List of ITIs & Seats in Meerut 2022

Have you passed 10th standard? Are you all set to apply for ITI admission this year? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. After going through this post, you will be able to find an ideal ITI.

Meerut ITI

In this post, readers will find the following details – names of relevant ITIs, type of the institute and seat availability in each ITI. You may also check – ITIs in Mau. Without wasting any time, let us check out the list of ITIs and seats now. Here it is –


List of ITIs & seats in Meerut for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government Industrial Training Institute, Hastinapur Meerut 250404Government536
Government Industrial Training Institute, Kharkhauda Meerut 245206Government360
Government ITI SardhanaGovernment536
Government ITI, World Bank Mahila, MeerutGovernment264
Government ITI, Bachcha Park, MeerutGovernment560
Government ITI, Saket, MeerutGovernment1872
Adharshila Private ITIPrivate240
Atlantis Private ITIPrivate148
Bharti Private ITIPrivate296
Ch Dalel Singh Private ITIPrivate300
Ch. Charan Singh Memorial Private I.T.I. Alipur – MeerutPrivate480
Daksh Private ITC – MeerutPrivate448
Delhi Private ITIPrivate444
Dhara Industrial Training Centre Dhanpur – MeerutPrivate1008
Gandhi ITI – MeerutPrivate48
Indian Skill Tech. Institute – MeerutPrivate924
Jagwati Devi Private ITIPrivate240
Kalka Private ITIPrivate372
Kiran ITC – MeerutPrivate100
Kiran National ITIPrivate432
Kisan ITC – MeerutPrivate372
Mawana Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
Meerut I.T.I., Sardhana Road, MeerutPrivate492
Navodaya Private ITC – MeerutPrivate80
Ngi Private ITI, – MeerutPrivate312
Panchsheel Pvt. ITI – MeerutPrivate80
Premier Pvt. ITI – MeerutPrivate372
Radha Krishna ITC – MeerutPrivate168
Raj Private Industrial Training Institute Mawana Meerut () – MeerutPrivate664
Raj Rajeshwari ITC – MeerutPrivate960
Rastriya Private ITC – MeerutPrivate80
Saraswati Private ITC – MeerutPrivate40
Shri Devdutt Tyagi ITC – MeerutPrivate80
Shri Ram Institute Of Private ITI – MeerutPrivate480
Super Tech I.T.I. Garh Road, Hasanpur Kala, MeerutPrivate480
Swami Vivekananda Industrial Training Centre – MeerutPrivate240
T.P.S. Private ITI – MeerutPrivate120
Umalok Private ITIPrivate120
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