List of ITIs & Seats in Mathura 2022

Hi readers! In this post, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. In this post, I’ve provided the following details – list of relevant ITIs in Mathura, type of the ITI and seat availability. The main aim of this post is to help you find an ideal ITI.

Mathura ITI

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List of ITIs & seats in Mathura for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government Industrial Training Institute, GoverdhanGovernment576
Government Industrial Training Institute, Nand GaonGovernment576
Government ITI, MathuraGovernment1192
Acharya Chob Singh Pvt. ITIPrivate360
Ajeet Private ITIPrivate180
Akhil Bhartiya Industrial Training Centre – MathuraPrivate88
Akhil Bhartiya ITC – MathuraPrivate120
Amar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
B K Private ITI BadhonPrivate240
B.D.M Pvt ITIPrivate240
B.S Pvt ITIPrivate240
B.T.S Private ITI – MathuraPrivate540
Baba Harchand Singh Pvt. ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Baba Johari Private ITIPrivate120
Baba Saheb Ambedkar Private ITC – MathuraPrivate240
Bani Singh Sikarwar Private ITIPrivate240
Bgh Private ITI , Paigaon, Chhata, MathuraPrivate360
Bhartiya Industrial Training Centre Raya Mathura – MathuraPrivate180
Bhola Shanker Private ITIPrivate240
Bhoodev Private ITI , – MathuraPrivate360
Bohare Narayan Singh Arya Pvt ITIPrivate120
Braj Ballabh ITC – MathuraPrivate120
Brij ITC – MathuraPrivate228
Brij Shiv Private ITIPrivate240
Capt. Rakesh Ramesh Chand Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Captain Bhanwar Singh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Captain Rakesh ITC – MathuraPrivate120
Ch. Nirottam Singh Private ITI – MathuraPrivate160
Chameli Devi ITC,BandiPrivate328
Chandan Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Chandanvan Private ITI – MathuraPrivate180
Chaudhary Daryab Singh Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Daksh ITC – MathuraPrivate128
Dayanand Private ITI , Mandi Chauraha, MathuraPrivate240
Dcs College Private ITIPrivate256
Dev Pratap Pvt. ITIPrivate120
Dev Private ITIPrivate180
Dhanvantri Private ITIPrivate240
Dixit ITIPrivate240
Dropati Devi Private ITI , MathuraPrivate80
Durga Devi Pvt. ITI – MathuraPrivate120
Dushyant Private ITI , Sahar Chhatta, MathuraPrivate120
Edify Private ITIPrivate672
Eshan Private ITIPrivate120
F V D Private ITIPrivate360
Fateh Singh Industrial Training Centre – MathuraPrivate360
G City Private ITIPrivate348
G D Private ITIPrivate240
G G Private ITIPrivate240
Gayatri Devi Private ITI , Rasoulpur Magorra, MathuraPrivate240
Global Genius Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Global Private ITI Bharatpur, MathuraPrivate240
Gopal Chaudhary Pvt ITIPrivate120
Gopal Pvt I.T.I.Private120
Govind Private ITIPrivate180
Gyan Bharti ITIPrivate360
H P R A Private ITIPrivate408
Hs Solanki Pvt ITIPrivate384
Hsv Private ITIPrivate240
Jaswant Singh ITC – MathuraPrivate128
Jawali Ram Ramkali Devi ITC – MathuraPrivate120
Jay Private ITIPrivate120
K.D. Private ITI Ole,MathuraPrivate240
K.G Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Kaka Dal Chand Private ITI – MathuraPrivate120
Keshav Dev Private ITIPrivate120
Keshiram Pvt ITIPrivate240
Kautilya Private ITI , Prem Nagar Mahavan Road GokPrivate100
Krishna Private ITI ,Nandgaon ,Chhata ,MathuraPrivate120
Kunj Bihari Lal Private ITIPrivate180
Logan Shree Private ITI , Jajan Patti, Rasulpur, Mathura U.P. – MathuraPrivate500
Lord Krishna Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Lotus Private ITI , Kosi Khurd, Mathura U.P.Private180
Lovely Private ITI ,MathuraPrivate180
M D Private ITIPrivate180
M S S Private ITIPrivate192
M.S.D ITC – MathuraPrivate80
Maa Atarkaur Private ITIPrivate180
Maa Chandravali Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Maa Jal Devi Private ITI , Jajan Patti, Magorra, MathuraPrivate240
Maa Kamakhya Private ITIPrivate120
Maa Kasturi Devi Pvt. ITIPrivate360
Maa Mohani Mansa Devi Private ITIPrivate180
Maa Ramdulari Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Maa Ramkali Devi Private ITIPrivate180
Maa Resham Devi Bhagwan Dass Private ITIPrivate120
Maa Vimlesh Devi Pvt. ITIPrivate120
Maharana Pratap Private ItPrivate360
Maharshi Dayanand Private ITI – MathuraPrivate120
Mamta ITC – MathuraPrivate120
Mange Singh Nambardar Private ITIPrivate240
Master Tikam Singh Private Industrial Training CenterPrivate80
Mathura ITC – MathuraPrivate240
Mithlesh Sikarwar Private ITIPrivate240
Mukdam Bihari Lal Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Mvd Pvt ITI Nagla Deviya MathuraPrivate120
Natthi Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Nirpat Singh Sikarwar Private ITIPrivate264
P P Private ITIPrivate180
P. D. Private ITC – MathuraPrivate80
Panna Private ITI, – MathuraPrivate120
Psm Private ITIPrivate192
Pt .Madan Lal Educational Institute Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Pt N R Private ITIPrivate252
Pt. Govind Ram Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Pt. T.N. Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
R K D Private ITIPrivate360
R K J Private ITIPrivate192
R.B.S. Private ITI – MathuraPrivate400
R.B.S.S Pvt. ITIPrivate120
R.K. Private ITIPrivate120
Radha Rani Private ITIPrivate120
Raj Beer Singh Sikarwar Pvt. ITIPrivate300
Raj ITC , Raya, MathuraPrivate128
Rajkumar Private ITIPrivate120
Ram Swaroop Private ITIPrivate240
Ram Wati Devi ITC – Sonai, MathuraPrivate312
Raman Lal Brijbasi Academy For Fire & Disaster Management Private ITI , MathuraPrivate96
Ramhari Sisodiya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate480
Raya ITC – MathuraPrivate80
Rss Private ITIPrivate80
S. S. Lal Private ITC – MathuraPrivate80
S.G.S Pvt. ITIPrivate240
S.M.D Pvt. ITIPrivate180
S.R ITC – MathuraPrivate488
S.R.L Pvt. ITIPrivate120
S.R.R Private ITI – MathuraPrivate240
S.S Private ITI , Kosi Kalan, MathuraPrivate120
Samarth Pvt. ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Saraswati Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Saraswati Pvt ITI Brajraj Colony MathurPrivate240
Sarvesh ITC – MathuraPrivate120
Sh. Bhagwan Singh Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Sh. Hardam Singh Vadic Private ITI – MathuraPrivate240
Shiva ITC – MathuraPrivate372
Shivam Private ITIPrivate240
Shivam Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Shree Girraj Maharaj Pvt. ITIPrivate120
Shree J.S Pvt. ITIPrivate360
Shree Moni Baba Pvt. ITIPrivate180
Shree Prem Singh Mukhiya Ji Pvt ITIPrivate80
Shri Babu Lal Jawali Ram Private ITI – MathuraPrivate280
Shri Bajrang ITC – MathuraPrivate80
Shri Bankey Behari ITC – MathuraPrivate128
Shri Digambar Singh Angoori Devi Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Gandhi Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Gopal Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Hari Adarsh Pvt ITI KosikhurdPrivate120
Shri Heera Lal Tejo Devi ITC – MathuraPrivate192
Shri Ji Private ITI Kosi KalanPrivate168
Shri Jyoti Narayan Private ITIPrivate256
Shri Krishna Brij Vikas ITC – MathuraPrivate308
Shri Krishna Private ITI – MathuraPrivate180
Shri Maharaj Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Mahendra Private ITIPrivate180
Shri Murari Lal Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Murlidhar Private ITI – MathuraPrivate412
Shri Narayan Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Shri Natthi Singh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
Shri Naval Kishore Private ITIPrivate120
Shri O P Sharma Private ITIPrivate180
Shri Rajendra Singh Pvt. ITIPrivate120
Shri Ramji Lal Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
Shri Shanker Singh Private ITC – MathuraPrivate40
Shri Shiv Charan Lal Vidya Devi Industrial Training Institute Shergarh – MathuraPrivate448
Shri Sl Private ITIPrivate240
Shyama Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate216
Siddharth Private ITIPrivate120
Smd Private ITIPrivate240
Smt Jamuna Devi Private ITIPrivate192
Smt. Dharamwati Bhedjeet Singh Pvt. ITIPrivate280
Smt. Lilawati Audyogik Prasikshan Kendra – MathuraPrivate160
Smt. Mahaviri Devi ITIPrivate264
Smt. Ramdulari Private ITC – MathuraPrivate120
Smt. Shanti Devi ITC – MathuraPrivate80
Smt. Urmila Private ITI , Jajanpatti, MathuraPrivate636
Smt. Vimla Devi Private ITI – MathuraPrivate80
T S Private ITIPrivate312
Tapasthali Pvt ITIPrivate240
True Values Private ITIPrivate192
Vdpc Memorial Private ITIPrivate312
Vijay Singh Pachainya Private ITI – MathuraPrivate360
Vimla Devi P.I.T.I.Private180
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