Is Coaching Necessary To Crack NID Entrance Examination?

Many Design course aspirants have been asking me about importance of coaching class, when it comes to cracking relevant entrance tests. To get admission in reputed institutes like NID, NIFT and CEPT, one must crack and score valid marks in entrance tests associated with those institutes (NIFT Entrance, NID-DAT, CEED, UCEED, Institute-wise tests etc). Like in case of other entrance tests, there exist many coaching classes providing design schools entrance coaching. In this article, I will explain if coaching is really required to crack these exams or not.


Such entrance tests usually have a written exam phase, a studio test phase and an interview phase. According to me, passing written doesn’t require any additional coaching or training. If you have your basics clear and know the subjects covered in the written test, self-preparation will be more than enough to score good marks in this phase.


Studio phase is where some coaching and training will come handy. Reputed coaching classes conduct thorough and extensive studio training sessions. Getting trained in this aspect will be good, since it will help one perform better in the studio test phase of the entrance examination.


I’m not saying that coaching sessions are absolutely necessary to score well in the studio test. No, that is not the case. If you are creative, have quick thinking and good model making skills, you will be able to perform well in studio phase without taking help of any coaching class. Yes, self-preparation and practice is necessary to crack this phase. Practicing at home by using free resources available on the internet will help one prepare well for this phase.


Coming to the interview phase, your confidence, communication skills, technical know-how and creative prowess will help you out. I don’t really see why coaching classes are needed to clear this stage.


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In short, it is very much possible to clear such entrance tests without taking help of coaching classes! Whether you need coaching or not- it depends on your aptitude, creativity, ability and willingness to work hard.

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