List of ITIs & Seats in Jaunpur 2022

Hi readers! In this post, I’ve compiled a list of top ITIs in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. After going through this post, readers will find the following details – list of relevant ITIs in Jaunpur, type of the ITI and total number of seats available for admission.

Jaunpur ITI

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List of ITIs & seats in Jaunpur for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of the institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government Industrial Training Institute, Usrav JaunpurGovernment536
Government ITI, Sabrahad, Shahaganj, JaunpurGovernment536
Government ITI, Siddiqpur, JaunpurGovernment968
Adarsh ITC, Jaunpur – JaunpurPrivate120
Adarsh Shayam Dev ITCPrivate120
Agardi Prasad Yadav ITC Bhadi – Shahganj,Jaunpur – JaunpurPrivate120
Alhind ITC Zafarabad Jaunpur – JaunpurPrivate80
Amravati Devi ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Arvind Kumar Singh Private ITIPrivate240
Asha Pvt. ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Ashok Dubey ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Ayush Private ITIPrivate120
B S Private ITIPrivate240
Baba Bachai Singh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
Baba Ganesh Dutta Audogik Kendra ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Baba Vishvanath Private ITIPrivate120
Baijnath Singh Industrial Training Centre – JaunpurPrivate704
Baldev Prasad Shukla Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Basanti Devi Audyogik Prashikshan Kendra Kauria – JaunpurPrivate400
Bhagwati Prasad Yadav Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Chandra Devi Private Audyogik Prashikshan Kendra – JaunpurPrivate120
Chandrabhan Singh Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Devendra Nath Singh ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Dr Zamani Private ITIPrivate120
Dr. Aboo Mohamed PITI – JaunpurPrivate320
Dr. Nawab Singh Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Dr. Satya Deo Singh Industrial Training Centre Vill Aharpur Post Jamuniya – JaunpurPrivate720
Dr.Panchu Ram Vishwakarma Private I.T.I.Private240
Durgawati ITC – JaunpurPrivate220
Gajadhar Singh Pvt.ITIPrivate240
Gajraj Singh SmrITI Industrial Training Centre – JaunpurPrivate972
Indira Dubey Private I.T.IPrivate480
Indra Ji Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Indrapati Industrial Training Centre – JaunpurPrivate80
J.K ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Jagat Narayan Tiwari Pvt. ITI, Jnp – JaunpurPrivate768
Jagdish Prasad Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Jai Bharat Private ITI – JaunpurPrivate120
Janhitkari Pvt ITI Mahrupur Jaunpur – JaunpurPrivate720
Jay Bajrangbali Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
Jp Private ITI , Andiyar, JaunpurPrivate120
K L Private ITIPrivate240
Kalawati Ram Lakhan Private Udyogic Prashiksan KendraPrivate240
Kashi Private ITIPrivate180
Khannu Ram Yadav Private ITIPrivate180
Kumar Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Lalita ITC – JaunpurPrivate100
Late J. K. Private ITIPrivate180
M.A. Shoeb Private ITI – JaunpurPrivate240
Maa Durga Private Technical & Management Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Maa Vaishno ITC – JaunpurPrivate200
Madhuri Singh SmrITI ITC Prem Prakash Nagar JamuniPrivate640
Mahadev Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Maharshi Moolchand Yadav Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Malti Devi Pandey Private ITIPrivate240
Maulana Azad Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Mithila Devi Bhagauti Lal Pvt ITI , – JaunpurPrivate80
Mohammad Hasan Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate240
Mother Ayesha Private ITIPrivate120
Nath Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate720
Nawab Hussain ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Neelkanth College Of Education Private ITIPrivate240
Neelkanth ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Nuruddin Khan ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Om Shai Nath Pvt. ITIPrivate180
Parijat ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Pooja Devi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate180
Pooja Private ITI , Sadarganj, Jaunpur Mariahu, JaunpurPrivate120
Prakash Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Prithvi Pal Tripathi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate120
Pt Jamuna Prasad Tiwari Pvt ITIPrivate120
Pt Raghunath Prasad Mishra Private ITIPrivate120
Purvanchal Private Audyogik Prashikshan Kendra – JaunpurPrivate80
Pyari Devi Industrial Training Centre Vill & Post Pilkhini – JaunpurPrivate880
R B S Private ITIPrivate240
R S Private ITIPrivate180
Radhika ITC – JaunpurPrivate360
Rai Ratan Bahadur ITC – JaunpurPrivate380
Raj Gaurav ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Raj ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Raja Harpal Singh Industrial Training Centre – JaunpurPrivate336
Rakesh Shiromani Private ITIPrivate240
Ram Adhar Singh ITC – JaunpurPrivate480
Ram Baran Singh Public ITC – JaunpurPrivate240
Ram Bhujarat Singh Industrial Training Centre – JPrivate160
Ram Davar Pvt Industrial Training CentrePrivate80
Ram Jiyawan Memorial ITC – JaunpurPrivate168
Ram Lakhan Singh ITC – JaunpurPrivate200
Ram Pyare Singh Pvt ITC JaunpurPrivate320
Ram Samujh Singh Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate480
Ram Shiromani Dubey ITC – JaunpurPrivate320
Ram Ujagar Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
S.K.B ITC – JaunpurPrivate280
S.K.R Private ITIPrivate60
Sainik Girja Shankar Private ITIPrivate240
Sarju Prasad Private Industrial Training CentrePrivate520
Sarveshwari Private I.T.IPrivate240
Saryu Prasad Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Satya Narayan Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Satyamurthy Pvt. ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Satyendra Bahadur Singh ITC – JaunpurPrivate480
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Private ITIPrivate120
Shanti Gramin Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate140
Shanti Jyoti Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate240
Sharda Private ITI ,Kushaun, Bhaupur – JaunpurPrivate80
Shri Bajrang Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Shri K.P. Pandey ITC – JaunpurPrivate40
Shri Krishna Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Shri Prakash Dubey Private ITIPrivate240
Shri Rajendra Prasad Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Ram Shiromani Charitable Private ITIPrivate120
Shri Surya Bali Singh ITC – JaunpurPrivate480
Shyama Private ITIPrivate180
Sitaram Private ITIPrivate360
Smt. Asharfi Devi ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Smt. Ramraji Devi Private ITI , Jokhan Nagar, JaunpurPrivate120
Sri Keenaram Private ITIPrivate120
Sri Sukhram Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate80
Sumiran ITC – JaunpurPrivate680
Sumitra ITC – JaunpurPrivate60
Sumitra Private ITC -Mungra Badshahpur – JaunpurPrivate80
T.D. Private ITC ,Shahganj, Jaunpur – JaunpurPrivate120
Tds Private ITIPrivate240
Thakur Prasad Singh Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Uma Nath Singh SmrITI Pvt. Industrial Trg. Ins. – JaunpurPrivate808
Uma Shankar ITC – JaunpurPrivate120
Vibhuti Chauhan Private ITC – JaunpurPrivate160
Vibhuti Chauhan Private ITI – JaunpurPrivate240
Vinay Kumar Singh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate720
Vishwanath ITC – JaunpurPrivate240
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