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JNVST stands for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test. It is a popular competitive examination among Indian school students. This post will be of help to students preparing for JNVST examination. Here, you will find useful tips, tricks and strategy for cracking this exam.


With the aim of nurturing budding talent and meritorious students, the Ministry of Human Resource Department, GoI gave shape to Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. This autonomous body functions under the MHRD, GoI.


As part of its plan, the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti started developing Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas around India. The main aim of this body was to build a chain of premier quality schools across India.


The main aim of a JNV was to pick meritorious students and develop them further through education, personality development and extra-curricular activities. The plan was to select deserving students and nurture them further through quality education. As a result, the Nation would get its next generation of skilled leaders, bureaucrats, businessmen, engineers, doctors etc.


A JNV gives its students access to quality education. Apart from that, the school also ensures that students take part on physical activities/education and other extra-curricular activities. In short, the school promoted overall personality development of its students.


Getting into a JNV is not an easy task! The main aim of this institute is to select and nurture meritorious students. They take the ‘selection’ part very seriously! This is the main reason why they conduct JNVST examination.


This examination acts like a filter test. It filters talented students from the crowd. The test has been designed to gauge a student’s proficiency in areas such as – mental aptitude, language proficiency, general knowledge, mathematics and science.


JNVST examination is conducted to facilitate admission into two levels of schooling –

  • Entry into 6th standard
  • Entry into 9th standard


The exam is based on the CBSE syllabus. So NCERT books will be of help to JNVST aspirants.


Like any other exam, JNVST too can be cracked with the help of – determination, discipline, effective strategy and time management! Here are some tips, tricks and strategy that’ll help you pass this exam with flying colors –


JNVST tips, tricks, strategy and more


1 Know more about the exam

The first step is to know more about JNVST exam. Having detailed knowledge about the exam will help you strategize and chart your plan accordingly. Collect details such as – eligibility criteria, important dates, application process etc.


2 Detailed knowledge of syllabus and marks distribution

The next step is to collect details about the syllabus. Syllabus will vary depending upon the class that you are gaining admission into (6th or 9th grade).


If you know what the syllabus is like, you will be able to formulate your subject-specific strategy. This will help you tackle individual subjects efficiently.


3 Get relevant books

The examination is based on CBSE syllabus. So NCERT books will be more than enough to start off your preparation with. You may use JNVST preparation guides and booklets too. These exam-specific books cover important chapters, topics and concepts. So using these books will speed-up your preparation process.


4 Focus on MAT

MAT stands for Mental Ability Test. It forms an integral part of JNVST examination. The main aim of this test is to gauge academic knowledge and mental aptitude of students. MAT is designed to evaluate mental aptitude and ability of a student.


Give attention to MAT section. You may use MAT books to solve relevant problems and thus gain an edge over your competitors.


5 Practice daily

Create a time-table. Make sure that adequate amount of time is dedicated towards JNVST preparation (daily). Solve problems on a daily basis. Work on mathematics and logical reasoning daily. The exam may not be as tough as JEE or NTSE. But don’t take it lightly! Practice daily, it will help you crack the exam with flying colors.


6 Get your basics clear

If your foundation is strong, you won’t have much trouble while dealing with this examination. Get your basics right! It will help you in the long run.


7 Solve previous years’ question papers

Solving previous years’ papers will help you get exam practice. It will also help you evaluate your performance. After self-evaluation, you will be able to identify weak areas. You may later work towards improving in these areas.


8 Use online learning portals

You may easily access JNVST preparation material on online learning portals and thus speed-up your preparation process. Some of these portals are paid ones. Some others offer preparation material for free!


You may access these portals using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC! All you need is internet connection and a device to gain access to these portals. You may also check – KVPY tips and NTSE tips.


9 Time management

Time management is something that each and every student must focus on. Make sure that you have a time-table. Follow this time-table religiously.

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