List of ITIs & Seats in Agra 2022

Hi readers! In this post, I’ve compiled a list of best ITIs in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. After going through this post, readers will find the following details – list of ITIs in Agra, type of the ITI and total number of seats available in each institute.

Agra ITI

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List of ITIs & seats in Agra for 2022

Name of the ITI

Type of institute

Total number of seats (all trades)

Achnera ITC – Agra Private 360
Adarsh Private ITI , Farah Road, Achnera, Agra Private 240
Adfs Private ITI Private 120
Agra Glory ITC – Agra Private 40
Agra ITC – Agra Private 80
Akbar Singh Private ITI Private 192
Anand Industrial Training Centre Bhawanpura Kirawali – Agra Private 240
B. K. Private ITI , Mitawali, Etmadpur – Agra Private 120
B.S. ITC – Agra Private 88
Babasaheb Ambedkar ITC – Agra Private 80
Baikunthi Devi Mohan Lal ITC – Agra Private 176
Balaji Private ITI – Agra Private 80
Bhaavya Private ITI Private 120
Bharat Private ITI – Agra Private 80
Br Private ITI Private 384
Bright Future Industrial Training Institute Private 80
C.L.Memorial Private ITI – Agra Private 128
Crown Private I.T.I. Private 120
Dr.A.P.J Kalam Private ITI Private 456
Fateh Singh Memorial Pvt. ITI Private 108
Fine Arts Photography Training Institute – Agra Private 144
G D Private ITI Private 180
G.B. I T I D. D. Ashram Nagla Vishnu Agra – Agra Private 40
Gayatri Private ITI – Agra Private 40
Government Industrial Training Institute, Etmadpur Agra Government 536
Government Industrial Training Institute, Fatehabad Government 528
Government Industrial Training Institute, Wah Agra Government 368
Government ITI, Agra Government 2120
Government ITI, World Bank Mahila, Agra Government 144
Gyan Ganga Private ITI Private 192
Gyan Bharti Private I.T.I. Private 120
Gyandeep ITC – Agra Private 80
Hi-Tech Pvt.ITI Private 300
Holy Mother Teresa ITC – Agra Private 88
Ilza Siddiqui Private ITI Taj Ganj ,Agra Private 60
J.P Sharma ITC – Agra Private 80
Jai Devi Private I.T.I Private 60
Jai Shiv Shakti Private ITI Private 100
Jay Hanuman Private I.T.I. Private 108
John Milton (P.) I.T.I College Private 180
Kailash Smarak Private I T I Private 180
Karan Singh Memorial Private ITI – Agra Private 180
Krishna International Private I T I Private 180
Kv Private ITI Private 120
M S R Vidyapeeth Pvt. I.T.I. Private 180
M.D.(P)Industrial Training Institute Private 120
Maa Anandmai Private ITI , Jajmau Railway Station, Saiya, Agra Private 60
Maa Peetambra Private ITI – Agra Private 180
Maa Vaishno Private ITI – Agra Private 420
Maharana Pratap Private ITI Private 312
Mamta Presentation ITI – Agra Private 120
Mateshwari Ganga Devi Private ITI, Agra Private 168
Mrs Roopan Devi Private ITI Private 192
N.D. Private ITI , Nauvari Shamsabad Road, Agra Private 280
National ITC – Agra Private 80
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Private ITI , Nh-11 Fatehpur Sikari Road Khera Bagh Kala, Keerawali – Ag Private 360
P.T. Ram Sahay ITI – Agra Private 472
Pandit Beeri Singh Private Industrial Training Institute Private 120
Pooran Chand Sharma ITI – Agra Private 128
Presentation ITC – Agra Private 168
Prahlad Singh Bhagat Ji Private ITI Private 120
Process & Product Development Centre I.T.C Foundry Nagar – Agra Private 172
R.D. ITI – Agra Private 176
Radha Krishna Private ITI , Mangorool Taj, Agra Private 120
Raghu Ram College ITC – Agra Private 80
Raja S.P.Singh Private ITI – Agra Private 80
Rcs Memorial ITC Private 60
Rudra Private I T I Private 132
Rural I.T.I. Private 80
S K R Private I T I Private 180
S S Private ITI Private 240
S.G.R. ITC – Agra Private 80
S.K.D. Private I T I Private 120
S.L.R. Private ITI , Barhan Atmadpur, Agra Private 160
S.P. Upadhyay ITC – Agra Private 128
S.R. Pvt ITI Private 120
Salasar Private ITI Private 120
Sanjay Gandhi Private I.T.I. Private 120
Sant Ramkrishna Private ITI Private 336
Sant Ramkrishna Private ITI ,Balkeshwar Road,Agra Private 360
Saraswati Private ITC – Agra Private 80
Saraswati Private Industrial Training Institute – Agra Private 200
Saraswati Private ITI Private 120
Saumya Adarsh ITI – Agra Private 80
Sdip Private ITI Private 120
Sg Private ITI Private 192
Shiv Raj Prakash ITC – Agra Private 80
Shiva (P) I.T.I Private 120
Shree Durga Singh Private ITI Private 180
Shree Ghoore Lal Private I T I Private 180
Shri B S Private ITI Private 192
Shri B.L.Private I.T.I Private 120
Shri Bankebihari Private ITC – Agra Private 80
Shri Bhawani Singh Private ITC – Agra Private 80
Shri Chandrabhan Singh (P) I.T.I. Private 100
Shri Kanshi Ram Private ITI Private 240
Shri Mani Ram Singh Audhyogic Prakshikshan Kendra – Agra Private 252
Shri Ram Adarsh ITC – Agra Private 136
Shri Ram ITC – Agra Private 40
Shri Ram ITC – Agra Private 240
Shri Ram Krishna Women’s ITC – Agra Private 136
Shri Sarwan Singh Private ITC – Agra Private 40
Shri Udai Veer Singh ITC – Agra Private 128
Shri V.S. Mahere P. I.T.I. Private 240
Shri Vankhandi Mahadev Private.ITI Private 60
Shri Vishwakarma Private ITI Amit Nagar Deori Road Agra – Agra Private 80
Shubham Private ITI , Karahi, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Private 180
Siddhi Vinayak Private ITI Private 180
Sita Ram Private ITI Private 180
Smt Rewati Devi Private ITI ,Sihri Road ,Agra Private 240
Smt. Asharfi Devi Private ITI – Agra Private 168
Smt. Bhu Devi Private I T I Private 180
Smt. Hari Pyari Devi Private I. T. I. Private 100
Smt. Mithilesh Fauzdar Private I.T.I. Private 60
Smt. Shakuntala Devi Private ITI – Agra Private 80
Smt. Shakuntala Devi Private I. T. I. Private 528
Smt. Shyam Sundari Private ITI , Shanti Kunj Colony, Nagla RamBal Yamuna Bridge – Agra Private 120
Smt. Sukhdevi ITC – Agra Private 80
Smt. Uttra Devi Sikarwar ITC – Agra Private 168
Sri Mahatma Duda Dhari Seth Jiwaram ITC – Agra Private 180
Ssd Private I.T.I Private 240
T. N. P. S. Private ITC – Agra Private 120
Th. Bacchu Singh Private I.T.I. Private 120
Thakur Naubat Singh Private I T I Private 120
U.P. Technical Private ITI – Agra Private 276
Vardhaman Private ITI Private 120
Vidhya Private ITI Private 252
Vinayak Private ITI Private 120
Yaugantri ITC – Agra Private 80
Yugantri Private ITI – Agra Private 40
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