmada Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2192
512Maa Narmada Private ItiPrivate2180
513Maa Narmada Private ItiPrivate3432
514Maa Rajeshwari Pvt ItiPrivate1120
515Maa Rewa Pvt.Iti MandlaPrivate1120
516Maa Rewanchal Private Industrial Training CenterPrivate1120
517Maa Sarswati Private ItiPrivate2132
518Maa Sharda Nikhil Jyoti Industril Training CenterPrivate160
519Maa Sharda Private Iti, Maiher Distt. SatnaPrivate1120
520Maa Shitla Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
521Maa Trimukha Pvt.Iti,Kharipura,Distt.BhindPrivate1120
522Maa Vaishno Private ItiPrivate2192
523Maa Vaishnovi Private ItiPrivate172
524Madhav Private Iti Suraj NagarPrivate1240
525Madhya Pradesh Pvt.Iti,Anand Nagar,BhopalPrivate2120
526Mahadev Private I T IPrivate2192
527Mahakal Private Industrial Training Institute Manasa Dist. Neemuch (M.P.)Private1120
528Mahakal Private ItiPrivate160
529Mahakal Private ItiPrivate3252
530Mahakoshal Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate1240
531Mahalaxmi Private ItiPrivate1120
532Mahant Private ItiPrivate2180
533Maharaja Agrasen Pvt.Iti, P.O.Girgaon, GwaliorPrivate2180
534Maharaja Chhatrasal Pvt ItiPrivate1120
535Maharaja Inderjeet Private Industial Training InstituePrivate2192
536Maharan Pratap Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate2180
537Maharana Pratap Industrial Training CentrePrivate272
538Maharana Pratap Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1240
539Maharana Pratap Private ItiPrivate2168
540Maharana Pvt. ItiPrivate1120
541Maharana Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate1120
542Maharani Laxmi Bai Iti Institute RampailyPrivate140
543Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Pvt. ItiPrivate2372
544Mahatma Gandhi Private ItiPrivate3252
545Mahatma Gandhi Pvt ItiPrivate1120
546Mahatma Gandhi Pvt ItiPrivate1120
547Mahatma Gandhi Pvt Iti JawarPrivate160
548Mahatma Gandhi Pvt. I.T.I.Private160
549Mahatma Gandhi Pvt. ItiPrivate1180
550Mahaveer Itc,Private280
551Mahima ItiPrivate1120
552Malwa Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
553Manas Pvt.Iti, Ajaygarh, Distt.PannaPrivate160
554Manasa Pvt.Iti, Manasa,Distt.NeemuchPrivate1120
555Mangal Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160
556Manglam Private ItiPrivate2120
557Mani Lal Private ItiPrivate180
558Manik Private ItiPrivate2180
559Manthan Industrail Training Center AmlahaPrivate8828
560Maruti Nandan Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160
561Maruti Private ItiPrivate2108
562Maruti Pvt.Iti,KhargonePrivate2480
563Mata Seeta Devi Private ItiPrivate2240
564Mateshwari Pvt. ItiPrivate2120
565Mathuradevi Institute Of Technology Private ItiPrivate3192
566Maxima Private Indrustrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
567Maya Private ItiPrivate160
568Meenakshi Pvt Iti, Imaliya,Kareli, Distt.NarsinghpurPrivate3200
569Mesco Institute Of Industrial TrainingPrivate160
570Metro Private ItiPrivate1120
571Metro Pvt.Iti,Murli Nagar,Huzoor,Distt.BhopalPrivate1120
572Mg Private ItiPrivate2192
573Mg Private Iti IchawarPrivate2180
574Mict Private ItiPrivate2132
575Mile Stone Pvt. Iti ChhindwaraPrivate2180
576Millenium Pvt.Iti,Huzur, Distt. BhopalPrivate5300
577Millennium Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
578Minerva Pvt.ItiPrivate1120
579Mips Private ItiPrivate2132
580Mission Pvt ItiPrivate1240
581Mittal Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2240
582Model ItcPrivate3492
583Model Private ItiPrivate2360
584Modern ItcPrivate4240
585Modern ItiPrivate2300
586Molecular Pvt. I.T.I.Private3252
587Mpt Private ItiPrivate2120
588Multapi (Pvt) ItiPrivate1120
589Munshi Hussain Khan Technical Institute ItcPrivate9468
590N C Jain Memorial ItcPrivate3104
591N.S.Memorial Private Iti InstitutePrivate2200
592Nachiketa Pvt. Iti , Bhedaghat , JabalpurPrivate3312
593Nalanda Iti CollegePrivate2160
594Naman Private ItiPrivate2132
595Narmada Private Iti , NasrullaganjPrivate160
596Narmada Private Iti RehtiPrivate160
597Nathmal Maheshwari Private ItiPrivate2120
598Nav Durga Private Iti CollegePrivate2192
599Naveen Satpuda Private ItiPrivate4372
600Naveen Satpuda Private ItiPrivate2240
601Naveen Satpuda Private ItiPrivate3252
602Navyug Council Of Youth Private ItiPrivate2152
603New Adarsh Private ItiPrivate180
604New Anushashan Private ItiPrivate2192
605New Bhagwan Shankar Private Iti JabalpurPrivate2240
606New Career Private ItiPrivate1240
607New Chetanya Private ItiPrivate172
608New Cifinet Private ItiPrivate3252
609New Edutech Private Iti,Private140
610New Jabalpur Pvt. Iti JabalpurPrivate2240
611New Lakshya Pvt Iti,Dhanpuri,ShahdolPrivate2240
612New M S Private ItiPrivate2240
613New Mahhav Private ItiPrivate3168
614New Mekalsuta Pvt. Iti, Itarsi, Distt. HoshangabadPrivate1240
615New Modern Pvt.Iti,GwaliorPrivate1120
616New Molecular Private ItiPrivate2180
617New Radient Pvt.Iti,Kakaarvaya,,Distt.ShivpuriPrivate3384
618New Satpuda Iti ,KatangiPrivate1120
619New Satpuda Private ItiPrivate1120
620New Satputa ItiPrivate1240
621New Shri Girraj Ji Pvt ItiPrivate2240
622New Sohan Devi Pvt Iti Distt.MandsaurPrivate160
623New Vardhaman Pvt Iti AthnerPrivate2180
624Newadarsh Pvt.Iti,Semaria,RewaPrivate1120
625Newvikramaditya Pvt.ItiPrivate1120
626Nirbhaya Private Industrial Traning InstitutePrivate1120
627Nirbhaya Private Industrial Traning InstitutePrivate1120
628Nirbhaya Private Industrial Traning InstitutePrivate1120
629Nirbhaya Private Iti, MorenaPrivate1120
630Nirvikalp Pvt.Iti, Amla,BhopalPrivate5300
631Nityanand Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2132
632Novatech Industry Integrated Private ItiPrivate2180
633Nrn Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160
634Oasis Private Iti TirodiPrivate2180
635Ojaswini Pvt.Iti, Hathna Padariya, Distt.DamohPrivate6384
636Om Private ItiPrivate2192
637Om Pvt ItiPrivate1120
638Om Sai Pvt. Iti ChhindwaraPrivate2180
639Omguru Private ItiPrivate2132
640Omkaleshwar Private ItiPrivate2180
641Oriental Private ItiPrivate2132
642Oriental Pvt ItiPrivate5312
643Panchratna Private ItiPrivate2192
644Panchsheel Private ItiPrivate2192
645Pandit Deendayal (Pvt) I T IPrivate1120
646Param Pujaniy Shriguruji (Pvt) Industrial Training Institute Umranala Ta-Mohkhed Dist-ChhindwaraPrivate1120
647Paramhans Private ItiPrivate2160
648Paras Pvt. ItiPrivate180
649Parash Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
650Paroha Private ItiPrivate2120
651Parshwanath Pvt ItiPrivate2180
652Parvati Private ItiPrivate2120
653Patiram Shivhare Private Iti, BhindPrivate1240
654Peoples Itc, Peoples Campus Bhanpur By Pass RoadPrivate3108
655Pioneer ItcPrivate296
656Pitambara Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
658Piyush Pvt. I.T.I.Private160
659Pragyan Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160
660Pragyan Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
661Prakhar Itc, Village Girrai, No.2, Ab Road, GokulpurPrivate2160
662Pramarthi Private ItiPrivate1120
663Prashanti Private Iti, Gangedhi,Distt. UjjainPrivate5684
664Pratap ItiPrivate2120
665Pratap Private Iti, GwaliorPrivate1120
666Pre Sainik Pvt ItiPrivate1120
667Premier Private ItiPrivate3120
668Prithviraj Private ItiPrivate2120
669Pt Brij Kishore Pateria Private Iti Besra Malthone SagarPrivate4276
670Pt Devprabhakar Shastri Private ItiPrivate2132
671Pt. Dev Prabhakar Shastri Private ItiPrivate280
672Pt. Nehru Pvt ItiPrivate2240
673Ptripathi Memorial Private Iti PauchariPrivate2120
674Purna Pvt.ItiPrivate2180
675Pushker Pvt ItiPrivate1120
676Pushpa Pvt ItiPrivate2180
677R .S Private ItiPrivate2240
678R.B.Pvt.Iti, Nh-69,Jamthi,Distt.BetulPrivate2300
679R.D.(Private) ItiPrivate2180
680R.P. ItcPrivate2132
681Rab Private ItiPrivate2132
682Radhadevi Mangal Private ItiPrivate2180
683Radhey Govind Private ItiPrivate2168
684Radiant Itc, Centre Hazi MarketPrivate3180
685Raj Rajeswari Private ItiPrivate3372
686Raj Uttam Private ItiPrivate2120
687Raja Bhoj Pvt. Iti,Private1240
688Rajaram Private ItiPrivate2192
689Rajdhani Private Iti,Sanjay Nagar,BhopalPrivate1240
690Rajshree Pvt ItiPrivate1120
691Rajyavaidh Ramshay Shastri Pvt. I.T.I.Private1120
692Ram Raja Pvt Iti Bajrang Nagar Chhatarpur M.P.Private1120
693Ram Raman Pvt Iti SeoniPrivate1240
694Ramcharan Lal Private ItiPrivate3252
695Ramji Private Iti GwaliorPrivate2132
696Ramraja Private ItiPrivate2132
697Ramraja Private Iti NowgongPrivate2120
698Ramraman Pvt. Iti Seoni Road BalaghatPrivate2200
699Rani Private Iti, Rausar, Distt. RewaPrivate280
700Ratan Private ItiPrivate3180
701Ravi Shankar Private ItiPrivate160
702Ravindra Sukhdeo Kawde Privet ItiPrivate1120
703Rb Private ItiPrivate1120
704Rcl Pvt ItiPrivate1240
705Rd Private ItiPrivate2192
706Regional Private ItiPrivate140
707Reva Pvt.I.T.I.Private160
708Revnath Choure Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
709Roshan Private ItiPrivate2132
710Royal Private ItiPrivate2120
711Royal Private ItiPrivate2180
712Royal Private ItiPrivate4176
713Royal Private Iti DabraPrivate2120
714Royal Pvt ItiPrivate1120
715Rps Private ItiPrivate2240
716Rudra Private ItiPrivate2192
717Rudraksh Private ItiPrivate2120
718Rudraksha Private ItiPrivate2132
719Rupali Private ItiPrivate3168
720S B S Private ItiPrivate2192
721S R ItiPrivate160
722S R Private Iti CollegePrivate2180
723S S T C (Pvt) I T IPrivate1120
724S.D.V.M. Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
725S.K.Singh Private Iti Jawa RewaPrivate2240
726S.L.S. Pvt.Iti,SagarPrivate280
727S.N.D Private ItiPrivate2120
728S.S.Private ItiPrivate160
729S.V.N. Private ItiPrivate180
730Sadguru Sankat Mochan Anjanyay Pvt. Iti,Padra,Distt.SidhiPrivate180
731Safal Private ItiPrivate1240
732Safal Private ItiPrivate1120
733Sahara (Pvt) Iti KalapipalPrivate1120
734Sahara Private Iti SehorePrivate2192
735Sahara Pvt ItiPrivate2132
736Sahastra Dhara Pvt ItiPrivate1120
737Sai Aaradhana Pvt.Iti Aamla,Distt.BetulPrivate2300
738Sai Anushashan Private I T IPrivate2144
739Sai Kripa Pvt. Iti KatniPrivate2240
740Sai Kripa Private ItiPrivate3120
741Sai Kripa Pvt ItiPrivate2180
742Sai Private ItiPrivate172
743Sai Private Iti , KatniPrivate2180
744Sai Ram Pvt. Iti ChhindwaraPrivate3312
745Saket Private Iti,Private160
746Samarth Private ItiPrivate2140
747Samarth Private ItiPrivate2312
749Samrat Ashok Private ItiPrivate1360
750Samrat Private ItiPrivate3208
751Samrat Private Iti WaraseoniPrivate1120
752Samta Pvt. I.T.IPrivate2240
753Sanawad Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1180
754Sanchi Private ItiPrivate280
755Sandeep Data Process Industrial Training CentrePrivate2184
756Sandipani Private ItiPrivate2180
757Sankalp Private ItiPrivate280
758Sankalp Pvt ItiPrivate1120
759Sanskaar Private ItiPrivate280
760Sanskar Bharti Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160
761Sanskar Pvt.Iti,RajgarhPrivate1180
762Sant Ratan Das Private ItiPrivate1120
763Sardar Patel Industrial Training InstitutePrivate180
764Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Iti RewaPrivate140
765Sardar Vallabhbhai Pvt.Iti,VidishaPrivate1180
766Sarvodaya Shilp Kala P.V.T.Iti CollegPrivate160
767Sathya Sai Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
768Satpuda ItcPrivate3852
769Satpuda ItcPrivate3612
770Satpuda Itc Maharajapur PondiPrivate3252
771Satpuda Itc, SeoniPrivate3252
772Satpuda Iti MultaiPrivate1240
773Satpuda Private ItiPrivate3312
774Satpuda Private ItiPrivate3312
775Satpuda Private ItiPrivate3372
776Satpuda Pvt. ItiPrivate2240
777Satpuda Pvt. Iti Kundipura ChhindwaraPrivate3252
778Satpuda Pvt. Iti Near Ware House ChhindwaraPrivate2660
779Satpura Industrial Training CentrePrivate3372
780Satvik Private Iti Pipartola(Hardol)Private2132
781Satwik Private ItiPrivate1120
782Satya Sai Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
783Sb CollegePrivate180
784Sbn Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate2180
785Sbs Private ItiPrivate2180
786Sd Group Private ItiPrivate2240
787Sengar Pvt.Iti,Mhow,Distt.IndorePrivate1120
788Seoni Private ItiPrivate2180
789Sewa Sankalp Private ItiPrivate160
790Sgm Private ItiPrivate1120
791Sgm Private Iti,SehorePrivate1120
792Shabd Pratap Private ItiPrivate2132
793Shahpur Private ItiPrivate2120
794Shankar Pvt. Iti JabalpurPrivate160
795Shanti Niketan Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1180
796Sharda Pvt. Iti MultaiPrivate1240
797Sharda Vihar Private ItiPrivate5339
798Shashank Private ItiPrivate2180
799Shashti ItcPrivate2160
800Shastri (Pvt) Iti SarangpurPrivate1120
801Sheri Vishwakarma Pvt ItiPrivate2132
802Shikha Private ItiPrivate2180
803Shikher Private ItiPrivate160
804Shiksha Private ItiPrivate1120
805Shitla Pratap Singh Pvt ItiPrivate1120
806Shiv Ganesh Private Iti,Private140
807Shiv Shankar Private ItiPrivate1120
808Shivaji Private ItiPrivate3120
809Shivam Pvt Iti PorsaPrivate1120
810Shivam Pvt Iti SeoniPrivate1120
811Shivam Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate2200
813Shradha Private ItiPrivate1300
814Shradha Private ItiPrivate3252
815Shradha Pvt ItiPrivate1120
816Shradha Pvt ItiPrivate1120
817Shradha Pvt Iti, . MandsourPrivate1120
818Shree Dauji Private ItiPrivate140
819Shree Dutta Sai Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate2180
820Shree Harmilap Pvt. ItiPrivate1120
821Shree Harmilap Pvt. ItiPrivate160
822Shree Harmilap Pvt.Iti,Ward No.1, Distt.ShahdolPrivate2180
823Shree Jagannath Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160
824Shree Madhav Private I.T.I.Private1120
825Shree Nand Kewer Baa Private ItiPrivate1120
826Shree Pratap Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3264
827Shree Pvt. Iti ChhindwaraPrivate2420
828Shree Ram Private ItiPrivate1120
829Shree Ram(Pvt.)ItiPrivate1120
830Shree Ramkrishna (P) ItiPrivate160
831Shree Sathya Sai Private ItiPrivate2192
832Shree Shree Harmilap Pvt ItiPrivate1120
833Shree Shree Harmilap Pvt.Iti, Goinda Kotma,Distt. ShadolPrivate1120
834Shree Shree Harmilap Pvt.Iti,Balpurwa,Distt.ShahdolPrivate1120
835Shree Shree Private ItiPrivate2300
836Shree Vinayak Pvt. ItiPrivate1120
837Shrestha Private ItiPrivate160
838Shri Agrasen Maharaj Private Iti,BetulPrivate2600
839Shri Agrasen Private ItiPrivate2132
840Shri Balaji Industrial Trening InstitutePrivate1120
841Shri Balaji Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1240
842Shri Balaji Private ItiPrivate2132
843Shri Balaji Private ItiPrivate1300
844Shri Balaji Private Iti SarangpurPrivate2132
845Shri Balaji Pvt ItiPrivate1240
846Shri Banke Bihari Pvt ItiPrivate1120
847Shri Bhujbal Prashad Rai Memorial Private ItiPrivate160
848Shri Chitransh Pvt. Iti KatniPrivate2120
849Shri Dadaji Private ItiPrivate1120
850Shri G Pvt ItiPrivate160
851Shri Gautma Budha Pvt.Iti DindoriPrivate1180
852Shri Girraj Private ItiPrivate2192
853Shri Girrajji Private ItiPrivate1120
854Shri Guruji ItcPrivate3208
855Shri Hari Pvt. ItiPrivate3288
856Shri Jee Private Iti, MorenaPrivate1120
857Shri Kanhaiya Private ItiPrivate1160
858Shri Kanhaiya Private ItiPrivate1240
859Shri Kanhiya Pvt.Iti,SehorePrivate1240
860Shri Kanta Technical Private ItiPrivate160
861Shri Kanta Technical Pvt. Iti Distt. MandsourPrivate1120
862Shri Kashi Privat ItiPrivate2180
863Shri Kherapati Sarkar Private ItiPrivate2180
864Shri Krishna (Pvt) ItiPrivate1120
865Shri Krishna Private ItiPrivate2192
866Shri Krishna Pvt. I.T.I.Private2120
867Shri Krishna Pvt. ItiPrivate2180
868Shri M. Gopal Rao Industrial Training CentrePrivate12508
869Shri Mahaveer Itc,Private280
870Shri Mahavir Swami ItcPrivate4256
871Shri N.K. Patel Private Iti, BetulPrivate2100
872Shri Pratap Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3432
873Shri Pvt Iti Dharakala Barghat SeoniPrivate1120
874Shri Radhe Krishan Private Iti, VidishaPrivate1120
875Shri Radhe Private ItiPrivate1120
876Shri Radhe Private ItiPrivate1400
877Shri Radhe Private Iti MorenaPrivate1120
878Shri Radhe Private Iti ShivpuriPrivate1120
879Shri Radheshyam Private ItiPrivate2192
880Shri Ram Chandra Pvt. ItiPrivate1240
881Shri Ram Private ItiPrivate1180
882Shri Ram Private Iti, GwaliorPrivate3504
883Shri Ram Pvt ItiPrivate3208
884Shri Ramchandra Private ItiPrivate140
885Shri Ramkrishna Private ItiPrivate2108
886Shri Ratan Private ItiPrivate2132
887Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2180
888Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Private ItiPrivate4188
889Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Private ItiPrivate2180
890Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Private ItiPrivate2132
891Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Private ItiPrivate3120
892Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Pvt. I.T.I.Private1120
893Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Pvt.Iti, Baheriya Gadgad,Distt. SagarPrivate3252
894Shri Sai Jee Privet ItiPrivate2120
895Shri Sai Nath Pvt.Iti., Laskar, Distt.Gwalior,Private1120
896Shri Sai Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
897Shri Sai Private ItiPrivate2192
898Shri Sai Private ItiPrivate140
899Shri Sai Pvt Iti, ShahdolPrivate2360
900Shri Sainath Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate1120
901Shri Shankar Singh Pvt.ItiPrivate160
902Shri Shankar Singh Pvt.Iti, Anand Nagar GwaliorPrivate160
903Shri Shantiratnam Private Iti, MorenaPrivate160
904Shri Siddharth Private I.T.I AmarpatanPrivate1120
905Shri Tech Private ItiPrivate2192
906Shri Triambakraj Pvt Iti JabalpurPrivate2120
907Shri Tulshi Ram Pvt ItiPrivate1240
908Shri V.L.Adarsh Pvt.Iti,Itarsi Distt. HoshangabadPrivate2360
909Shri Vaibhav Pvt.Iti, Chandia,Distt.UmariaPrivate160
910Shri Vankhandayshwar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
911Shri Vardhaman Pvt Iti HardaPrivate2300
912Shri Venkatesh (Pvt) ItiPrivate1120
913Shri Vidhya Gyan Ganga Private ItiPrivate2120
914Shri Vijay Pvt.Iti, Laskar,.GwaliorPrivate160
915Shri Vijaylaxmi Amla Pvt ItiPrivate2300
916Shri Vijaylaxmi Malwa Pvt ItiPrivate1180
917Shri Vijaylaxmi Private ItiPrivate2160
918Shri Vijaylaxmi Private ItiPrivate2160
919Shri Vijaylaxmi Sohagpur Pvt ItiPrivate2240
920Shri Vinayak Private ItiPrivate5456
921Shri Vinayak Pvt. ItiPrivate2240
922Shri Vishvakarma Private ItiPrivate2192
923Shri Vishwakarma Private Iti, MpPrivate4264
924Shrinathji Pvt ItiPrivate160
925Shrisristhi Private ItiPrivate2120
926Siddhesh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate160
927Siddhi Vinayak Private ItiPrivate2192
928Siddhi Vinayak Private ItiPrivate2192
929Siddhi Vinayak Private ItiPrivate2180
930Siddhivinayak Private ItiPrivate2180
931Silicobyte Holy Angles Private Iti,Private3408
932Silicobyte Instt. Of Technical Education(Itc)Private7472
933Siyaram Private Iti, Vill. GwaliorPrivate3432
934Sket Private ItiPrivate1200
935Skill India Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2240
936Skill India Private ItiPrivate2180
937Skill India Private ItiPrivate2192
938Smt.Geeta Devi Pvt.Iti, DewasPrivate160
939Smt.Sohan Devi Pvt.Iti,MandsourPrivate160
940Snm Private Iti, Hatwas Tiraha, Distt. HoshangabadPrivate2180
941Snm Pvt Iti GadarwaraPrivate1240
942Snm Pvt. ItiPrivate1180
943Soft Tech Private ItiPrivate2132
944Sohagi Private ItiPrivate280
945Somani Private ItiPrivate3264
946Spitr Sanmati Private ItiPrivate4208
947Srajan Private ItiPrivate4252
948Srajan Pvt. Iti Lavkush NagarPrivate160
949Src Private ItiPrivate2132
950Sri Aurobindo Private ItiPrivate3264
951Sri Ganesh Private Iti, Nowgaon, Dist.Private160
952Sri Hare Krishna Private ItiPrivate1120
953Sri Sai Private ItiPrivate2180
954Sri Shrestha Private ItiPrivate2132
955Srs Pvt. I.T.I. DatiaPrivate1120
956St Private ItiPrivate2180
957Star Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3192
958Star Private ItiPrivate2240
959Str Private ItiPrivate2180
960Success Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
961Sun N Shine Private ItiPrivate1120
962Sun Private ItiPrivate2144
963Sun Rise ItcPrivate2240
964Sun Shine Private Iti BarnagarPrivate2192
965Sunrise Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
966Sunrise Private ItiPrivate3192
967Sunshine Private ItiPrivate2132
968Surbhi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
969Surya (Pvt) I T IPrivate160
970Swami Neelkanth Pvt. I.T.I.Private6396
971Swami Rudhrachetanya Private ItiPrivate2300
972Swami Vivekanad ItcPrivate6388
973Swami Vivekananad Private ItiPrivate2180
974Swami Vivekanand Iti CollagePrivate2180
975Swami Vivekanand Pvt ItiPrivate2180
976Swami Vivekanand Pvt ItiPrivate1120
977Swami Vivekanand Pvt. Iti BalaghatPrivate2480
978Swami Vivekanand,Pvt.Iti,VidishaPrivate1120
979Swami Vivekananda Private ItiPrivate2108
980Swastik Pvt.Iti,Burhar, Distt.ShahdolPrivate2120
981Symbiosis ItcPrivate3192
982T.N Mishra Itc, Village Samudan Near TekanpurPrivate4208
983Takshashila Pvt.Iti,,Distt. ChhatarpurPrivate160
984Takshila Pvt. Iti ChhindwaraPrivate2128
985Takshila Pvt.Iti, Amla,Distt.BetulPrivate160
986Takshshila Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3564
987Tech Creative Pvt ItiPrivate160
988Tech Private ItiPrivate2144
989Tendukheda Pvt ItiPrivate2156
990Thakur Niranjan Singh Industrial Training CentrePrivate148
991The Bharti Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2192
992The Chatra Private ItiPrivate2120
993The National Private ItiPrivate1120
994The Orient Private ItiPrivate2120
995The Rudra Pvt Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
996The Vatsalya Private ItiPrivate2120
997Tirupati Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
998Triambakraj Pvt. Iti,Private2120
999Udaan Private ItiPrivate2132
1000Udbhav Private ItiPrivate2120
1001Uiit Pvt. Iti VidishaPrivate160
1002Uma Devi Private ItiPrivate1120
1003Uma Devi Private Iti JaoraPrivate1120
1004Uma Pvt.Iti,RajgarhPrivate1120
1005Unique Pvt.Iti,Bijpuri,Distt.AnuppurPrivate2180
1006Unity Pvt.Iti, VidishaPrivate1120
1007Unnat Iti GotegaonPrivate160
1008Unnat Iti HarraiPrivate2180
1009Urag Private ItiPrivate2120
1010Usha Devi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
1011Utkrist Private ItiPrivate3120
1012Utsav Pvt Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
1013Vaidehi Private Iti, HoshangabadPrivate1120
1014Vaishnav Mata Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2120
1015Vaishnav Pvt ItiPrivate2240
1016Vaishno Technical Pvt.Iti,Boniakhedi,Distt.MandsourPrivate1120
1017Vama Private ItiPrivate2192
1018Vandematram Private ItiPrivate1120
1019Vaneshwari Private ItiPrivate2240
1020Vardhaman ItcPrivate3168
1021Vardhaman Pvt.Iti,Gothana,Betul,Distt.BetulPrivate2360
1022Vardhman ItcPrivate3248
1023Vardhman ItcPrivate3204
1024Vardhman Pvt.Iti,Itarsi,Distt.HosangabadPrivate3696
1025Vardhman Pvt.Iti,Multai Distt.BetulPrivate3432
1026Vasishta Pvt. ItiPrivate1120
1027Vasudev Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
1028Vcit Pvt ItiPrivate2180
1029Vcit Pvt. Iti JabalpurPrivate2120
1030Vedanta ItiPrivate3192
1031Vedanta Private ItiPrivate1120
1032Vedanta Pvt ItiPrivate2180
1033Vee Academy Private ItiPrivate2192
1034Veerangana Laxmi Bai Pvt ItiPrivate140
1035Vidhik Pvt ItiPrivate2120
1036Vidhya Private ItiPrivate2192
1037Vidhya Valley Private ItiPrivate2132
1038Vidhyadevi Pvt. ItiPrivate1120
1039Vigya Jyoti Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate4324
1040Vigyan Jyoti Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate2192
1041Vijay Private ItiPrivate2132
1042Vijay Pvt ItiPrivate1120
1043Vikash Pvt.Iti, SheopurPrivate1180
1044Vikramaditya Industrial Training CenterPrivate2240
1045Vikramaditya Industrial Training CentrePrivate148
1046Vinayak Private ItiPrivate296
1047Vinayak Private ItiPrivate2132
1048Vinayak Private Iti,Private280
1049Vinayak Pvt.Iti, MorenaPrivate1120
1050Vinayaka Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate3264
1051Vindhya Pvt. ItiPrivate1120
1052Vindhya Pvt. ItiPrivate280
1053Vip Pvt.Iti,Ratibad,BhopalPrivate4432
1054Vishwakarma Niji Audyogik Prashikshan SansthanPrivate2180
1055Vishwakarma Pvt ItiPrivate1120
1056Vision Private ItiPrivate2192
1057Viswakarma Vocational Training InstitutePrivate3256
1058Vivek Private ItiPrivate2132
1059Vivekanand Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate1120
1060Vivekanand Private ItiPrivate2180
1061Vivekanand Pvt Iti Khursara,Ugli,KeolariPrivate2240
1062Vivekanand Pvt.Iti, GwaiiorPrivate2192
1063Vps Private ItiPrivate2120
1064Wainganga Private ItiPrivate2480
1065World Worker Pvt.Iti, Pithampur Distt.DharPrivate2180
1066World Workers Private ItiPrivate2192
1067Yash Pvt Iti,Badnawar,Distt DharPrivate4196
1068Yogeshwar Private ItiPrivate2180
1069Yugal Sanskriti Private ItiPrivate1120
1070Yuwam Pvt. ItiPrivate2160
1071Yuwam Pvt. Iti, Beohari,Distt. ShahdolPrivate2180
1072Yuwam Pvt.Iti,UmariaPrivate2180
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