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Hi readers! In this post, we will deal with last minute preparation tips for board exams. Here, you will find some effective tips and tricks, which will guide you through the few hours of exam preparation.

Board exam last minute prep

Yes, this post has been crafted keeping the needs of candidates who are about to take part in board exam. 10th and 12th board students will benefit from this post. Apart from that, candidates taking part in any type of competitive exam will benefit from this post.


Preparation tips and tricks mentioned in this post applies to board exams as well as other competitive exams. Ideally, one should have wrapped up his/her syllabus some time before the exam starts. On the last few days, one must solely focus on revision sessions!


Sadly, that’s not the case with many students. It is not uncommon to see students deal with the remaining syllabus, even when few days are left before the exam starts. This happens due to the fact that they start preparing for the exam late on. Or they don’t deal with the syllabus on a daily-basis (when the classes start).


They wait for the right time to come or end up procrastinating. As a result, the syllabus to be covered piles up. On the other hand, time left with them eventually runs out – leaving large part of syllabus to be covered with very less amount of time on hand!


I urge my readers to avoid the above mentioned scenario at any cost! Try to deal with the syllabus on a daily basis. Cover small portions of the syllabus each day, with consistency. It will save you time and energy. It will also leave you with ample amount of time for revision (few days before the exam starts).


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But this post has been crafted keeping the needs of last-minute-warriors in mind! Tips and tricks provided here will benefit students indulged in last minute preparation. Let us begin –


Last minute prep tips for board exam students


    1. Make the most out of your remaining time

      • Imagine you have 1 week left before the exam starts. Make sure that you utilize each minute to its fullest. Dedicate quality time towards studies. Stay disciplined and make the most out of the time available in front of you.
      • Eliminate time-wasting activities. Avoid using smartphones. Say goodbye to activities that eat up your valuable time (like watching TV or using computer).
      • Make a time-table and stick to it. Make sure that the time-table helps you make the most out of your time. An ideal time-table should help you find time for studies and rest.
      • Understand the fact that having little time left with you is much better than having no time at all! Don’t get demoralized. Buckle up and focus on the remaining time you have access to.
    2. Focus on sections that carry maximum marks

      • Analyze blueprint of the paper. Identify sections that carry maximum amount of marks in the paper. If you observe the blueprint closely, you will be able to identify questions/sections of the syllabus that have high mark weightage.
      • Once such questions and sections are identified, focus on them. Spend your time wisely and prepare these questions/sections well. Make sure that you cover as many important sections/questions as possible.
      • High-value questions will help you attain decent amount of marks in any exam! It is possible to attain passing-marks by attending these questions. So make sure that you prepare such sections before the exam.
    3. Go through previous years’ papers

      • If you don’t have access to paper blueprint, go through previous years’ question papers instead. After going through a handful of such question papers, you will be able to identify key questions and parts of the syllabus.
      • You even use question banks for the above mentioned task. Solving question papers will help you get writing practice. It will also help you evaluate yourself/your level of preparation.
    4. Use notes for formulae and sections worth memorizing

      • While dealing with some subjects, you may come across formulae, numbers, facts or figures, which are worth memorizing. Create notes and jot down such content.
      • Use these notes to go through such content again and again. It will help you memorize important facts, figures and formulae. Notes will help you have productive revision sessions.
    5. Revision

      • After studying any part of the syllabus, make sure that you find some time to revise it as well. I understand that revision may not be your priority when you don’t have much time left before the exam starts! Still, it is very important to revise parts of the syllabus that you’ve just covered.
      • This is when time-management comes handy. Manage your time efficiently so that you have some amount of time left for revision session.


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If you are indulged in last minute preparation before your exam, the above mentioned tips will be of help to you. No matter which board you belong to – CBSE, ICSE or State Board – the tips mentioned above will definitely help you! Not just board exam, the above tips are also effective when it comes to various competitive exams.

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