IT Sector: New outsourcing trends & chances to work abroad

In this article, you will be reading about the IT sector in India, changes taking place in it and how it will influence Indian IT professionals. You will also read about how the changes will generate more opportunities for Indian IT professionals to work abroad in Japan!


Information Technology


Problem faced by Indian IT Industry

All this while, Indian IT industry was thriving due to the work outsourced from the USA! Indian IT industry has been getting 60% of export revenue from the United States! For American IT companies and other businesses, outsourcing work to India has proved to be beneficial. Outsourcing significantly boosted their productivity.


Indian IT companies, with cheap work force and high quality work, became favourite destination among US Companies! But the problem is that the US Government is moving to stop the outsourcing of Government IT jobs and work. This will leave Indian IT Companies severely malnourished. The US Government has took this decision to generate more IT jobs in their Country. Indian IT sector, hugely dependent on the US outsourcing of work, will get hit hard.


Other than outsourcing, US Companies also heavily recruited IT professionals from India to work for them in the US. But the move to increase the fees for H1 B and L1 Visa will make things more difficult for Indian IT professionals!


The solution

Indian IT companies should not put all eggs in one basket! Instead of solely relying on work outsourced from US companies, they should also target emerging markets! Work from the US will reduce with time and will eventually dry up.


As mentioned above, Indian IT Industry is well suited to take on outsourced work. With availability of cheap work force and high quality work, India could easily capture other developing markets. It is time to target emerging IT markets like Europe, Middle East and Japan!


Talking about Japan, I must say that this country could fill the void (to some extent) left by the USA! As of now, Japan is facing a shortage of skilled Engineers. They are in need of qualified Engineers in manufacturing as well as IT sector.


Japanese students are getting less interested in Engineering studies. This has left them with a shortage of qualified Engineers. Also, Japan’s National birth rate is considerable low. This means that the demand supply gap in case of Engineering professionals won’t be met quick enough for them to maintain a good growth rate. This gap and shortage has hit Japan’s IT Industry badly.


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Thus, for Indian IT Companies and professionals, Japan could be the new USA! Focusing on the IT sector in Japan, Indian IT firms could get large amount of outsourced work from them! Similarly, Indian IT professionals may immigrate and work in Japan!

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