List of ITIs & Seats in Kanpur 2022

Have you passed 10th standard? Are you all set to apply for ITI admission after 10th? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Kanpur ITI

Kanpur is home to some of the best ITIs in Uttar Pradesh. After going through this post, readers will find the following details – list of relevant ITIs, type of the ITI and total number of seats available. You may also check – ITIs in Jhansi. Come, let us check out the list of ITIs and seats. Here it is –


List of ITIs & seats in Kanpur for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government Industrial Training Institute, Akbarpur, Kanpur DehatGovernment344
Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhognipur, Kanpur Dehat 209111Government576
Government Industrial Training Institute, Pukhrayan, Kanpur Dehat 209111Government136
Government Industrial Training Institute, Rasulabad, Kanpur Dehat 209306Government440
Government Industrial Training Institute, Sikandra, Kanpur DehatGovernment312
Government Industrial Training Institute, Kalyanpur, Kanpur 209217Government536
Government ITI, World Bank Mahila, Kanpur NagarGovernment256
Government ITI, (Mahila), Lal Bangla, Kanpur, Kanpur NagarGovernment528
Government ITI, Bilhaur, Kanpur NagarGovernment176
Government ITI, Ghatampur, Kanpur NagarGovernment460
Government ITI, Pandu Nagar, Kanpur NagarGovernment2604
Ganga Ram Private ITIPrivate120
Gurukul Industrial Training InstitutePrivate48
Jayanti Private ITC – Kanpur DehatPrivate120
Jhalkari Bai Private ITIPrivate120
Ketaki Private ITI – Kanpur DehatPrivate180
Ketaki Raj Private ITIPrivate180
Mangalam Private ITIPrivate240
Pujya Bhaurao Devras Private ITIPrivate240
Rakan Private ITIPrivate380
Rameshwar Technical Skills Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Swami Satsanganand Awam Parmanand Seva SamITI Private ITI , Kardahi, Baghpur, Kanpur DehatPrivate80
A.P.V. ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate380
Adarsh Private ITIPrivate192
Adarsh Pvt. ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate40
Afwwa ITI – Kanpur NagarPrivate88
Bara Devi Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate240
Bara Devi Private ITIPrivate300
Baradevi Private ITIPrivate300
C L Memorial Private ITIPrivate240
Chandra Bhal Private ITIPrivate120
Chandrakali Audhaugic Prasikshan Kendra Private ITIPrivate120
Chiranjeevi Private ITIPrivate120
Computer Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate192
Dr. Govind Prasad Rani Devi Patel Institute Of Technology & Management Private ITI , Aankin, KanpurPrivate220
Dr. Ram Prakash Private ITIPrivate252
Dts ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate216
Heera Lal Patel Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate240
Indian Private ITIPrivate240
J B Singh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate180
J.K. Center Technician Training Private ITI , Doda Nagar, KanpurPrivate180
J.K. Industrial Training Centre – Kanpur NagarPrivate368
Jan Jagran ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate120
Janta I.T.C. Koyla Nagar, Kanpur – Kanpur NagarPrivate60
Janta Janardan Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate88
Jwala Prasad Pvt ITIPrivate252
Kanpur Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate240
Kapoor Private ITC , – Kanpur NagarPrivate180
Kunwar Shivnath Singh Kushwah Private ITIPrivate180
Maa Vaishno Private ITIPrivate300
Maharajpur Private ITIPrivate240
Maharana Pratap College For Technical Skills Private ITC , – Kanpur NagarPrivate384
Manjit Singh Nanda Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate480
Manjul Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Vanprasth ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate360
Nandrani Private ITI , Bithoor Pachor Road, Mandhana, KanpurPrivate240
Narwal Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate160
Navbharat Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate240
New Pragati Private ITIPrivate300
Pandit Ram Charan Pandey Private ITIPrivate120
Paramhans Ram Mangal Das ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate48
Pragati Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate128
Pragati-First ITI – Kanpur NagarPrivate40
Ptjdm Private ITIPrivate360
Purvanchal Technical Skill Private ITIPrivate360
Raj Computer Learnings Centre – Kanpur NagarPrivate48
Ramshri Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate180
Ratan Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate280
Ravikant Private ITIPrivate120
Sai Baba Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate60
Saumya Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate300
Seth Pankaj Mehrotra Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate480
Seth Ravi Vesh Tripathi Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate60
Shree Sai Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Kapoor Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Sai Private ITI , Plot No 18,Greater Kailash Tiwaripur Jajmau, KanpurPrivate180
Shrimati Gayatri Swaroop Private ITIPrivate300
Shyamji Ramji Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate208
Siddharth Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate80
Sir Shri Ram Private ITIPrivate240
Smt. Ramkali Iqbal Bahadur Pvt. ITIPrivate240
Sri Mahima Private ITIPrivate180
Sri Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate160
Sri Ram Private ITIPrivate312
Sri Sant Bihari Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate88
Subh Sneh Pvt ITIPrivate240
Tatya Private ITIPrivate240
Tomorrow Industrial Training Centre – Kanpur NagarPrivate108
Upcia ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate48
Uttam Private ITC – Kanpur NagarPrivate40
Vikas Industrial Training Centre Koyala Nagar – Kanpur NagarPrivate40
Vimla Private ITI , Naubasta Kanpur NagarPrivate240
Vision Private ITIPrivate120
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