List of ITIs & Seats in Aligarh 2022

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The main aim of this post is to help you find an ideal ITI. Here, readers will find the following details – list of ITIs in Aligarh, type of the ITI and number of seats available for ITI admission.

Aligarh ITI

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List of ITIs & seats in Aligarh for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Government Industrial Training Institute, Koil Aligarh-202127 Government 488
Government ITI, Aligarh Government 1832
Government ITI, Atrauli, Aligarh Government 388
A. S. Private ITC – Aligarh Private 360
Aligarh ITC – Aligarh Private 260
Ambesh Private ITI , Barola Bye Pass, Aligarh Private 240
Ammar Fatma Industrial Training Centre Dodhpur – Aligarh Private 128
Applied ITC Gomat (Aligarh) – Aligarh Private 168
Arya SanskrITI Private ITI Private 120
Bauhare Hari Singh Pvt. ITI Private 180
Bhavna Singh Industrial Training Centre Rajiv Nagar – Aligarh Private 40
Bhawna Singh Pvt. ITI Private 120
C C S Private ITI Private 180
C J S Private ITI Private 240
C P S Private ITI Private 240
Ch Ram Singh Private ITI Private 180
Chandra Shekhar Azad Pvt. ITI Private 180
Chandrawati Industrial Training Centre Khair – Aligarh Private 120
Chaudhary Jaswant Singh Private ITI Private 240
Dr. Rathi Private ITC – Aligarh Private 88
Gagan Private ITI Private 120
Gaurav ITC – Aligarh Private 248
Gyan Private ITI – Aligarh Private 720
Ingraham Private I T I Private 312
Isha Devi Memorial Private ITI – Aligarh Private 120
Itm Private ITI Private 192
J P S Private ITI Private 240
Janhit Private ITI Private 120
K S Private ITI Private 312
K. K. Private ITC – Aligarh Private 120
Kakaji Private ITI Private 120
Kalavati Devi Private ITI Private 180
Khair ITC (Aligarh) Private 188
Khema Private ITC – Aligarh Private 120
Krishna Pvt. ITI Private 180
M S D Private ITI Private 360
M.D Nagla Murari Sarsaul Industrial Training Centre – Aligarh Private 208
Maa Jal Devi Private ITI Private 240
Maa Sharde Private ITI Private 180
Maa Shish Kali (P) ITI Alampur Aligarh – Aligarh Private 120
Mahalaxmi Private ITI Private 300
Mahalwar Academy Of Higher Education Pvt. ITI Private 240
Mandeep Private ITI Private 180
Maya Deep Private ITI , Raipur Dalpatpur, Atrauli, Aligarh Private 560
Mini I.T.I R.V.I.C. Private ITI – Aligarh Private 152
Modern Private ITI Private 180
National Private ITC – Aligarh Private 80
National Industrial Training Centre – Aligarh Private 48
Neelgiri Industrial Training Centre Ghanterbagh – Aligarh Private 80
Prem Institute Of Private ITI Private 240
Raja Mahendra Pratap Pvt ITI Private 120
S C Sharma Industrial Training Institute – Aligarh Private 276
S.S.Academy Of ITI Education – Aligarh Private 300
Sadguru Private ITI Private 120
Sai Private ITI – Aligarh Private 80
Sh. Shyam Lal Singh Private ITI – Aligarh Private 120
Shanti Swaroop Mittal Pvt. ITI Private 180
Shree Radha Rani Pvt. ITI Private 240
Shree Rajkumar Shastri Private ITI Private 180
Shri Bala Ji Private I T I Private 240
Shri Kumar Sen Sharma ITC – Aligarh Private 600
Shri Radha Krishna Private ITI Private 384
Shri Siddh Baba Private ITI Private 120
Siddharth Private ITI Private 120
Smt Laxmi Devi Industrial Training Centre Iglas Aligarh – Aligarh Private 192
Smt. Kalawati Private ITC – Aligarh Private 60
Sri Sai Institute Of Private ITI Private 128
Vijay Mahavidhyalay Private ITC – Aligarh Private 80
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