Top LL.M. (Master of Laws) programs and specializations

LL.M. (Master of Laws): popular programs and specializations

I’ve always been a fan of Law courses! I mean, just take a look at the brilliant career prospects that this field offers! In this article, I will be discussing about top LL.M. specializations. LL.M. stands for Master of Laws. It is a course that LL.B. or Integrated Law course Graduates may pursue after completing the above mentioned programs. Yes, there are many Law graduates out there, who have not been able to climb up the career ladder in spectacular style after finishing law course graduation. But, then, at the end of the day, skills are what matters. Skills play a huge role in determining the level of career success that a Lawyer or Law professional gets to enjoy. Okay, having talked about that, let me now tell you more about the topic that I will dealing with, in this article. Here, I will list out some brilliant areas of specializations, which LL.B. Graduates may pursue while they take on LL.M.!

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For Law course enthusiasts out there, I have already written some informative articles regarding some well known law courses. For example, in one article, I wrote about Integrated Law courses that one may pursue after 12th Standard. Also, I wrote an article where I pointed out how a combination of Management course and LL.B. will work wonders! Please do check out those articles. But before that, please spare a minute and read the next section, where I’ve listed the top areas of specialization, when it comes to LL.M. Degree.


Top LL.M. Specializations for Law course aspirants

LL.M. is a 1 year long academic program. Earlier, in case of Indian Law Education, LL.M. used to be a 2 years program. But with course revisions and changes, it has been turned into a one year long program. One may pursue LL.M. program after completing the 3 years long LL.B. program or after finishing 5 years long Integrated Law program. In case of LL.M. course, students may choose areas of specialization. When it comes to lucrative specializations in LL.M program, look no further than the below mentioned areas-


1 Criminal Law

2 Corporate Law

3 Property and Estate Law

4 Human Rights

5 Banking Law

6 International Business Law

7 Environmental Law

8 Commercial Law

9 Tax Law

10 Media and Entertainment Law

11 Civil Law


  • Areas like Criminal Law and Civil Law have always been lucrative and rewarding. Lots of cases falling into the above categories are expected to arrive, consistently. Advocates who have specialized in these areas thus will have no shortage of cases. Please note that Aptitude and Popularity of the Lawyer will play an important role in helping him/her get such cases!
  • With Corporate houses looking to run their businesses smoothly, they are looking for talented Lawyers to lead and work for their legal team! Those who have specialized in Corporate Law, International Business Law and Commercial Law stand a chance to land such Corporate jobs at MNCs!
  • With rising awareness about Environmental issues and things like Carbon Tax coming to the front, Industries are also keen on recruiting Lawyers who have specialized in Environmental Law.
  • Media and Entertainment Law is a relatively new entrant. But it is a promising field though! Media houses are the prime recruiters, when it comes to Lawyers who have specialized in this field.
  • Tax Law and Banking Law specialists are hired by Corporate houses as well as Financial Institutes.


Please note that some of the specializations mentioned above are not offered by many Institutes in India. Some of them are only offered exclusively at Universities and Institutes present abroad.


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Another interesting option available in front of LL.M. aspirants is Integrated LL.M. programs. They are offered by some good Institutes. Such courses are relatively new entrants. Very few Institutes are offering such courses at the moment. Some examples of such courses are-

  • M.B.A. LL.M.
  • M.Com. LL.M.
  • M.Sc. LL.M.


I’m not saying that you should select only one of the above mentioned specialization! There are other good areas of specializations too. But the ones mentioned here hold much value as of now. Areas like Criminal Law and Corporate and Commercial Law are in particular quite lucrative!

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