List of ITIs & Seats in Mirzapur 2022

Hi readers! In this post, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. After going through this post, readers will find the following details – list of ITIs in Mirzapur, type of the industrial training institute, seat availability and more.

Mirzapur ITI

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List of ITIs & seats in Mirzapur for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of the institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government ITI, Chhanbey, MirzapurGovernment576
Government ITI, MirzapurGovernment1272
Aditya ITIPrivate240
Ajit Kumar Singh Private ITI- MirzapurPrivate240
Ap-Tech. ITC – MirzapurPrivate360
Ayush Private ITC, – MirzapurPrivate480
Baba Ramdev ITC – MirzapurPrivate200
Baba Saheb Ambedkar Private ITIPrivate240
Babu Ghanshyam Singh Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate80
Bhartiya ITC – MirzapurPrivate852
Bhet Private ITI – MirzapurPrivate160
Chhatrapati Shivaji Industrial Training Centre – MirzapurPrivate280
D B D Private ITIPrivate240
Dashrath Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Devraj Singh Private ITI ,Kolepur Shri Niwas Dham, MirzapurPrivate240
Durga Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate120
Gajraj Singh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Indian ITC – MirzapurPrivate960
J P Private ITIPrivate120
J P Private ITIPrivate180
Kalawati Devi Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate312
Kalawati ITC – MirzapurPrivate300
Kalawati Singh Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate120
Krishnawati ITC – MirzapurPrivate480
Krishnawati Private ITIPrivate240
Late Baba Ramdev Private ITIPrivate240
Late Shobha Nath Singh Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate240
M.G. Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate528
Maa Shiv Shankari Private ITIPrivate240
Maa Vaishno Private ITC () – MirzapurPrivate80
Naina Garh ITC – MirzapurPrivate420
New Global Private ITIPrivate240
Parshuram Singh Maurya Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate160
Pragati Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate120
Rajeev Gandhi Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate320
Rajesh Neelam Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Ram Narayan Singh( Private ) ITIPrivate240
Rashmi Singh Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate160
S.K.S. Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate80
S.N ITC – MirzapurPrivate480
Sadhguru Atmadas Private ItPrivate240
Santushti Private ITIPrivate240
Sardar Patel Private Industrial Training Centre – MirzapurPrivate972
Shakti Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate80
Shamvhu Narayn SinghPrivate240
Shaurya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate180
Shivdaya Private ITIPrivate240
Shivlok Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate80
Shree Babu Ghanshyam Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Akshaibar Nath Singh Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate240
Shri Duli Chand Jaisal Private ITIPrivate180
Shri Sainath Private ITIPrivate240
Soni Vikas Pvt ITIPrivate480
Sri Shankar Ashram Maha Vidyapeeth Mini ITC – MirzapurPrivate160
Swami Atmadas Private ITI – MirzapurPrivate480
Tara Devi Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate160
Tathagat Private Audyogik Prashikshan Sansthan – MirzapurPrivate160
Tridev Pvt ITIPrivate240
U P Tech Private ITIPrivate240
Veenavadini Private ITI , Kapsour Pandari, Chunar, MirzapurPrivate240
Vindhya Private ITIPrivate240
Vindhya Shyam Private ITC – MirzapurPrivate120
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